Free content idea generator tools (25 knobs)

25 best free content idea generator tools for unlimited fresh ideas

Are you stuck thinking about the next content? Don’t worry. Here is a solution! You will get 25 free content idea generator tools here. With these 25 knobs, you can gather many ideas.

When we continue to write about a particular niche, getting stuck to choose the next topic is a very common phenomenon in the content writing journey. Some people smartly overcome it whereas many lose confidence after a few tries. So it is better to run smoothly for the best productivity.

If you try all these 25 free content idea generator tools then hardly have a chance to be stuck. So without wasting time let’s dive into these awesome tools.

25 best free content idea generator tools for getting unlimited ideas

1) Portent

If anyone wants so many diversified creative content ideas then this tool is the best. After putting a little keyword (here blogger), many results can be discovered.

What experts are saying about Blogger

Keep clicking to see another title until you find your ideas. Click on New idea to check fresh content ideas for another word. You may take help from their tutorials too.

2) Blog Post Idea Generator

Very easy and effective content idea generator tool you love for some cool features. You have to enter (here “blog” is written) simple words and enjoy displaying different types of ideas.

Blog post idea generator

Keep clicking the refresh button to get more and more ideas.

3) Content Row

An amazing experience will be provided through this free tool. It will provide fantastic results even by entering simple words like ‘blog’.

Content Row headline generator

It will display 5 results with SEO scores. No, not just 5! Click on generate more headlines and 5 per page will be displayed. It has the option to filter scores if you choose to sign in.

4) HubSpot content idea generator

Here you can add up to 5 different Nouns. After adding words click on Give me blog ideas.

A week of blog ideas by hubspot

Here 5 types of different ideas will be shown. Scroll it to see. It’s one drawback is that results are shown by just replacing the words.

5) BuzzSumo

It has various worthy features one can use:

  • URL entering option, so you can know your competitor’s articles in one go.
  • Entering one or multiple words as per needs.
  • Country, language, and many options make it valuable.
  • By seeing it one can understand what is going on about that topic.
Buzzsumo content analyzer

6) The content strategy discovery tool

It has different cool features to make your content strategy better. It provides google documentation with a top URL link for research.

Many titles generated from google news, you tube, reddit etc.

It provides a bulk of titles generated from google news, Reddit, youtube, etc multiple sites.

7) SEOPressor

It will provide catchy titles so you can brainstorm about your next content.

At first, you have to put keywords and then choose their type for a personalized result. Like it is a generic name or event name or skillset etc.

Catchy titles by SEOpressor

After that, it will give so many results to start creative thinking.

8) Ubersuggest free content idea generator tool

This is the tool you must try. Choose the language and words and you come up with many worthy suggestions. In the Below image, 3 suggestions are shown among many content creator ideas.

Ubersuggest free content idea generator

It has the limitation of 3 searches per day.

9) Usetopic Blog Idea Generator

First, you have to sign in. Then use it for free. Enter a topic and find your content ideas with an attractive title.

Ideas from Usetopic

Again click on generate an idea to get more catchy ideas.

10) SEO review tools

It is a unique tool for cool ideas. I searched for SEO tools and they give 100 results! You will get diversifying results with the help of this tool.



If you want 100 content generation ideas in one search then here you go. Just enter a keyword. Click on generate blog title ideas. You get many useful results for thinking something different.

100 ideas by Fatjoe

You have to provide an Email to get 100 ideas in your mailbox.

12) Infographic idea generator

If you want lots of interactive content ideas with words then this tool can be used. When I searched for a blog it provides 156 ideas and which is huge.

156 ideas by Infographic idea generator

After reading lots of ideas there are high chances you can generate new topics with catchy titles.

13) Blog about

You will find something different by using this tool. You have options to generate content ideas with the fill-in-the-blank option. For example, ____ keys to building a successful ____.

Blog About demo

There are lots of ideas that can influence your brainstorming in a new direction.

14) Soovle

Google, Amazon, Youtube, Bing, etc various site titles will be displayed during entering words. It will give various types of views to your full content creation.

Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon etc various site titles by soovle

It can be used amazingly for marketing.

15) Sumo headline generator

Its wide variety of features can give you the best insights into how to be an idea generator.

When you click on this link you are on the about page.

Click on the numbered list or how to explanatory or according to your need.

Then fill in the box (on mobile) or fill in the left column (on desktop) and the results will change instantly.

Kickass headline generator

It will give enough ideas to start content with a catchy title.

16) Tweak your biz

It can be a one-stop solution for brainstorming. After putting the right words it will generate hundreds of suggestions.

hundreds of suggestions by Tweak your biz

One special thing is results will be displayed with specific categories. For blog words here 13 categories are displayed.

17) Free Blog Post Ideas Generator

Here, at first, you have to put your blog name or topic. Then add a description of it. Now the results are ready.

Free Blog Post Ideas Generator

When you read the result, it will be great to feel. All 5 very important ideas are kept in your box.

18) Free blog title generator

This free blog title generator by THE HOTH is amazing. Here you have to enter different parameters. Many cool ideas can be seen on the other side.

Free blog title generator results

It has its popularity for its quality deliverable.

19) Professional content idea generator

Just one of the mind-blowing content ideas generation tools. It works as professional brainstorming. Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, etc various search engine blog titles can be searched. It has a Country and language option for a more personalized result.

Professional content idea generator results

The more you give time the more it will extract information. It will show keyword frequency and hundreds of content ideas.

However, for Total search volume, you have to upgrade to the pro version.

20) Can I Rank – opportunities

Probably you have used this excellent tool for SEO performance.

You have to sign in first to discover its numerous facilities of it.

Now click on opportunities to see your personalized suggestion with search volume, keyword value, and total potential.

Can I Rank opportunities section

Limitation: For free it allows a one-time scan per month but it is stored up to the next scan date.

21) Answer the public & People also ask

Both have awesome use as content idea-generation tools. The first one gives a brief idea about what people are looking for. The second one is the collection of People also asked from the google page. It will generate a new approach continuously for creating content.

22) Quora

If you want that fresh content will be generated easily then spend time with Quora. Here you can search for a topic and related questions will be displayed.

Quora questions

Apart from looking around quora questions on your topic. Answer them to generate popularity among long-term writers. You will find it more comfortable to generate fresh topics when you spend time on the same.

23) Magazine

Yes, I am talking about the conventional magazine.

A girl reads magazine

Just think you are related to marketing or technological niche. By reading magazines it will be very easy to create good titles as well as good content.

Bonus: If you want to find unlimited copyright-free images then check out this.

24) Pinterest

Here follow like-minded people and sites. According to Neil Patel, founder of Ubersuggest engagement through comments is a vital point for the best use of it.

Pinterest pin

You can also google search like blogging guide Pinterest and lots of ideas will be shown.

Let’s know an amazing fact. Other websites like Facebook can penalize you by advertising to another site. You try to deviate their Facebook traffic to youtube. Who likes it? But Pinterest is a unique site that encourages you to do it.

25) Social Media and forum

A strong network makes everything relatively easy. Follow your competitors to look at what is going on around your topic.

From Instagram, you can watch different ideas about your topic.

From Twitter, it is easy to get useful insights about content.

Nowadays, Facebook is a very popular one to generate revenue. Use it for organic traffic and also for fresh ideas.

Telegram can be used to see what your competitors are doing regularly.

Apart from that forum plays a very important role to get ideas about the fresh topic. For example, if you are writing about chess then engaging with the Lichess forum and generating content will be easier.

Bonus debate: Why AI is not mentioned?

It is a warm topic now that is using AI in content generation legal or illegal. Many times it is shown that search engines cannot detect it. However, who knows about technological advancement? Apart from that Google has a separate team to deal with it and they de-index pages in multiple cases. As this website should be known for trust, this type of contradictory thing is avoided for the best benefit.

wrap up for 25 best free content idea generator tools

That is all about free content idea generator tools. If you go through each tool then your content generation ideas may be solved properly. Every tool is tested by me. Sometimes, they will give you a direct topic, and sometimes topics will be automatically in mind when you spend more time with them. Apart from that if anything very important is missed then give your valuable idea! At last, you can comment on which tools fit with your strategy almost perfectly?

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