25 popular types of blogs that make money

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When we write any content on paper, it can be called a notebook or diary. But if we write the same content on websites is known as a blog. There are different types of blogs. Here only high demand blog topics or trending blog topics are discussed only. So let’s dive into the action.

There are various popular types of blogs that make money. Considering the current trend here blogs are classified into 25 types. Read the following and build your to-the-point knowledge to choose a perfect niche for you. After finishing it, you may be able to choose your desired topic. You are always free to choose the sub-topic for a better target. Now, dive into the 25 trending niches.

25 popular types of blogs that make money in 2023

1) Natural health and wellness blog

Young woman fitness
  • “Back to nature” becomes more popular to attain a disease-free life. It includes a proper vegetable diet, exercises, yoga, health supplements, curing diseases with a natural product, etc (all these examples are separate types of blogs).
  • Successful blog examples: HealthifyMe
  • Pro tip: You can learn about how to write successful blogs from these popular example blogs. So click on the links which will right fit your desired niche and discover more.

2) Finance blog

Plant grow from money
  • Money has its increasing demand! Proper management of money is a key factor in a finance blog. It includes loan management, budget, insurance, investment, share market, etc.
  • Successful blog examples: Bemoneyaware

3) Food blog

Multiple vegetables are arranged in a floor

4) Education blog

Boy and girl are studying in forest
  • Education place, facility, material distribution, clearing concept, providing notes, etc. are included in this blog.
  • Successful blog examples: INSIDE HIGHER ED

5) Technology blog

Technological micro parts
  • Technological concept, update, merit and demerit by using various technology, research, invention, achievements, etc. Included in this blog. It has a huge growing market. It is a popular type of blogs that make money in great amount.
  • Successful blog examples: MacRumors

6) Spiritual blog

Ray comes out from body
  • The goal of life, god, soul, peaceful life, and religious discussion are included in this blog.
  • Successful blog example: zen habits

7) Fashion blog

Mahendi in girl hand
  • Fashion has a huge demand from personal life to marriage or occasions. It includes clothes, beauty tips, products, make-up, decorations, light sparkles, etc.
  • Successful blog example: Refinery29

8) Parenting blog

Father teaches little child
  • Proper care for a child is a challenging task in the modern day. Practical guidance will give enough emotional traffic. Diet, health, fitness, ethics, etc. are discussed to help people.
  • Successful blog example: My Little Moppet

9) Marketing blog

Debit card is given for purchasing bag
  • It covers various marketing tools, strategies, selling products (affiliate marketing), digital marketing, etc. It is among the greatly acceptable types of blogs that make money in the world. 
  • Successful blog example: HubSpot

10) Personal blog

Thinking with pencil in mouth
  • It is flexible. Here writer wants to share his ideas that are interesting or amusing or beneficial to you.
  • Successful blog example: James Clear

11) Guest blog

Draft displaying in computer
  • When you invite another writer to write content to publish on your website is a guest blog. You get quality content and other side guest person can attract organic traffic to their websites through an external link.
  • Successful guest blog: copyblogger

12) Transcription blog

Two paper with pen
  • In this blog, you have to convert verbal content to written content. And when the content is converted into another language is called translation. Many times verbal content is written in different languages.
  • Successful blog example: MTSars

13) Tutorial blog

Elements for tutorial
  • How to start a blog, how to fill up a form, steps to create a chart in excel, etc. content are under the tutorial blog. Blog tutorials are one of the high-demand blog topics in the current market.
  • Successful blog examples: tutorialspoint

14) Sports blog

A cartoon going to hit football by chest
  • All news related to indoor and outdoor games, quality comments, tips, product reviews, etc.
  • Successful blog examples: Deadspin

15) Travel blog

Home and hill beside colourful island
  • Just think about your want to travel to your desired spot and what information makes you comfortable. For that, when anyone writes about travel spots, related transportation, accommodation, budget, and other facilities can be talked about as Travel Blog.
  • Successful blog examples: The Shooting Star

16) Lifestyle blog

Chair, sofa etc in the floor
  • All related content can enhance a person’s lifestyle. Great look-up product for a stress-free life, simple tips to live a good life, etc.
  • Successful blog example: Primer Magazine

17) Fitness blog

A young woman exercises in road
  • It covers exercises, meditation, yoga, gym, workout equipment, etc.
  • Successful blog example: yoga journal

18) Art and craft blog

Multiple craft elements
  • It includes handmade paperwork, wood, plastic, etc. work. It also includes personal art, drawing, home design, etc.
  • Successful blog example: Itsy Bitsy

19) Political blog

Putin delivers news
  • All types of political news, like bill passes, new schemes, disagreements between parties, politicians’ behavior, vote prediction, quality comments on news, etc.
  • Successful blog example: politicalbaaba

20) News blog

Various newspapers are arranged
  • It covers various news collections and unique comments on them.
  • Successful blog example: Perez Hilton

21) Automobile blog

A beautiful car
  • All information related to price range, quality, reviews, insurance, tax of car, bike, etc is covered in this blog.
  • Successful blog example: Autoblog

22) Entertainment blog

A nice looking guitar
  • Music, dance steps, comedy, pranks, etc can amuse you under the entertainment blog. 
  • Successful blog example: CRACKED

23) Game blog

Car video game play
  • For entertainment, the game is an awesome tool for many ones. It includes 360° information on games, updated news, game reviews, etc.
  • Successful blog example: Valac Gaming

24) Pet blog

A cute cat touches plant
  • Training materials, food, cloth for dogs, cat, bird, etc. It is one of the opportunities for regular graphics from pet lovers.
  • Successful blog example: Adopt a Pet

25) Review blog

Worse to good satisfied review
  • Product reviews or comparisons between products help buyers buy various things comfortably. Generally, people check reviews before buying any product.
  • Successful blog example: Product Review Mom

Conclusion for 25 popular types of blogs that make money

In common language, it is recommended to choose a topic which you can write for 5-10

years. These are all popular types of blogs that make money throughout the world. So why are you waiting? Choose a niche/topic and start your beautiful journey. After choosing your topic you can start to write by creating an account in WordPress (paid) or Blogger (free). You can create account in blogger via this complete guide.

Let us know on which blog you are working or on which blog you are interested to work.

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