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Most of the cases it is tempting to attach a beautiful image to blogs. But insufficient knowledge can create disaster. For example, in section 504. Remedies for infringement: Damages and profits (c) statutory damages (2) not less than $200 to not more than $150,000 can be charged.

You will know 25 best websites for copyright free images and videos along with license proof. Before that, It is very much important to be familiar with frequent copyright terms. After that, you can use confidently all the websites with copyright free images and videos. Here are the frequently used terms:

1) Copyright:

It has a long history but in simple words, it means protecting the work of the owner from the display, distribution, and reproduction of the work without legal permission. When it violates is popularly known as “Copyright infringement”.

2) Royalty-free:

Remember it is not completely free, you have to pay first. Once you have paid, you are free from giving any royalty (a sum of money is to be paid from time to time for using the owner’s work).

3) Creative Commons/ CC0:

Here one can copy, modify, distribute or perform the work without asking permission except in these cases.

4) Public domain:

If copyrights of uses are expired or somehow not applicable, fall under the public domain. If these things are true then you can use them for your work.

5) Copyright free:

It is the most reliable and risk-free for uses of commercial and non-commercial purposes. There are two types – i) Credit/ Attribution requires: According to their rules you have to give credit to the owner and can use it without fear. ii) Credit/Attribution is not required: Here you can just download and can use it. However, giving credit is always appreciated.

Now we are all ready. Let’s dive into the best website for copyright-free images and videos. Here license guidance will be provided, so you can use images peacefully in your work.

Websites for copyright free images and videos with license proof

  1. Pixabay:
Pixabay options

A very wide variety of collections make it popular for a regular visit. A wonderful thing is you can choose a name and type (photos, illustrations, videos) with a simple drop-down menu. You can get your desired result easily. No, attribution is required according to their Pixabay license.

2) Pexels:

a pigeon is going to fly from hand

It is the best website for copyright free images and quality videos for many users. Just search in websites, download and use in a hassle-free manner. Very high-quality images can be found here. You can use it for graphic design. No attribution is required as per their license.

  1. Unsplash:
Mobile kept in hand

It is one of the most popular sites known for completely free images. Without attribution, all images can be downloaded and used for commercial use under the Unsplash license.

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  1. Gratisography:
A people steers towards you

A variety type of images and vectors can be used from this site. Thanks to PEACE OF MIND LICENSE which allows use in adding logo or text to an image, printed in any size print runs (e.g., book covers, magazines, posters, etc.), on your website, blog, or other digital mediums.

  1. Freerange:
Business features image

High-resolution stock images, textures and illustrations can be used completely free without attribution under their licensing.

  1. Vintage Stock Photos:
People are gossiping near round pool

Many unique types of photos and videos are available here like retro and mid-century photos. Photos and videos can be downloaded and used free without attribution under their license.

  1. Foca:
Cars are running on the road

It has clear and eye-capturing photos, videos and templates which will add value to your work. These things are free to use without credit under their CC0 license.

  1. kaboompics:
Man has opened laptops in his lap

It contains something different types of really cool images. Free images can be downloaded and used without attribution under the Kaboompics license. They also assure you not to fear legal complications.

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  1. StockSnap.io:
Variety type of images

Daily new CC0 pages are added here. It is a good collection of Beautiful Free Stock Photos as mentioned on its homepage. It can be used in a blog without fear and attribution under The Creative Commons CC0 License.

  1. Foodiesfeed:
Foods are arranged in a stylish and circular way

It is the first choice of many food bloggers. Here eye astonishing photos can be downloaded without attribution under their creative commons zero/ CC0 license. Trending free food photos on the homepage can help to find awesome images for your work.

  1. LibreShot:
Baby doll looks to you on opposite face

It has a motivational story. Here are all photos taken by Martin Vorel and also this website created by him. He allows it for commercial use without any attribution under his license. But for him, it is appreciated to attach the link of Libreshot.

  1.  Reshot:
Peoples are  playing ball

Excellent free icons, photos and illustrations are found here. All things are free. One can use it without attribution under their Reshot free license.

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  1. Freestocks.org:
Mosque beside river

Category-wise search with a drop-down menu makes it easy to navigate among photos. Here images can be used without attribution under their license.

  1. Burst (Shopify):
A little boy and girl cheers

It is contained a lot of collections of images specially for business. It can be used with no required attribution under their photo license: Burst.

  1. Canva:
Babby kisses his mother

High-quality, numerous types of collections make it great for photo users. All free images can be used under their canvas content license 5. (7) and 6.

  1. Wikimedia Commons:
A spider

When it comes to working with education Wikimedia is great as a unique source. Many works can be used commercially without attribution under their licensing while some works need to be attributed.

  1. Picjumbo:
A people with dog travel in ice

In 2013, this free stock photo site is created by Designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek. It is a website for free photos. It has numerous good images of business, travelling, food and many more categories. These images can be generally used under their license but re-checking during download is a piece of advice here.

  1. Negative Space:
An old shiny car

It has a broad variety of images and also has colour categories. One can use the image safely without giving attribution under their CC0 Licence.

  1. Pictography:
Machine with multiple plug inset option

It has an excellent collection of architecture, buildings and many more that a blogger should try once. Here all photos are under their CC0 license which allows the use of their photos for free without attribution.

  1. Skitterphoto:
A river in hill

All works are free to use without credit under their CC0 license. It has many eye-attractive worthy images.

  1. New Old Stock:
An old clean office

The remarkable black and white collection make it also something different from usual. This site claims that it is free of known copyright restrictions.

  1. FreeImages:
Peoples are walking on ice

A clear picture of featured categories and videos is a worthy resource for the blogger to use it. It can be used commercially under their license.

  1. ISO Republic:
A car is running

This website for copyright free images has a lot of variety as well as attractive types of images. Without attribution images, that can be used commercially under their license.

  1. Styled stock:
Exercise for hand touch in feet

Beautiful feminine-styled images make it a unique identity. Without attribution, all images can be used for commercial use under their license.

  1. Pikwizard:
A family watches TV

It has a wide variety and high-quality free stock photos and videos. All things can be downloaded and used commercially under their license. “Attribution is not required” statement taken from their home page.

copyright free images and videos websites wrap-up

Now, you have lots of Websites for copyright free images and videos to grace your content. You can apply it peacefully because of the license proofs. However, In which sites do you feel more comfortable? Share with us.

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