50 killer free SEO tools to improve the ranking

50 killer free SEO tools to improve on ranking

Are there any SEO tools that I can use for free? or What are the best free SEO tools in 2023? If you are thinking about this type of question then you are on the right platform. Here you will get a diversified list of SEO tools. You will find the best free SEO tools which qualify:

  • Easy navigation
  • Easily accessible
  • Provide very useful insights
  • Popular among known users.

So, without thinking anymore let’s dive into the top 50 best-quality free SEO tools one by one.

50 killer free SEO tools to improve the ranking

For easy understanding, it is categorized into a few specific topics.

Free SEO analyzing tools

1) seobility:

It is popular among the bestĀ free SEO tools. You can uncover vast areas and even technical issues in detail.

seobility score

Seobility digs many corners. You can find detailed on page and Off page SEO insights here. it also tells you detailed suggestions for improvements.

2) SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank:


It is one of the best free SEO tools for SEO analysis and website review. Although, it is only available for desktops. It gives worthwhile experience in improving website performance, analyzing competitors’ websites, backlinks, mobile friendliness, search engine optimization, etc.

3) Can I Rank?:

It is one of the best free tools to know about your website performance. You can also find numerous suggestions for improvement of performance.

Can I Rank Opportunity

It also gives ideas on opportunities for new title selection.

However, it allows 1 website analysis in one month.

4) SmallSEOTools:

Small SEO Tools is widely known as an online free SEO tool for plagiarism checkers.

Basically, It can give a line by line insights and display which line is under duplicate content. Generally, It allows checking 1000 words per search. However, you can check as many times as you want.

Apart from that, there are many tools like grammar check, spell checker, word counter, etc available here.

5) DETAILED.com:

It is available as a chrome and firefox extension. This tool gives numerous insights.

Analysis by Detailed.com

From page-level insights to headings, structured data, canonical and many more will be displayed.

6) Screaming Frog SEO Spider:

It is among the best SEO tools for websites. It will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. For free it offers to find broken links, site visualization, review meta robots, and duplicates, analyze metadata and much more.

Screaming frog analysis

It is limited by download and crawls for 500 URLs. If you want more then go for the paid version.

7) Yoast (WordPress plugin):


When it comes to a WordPress plugin an awesome tool, Yoast is the first choice among users. It has a vast amount of deliverables like page, content, perfect shape, and much more.

8) Wordtracker:


It will analyze keywords from a different perspective.

Worldtracker 2

It is just cool. Enter a page URL and it will fetch out the top keywords of this page.

9) dareboost:

It is for checking webpages quality. Enter the page URL and let them analyze it.


It will give comparative insights. An awesome feature is they will provide all good and bad issues in detail.

It offers 5 web pages/per month for free.

10) Siteliner:

It is an awesome webpage analysis tool. Just enter the URL and it will display

  • Top issues
  • Page details
  • Duplicates percentage
  • Comparison with other sites displaying 10 different parameters.

It allows scanning of the site once in 30 days. The same results will be displayed in 30 days. For better service premium can be checked.

11) Free Google Rank Checker:

When it comes to the best free SEO tools Google rank checker rocks. It is easy to navigate. Enter the domain, select the country, and valid the captcha. Your results are ready.

Free Google Rank Checker

It will provide lots of quality features like ranking, search volume, keyword difficulty, backlinks, and lots of things.

12) Google Trends:

Want to google trends of specific or related keywords? Here is the best free SEO tool for you. Enter the specific (one) or related (many) keywords, choose the time limit and see.

Google Trends

It will display awesome comparisons for all and for subregions too. It will give proper insights into where to invest time and effort and where are not.

13) Moz:

It is among the very popular and best free SEO tools.

From the homepage go to the free SEO tool. Lots of things are here for free like link explorer, competitive research, and many more.


Page speed checker

14) PageSpeed Insights:

Enter URL, press analyzes, and done. After that, you can switch from mobile to desktop performance either.

PageSpeed check

This will provide a breaking analysis as well as better opportunities in detail.

15) GTmetrix:

Just by entering the URL, it will give a detailed view related to page speed.

GTmetrix analysis

It offers GTmetrix grade, web vitals, bad issues and good issues through numerous types of presentations. It also offers detailed information about top issues.

Mobile friendly

16) Mobile-Friendly Test:

It is a simple and among the best free SEO tools for mobile friendliness.

Mobile Friendy Test

Enter your URL (or code), click TEST URL and the result is ready in front of you.

17) Mobile First Index Checker:

Here one can see if the site differs on mobile and desktop in both cases it is good.

Mobile First Index Checker

My search results display 9 types of lists. One can go into even more detail by clicking an arrow.

SERP checker

18) SERP Snippet:

How is your page displayed on google? It is viewed by the SERP snippet tool.

SERP Snippet

Watch it and see if there any modification is needed for better display.

19) SERP Robot:

After selecting a region, device name, domain name, keywords, and captcha click on check SERP now. It will provide the rank of the page and URL if it is within 100. The top 10 URLs can be shown by clicking top 10.

SERP Robot

THE HOTH series

It will provide the most important free SEO tools in one place. It has easy navigation. Let’s know about those tools and search for all important information in one go.

20) Free SEO Report Tool:

After clicking generate a free report now fill in the information and click generate my report. It generates so many useful insights about your web pages.

Free SEO Report Tool

From covering general information to advance information like traffic estimation is also given.

21) Free Domain Authority Checker Tool:

It offers a display of Moz domain authority, Moz page authority, Moz rank, and external links.

Domain authority

It can easily compare personal and competitor sites.

22) Free Search Competition Tool:

Search competition

After entering a domain name it will provide important information. It compares common keywords, organic traffic, and many parameters to competitors.

23) Free Backlink Checker Tool:

It will provide a piece of quality information about backlinks.

Backlink checker

From total external backlinks to type and score etc will display here.

# If you want to acquire backlinks for free by pitching on guest posting sites then know about it here.

24) Free Website Traffic Checker:

It will provide website traffic insights up to 25 URLs together.

Website Traffic

25) Free Keyword Gap Analysis:

When it comes to free SEO tools for competitor analysis, these tools have an edge. It will allow up to 3 domains comparison.

Keyword gap

It will discover a comparison in keywords for the Total number of results, CPC, and volume.

26) Free Blog Title Generator:

Fill 5 boxes and get your new title ideas.

Blog title

Continue this process until you find good content ideas.

Check 25 free content generator ideas with tools for more.

27) Free Content Readability:

Enter a URL and check the overview of content readability.

Content readability

It can be used for improving readability.

28) Free PPC Competitor Research:

PPC competitor

It can be used for better understanding the ad campaign of competitors.

Apart from these tools, THE HOTH is a collection of numerous free tools. It has many tools for market research analysis. You can check their website for more insight. Also, you can directly go to their blog by clicking reference 4.

Free SEO tools for keyword research

29) Ubersuggest:

It is one of the best free SEO keyword research tools for your blog site. It shows Keyword volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and cost per click (CPC) for free.

Ubersuggest keyword analysis

Relevant keywords will be shown as per command.

Ubersuggest keyword

However, It allows searching 3 keywords/day with some limitations.

Keyword optimization plays an important role in rank. Check 155 blogging statistics to know more.

Now come to the next.

30) AnswerThePublic:

It is also one of the best free SEO tools for keyword research for question discovery. Enter a keyword and it gives you the questions people search in the engine.

Answer The Public

Not only that, it gives Comparing, prepositions, related data, and much more.

However, it allows 3 searches/per day for free.

31) TagCrowd:

It is a nice tool for finding keywords from the selected test.


Using copy pest or webpage URL or uploading file one can check the keywords. It has also many cool options like selecting frequency. It is a good way to check keyword density.

32) MerchantWords:

It is a great tool for merchants to keep insights about business keywords. Although, It is available for 1 country now.


It provides tracking keywords, Top ranking products, and several insights.

33) QuestionDB:

Just enter a keyword and click generate. It generates content ideas by providing questions.



It is not only free but a tool with wonderful insights for keywords. From the homepage click on the triple bar. Choose a keyword tool. Then select among 9 options like Google keywords tool, Bing or Amazon keyword tool etc.

Now enter the keyword, and select country and language. An optimum amount of keywords will be displayed with the score. It has also an option for the filter.

Keyword Tool Dominator

It can also be downloaded in CSV format.

35) The Reddit Keyword Research Tool:

It has the auto-select option. Only popular words are available. But here is a good idea. Search for a big topic here.

Reddit Keyword

Then displayed keywords can be searched in another tool for better insights.

36) Keyword Planner:

It is powered by google ads. One has to do an ads campaign. Then it will discover a lot of relevant features according to business.

Keyword Planner

37) People Also Ask:

It uses google’s People also ask box and displayed the result.

People Also Ask

It can be used for brainstorming, directional way of content making, word drafting, and many more.

38) Keyword Surfer

It is a chrome extension 100% free SEO tool forever. Here one can discover monthly volume searches, Find new keyword ideas, data from top pages, etc.

Keyword Surfer

Most importantly It provides guidelines for content carefully.

39) Keyword Sheeter:

It is an excellent free tool for keyword research.

Just go to the homepage and select a country.

It has the option of subregion languages within the country! If you want then choose it in the advanced option and see if it will work or not. Then type the keyword and click on start sheeting. You can find non-stop keyword searches for a while.

Keyword Sheeter

It has also options for positive filter and negative filter.

You can find even more free tools which can be discovered by scrolling below!



It is a free SEO check tool. Just enter the URL and watch the engine and page view side by side.


SERP (Search Engine Results Page) preview will guide you if there is any need to correct the meta description or not.

SERP preview

41) Ahref’s SEO Toolbar:

Ahref's seo toolbar

It is available for chrome and firefox. Basically, It is famous for on-page SEO. Here you can find features of link highlighter, redirect tracer, and many more.

42) Ahref’s Backlink Checker:

As per the name, it will check the backlink within no time after entering the URL. It has also the flexible option of choosing the exact URL, path domain, or subdomain.

Ahrefs Backlink checker

43) BeamUsUp:

It has an entirely free SEO crawler tool for windows.


More tools can be found after clicking the triple bar and selecting the tool option.

44) structured Data Viewer:

First, click the above link. Then click fetch from URL (for desktop) or cloud sign (for android). Enter URL and click on fetch content. Now structure data is displayed. Navigate to all options for a better experience.

Structured data viewer

45) XML-Sitemaps:

On the homepage enter URL then click. After that click on view sitemap details. It will display a sitemap.

XML Sitemaps

46) Rich Results Test:

It is a good tool to find critical issues. On the homepage enter the URL, choose Googlebot smartphone or Googlebot desktop and search for it. It will display if any critical issue will be found.

Rich results test

For detailed information about the issue click the view tested page and correct it.

Content writing tools

47) Grammarly:


Grammarly has huge popularity for proofreading. It will give relevant suggestions for wrong entries. It can check on board or as a proofread. Nowadays, it is a must-have tool forĀ writing a good post.

48) Hemingway:

It is an excellent content-writing tool. It can be used for writing. And it also is used to edit any text by copy pest.


It will provide details of content as well as different parameters of content. At a glance, one can understand by readability grade.

Headline analyzer

49) Capitalized my title:

Its headline analyzer features are very much popular among users. Just enter the headline, click analyze and see detailed analysis.


50) Best Free Headline Analyzer:

Headline analyzer

It is another best free tool you must try.

It also keeps search history. Many types of to-the-point analyses make it great.

# Take Bonus for debate

+) Google Search Console:

Here one can make various types of strategies and detailed analyses for traffic management. It is directly not linked with SEO but without google analytics, our strategic campaign is somehow incomplete. Are you agree?

Anything missed?

That is all about the 50 best free SEO tools. Here I try to cover vast areas in one place. what is your experience with this page? You can leave a comment right now.

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