Blog without social media: 10 effective ways

Can I run a successful blog without social media?

In a word, you can.

Some successful bloggers prefer organic traffic over social media. A few bloggers also prefer social media over organic traffic. What do you want?

Basically, people want to use social media for promoting their blogs. What if you can get even better strategies for promoting your blog.

Here you will know in detail how to promote a blog without social media. Let’s start.

1) Create a mailing list to blog without social media

Whether you are using or not using social media, it is a must-have task. Why?

It is because nothing is more secure than the mailing list. Your organic traffic may affect on update. Similarly, the organic reach of social media can suddenly drop with algorithm changes.

But mail gives you almost security for a lifetime. Even, it is one of the most favorite strategies among marketers. Look at some Blogging statistics related to Email.

  1. In 2023, email users are approximately 4.3 billion and that is growing continuously.
  2. Almost 50% audience state that, they love to get personalized emails weekly from their favorite brands.
  3. The average email open rate is 20% whereas the average click-through rate is 2-5%. Not to mention, it is the average click-through rate. But with an effective strategy, you can make it up to 15%.

Now, let’s say you are running a blog without social media. Therefore, you can concentrate on email marketing. So, you collected 10000 emails over time. Then how many clicks you can get easily.

Number of subscribersPercentage of CTRTotal number of clicks

This number is higher than any social media. Moreover, social media needs extra effort to retain your engagement. Whereas email subscribers are the most engaging readers for you.

Major steps for writing an engaging email

After getting the practical experience you will develop more. Although, here are the major steps you can consider for engaging email.

Clear subject in email
  1. Keep your subject clear. this can remarkably decide the open rate of email.
  2. You can personalize mail like “Hello (Audience name)”.
  3. Start with the introduction which can create curiosity to read the entire mail.
  4. Almost 300 billions email are sent throughout the world. Therefore, keep your email concise and short so the audience can read the entire mail.
  5. Keep your blog link in the appropriate position.
  6. Make a call to action for opening this link.
  7. Finish your mail in a simple but professional way. For example, regards, Best Wishes, etc.
  8. Proofread it and make sure it looks like you are talking.
  9. Schedule it at the best time based on your experience.
Good email sample

Therefore, without waiting grow your mailing list to run a blog without social media.

Moreover, you can know how to grow your email subscriber.

How to grow your email subscriber

There are many effective ways to grow your email subscriber without social media. For example –

1) You can create a relevant free course on your website. Then, take the email during sign-up.

2) You can launch a popular ebook for taking email.

3) You can offer free popular templates in the mailbox. For example, 8 advanced blog templates you can use to rank better.

Case studies blog post template

4) Keep your newsletter subscribe button on the sidebar. You can also use a pop-up display for it.

5) Write an engaging post then include a call to action to subscribe to the newsletter.

6) Using the other strategy (which will discuss later) to drive traffic on the website and chances for getting subscribed.

Now, let’s look at other effective strategies for blogging without social media.

2) Guest posting on high-traffic sites

Generally, you write posts for your website. Similarly, when you write on other websites to get traffic is known as Guest posting.

Investing your time in guest posting is far better than looking at random traffic on social media. Here your chances of getting quality traffic are high enough. Not only that, you have many more benefits for guest posting. Let’s quickly look at it.

Benefits of Guest posting

Some major benefits of guest posting are –

1) Getting regular organic traffic when your post rank on search engine.

2) Easy understanding of why, how, and when keywords rank on high-traffic websites.

3) Improving your domain authority and page authority by getting backlinks even for free.

4) You can easily spread your brand quality to people related to the same niche who might not be included in your brand yet.

5) Understanding the current market through engagements with different websites.

6) You can improve and write high-quality articles in the struggling phase of guest posting.

7) People will share your quality article on social media. So you can find free popularity because of your effort.

8) Moreover, you can become a famous person by expanding your rich to the world.

9) You have chances to build your network in the blogging area.

Therefore, you can find a huge advantage in guest posting. More importantly, you can promote your blog without social media in a much more effective way.

Now, how to find these guest posting sites.

Where to find guest posting sites

There are a few ways you can find guest posting sites. Some major ways are below.

1) Search with a query on the internet

It is one of the easiest ways to find guest posting sites. Let’s understand it by example.

A query is “Your niche + write for us”

Here your niche can be technology, news, etc.

Now, the complete can be

“News write for us”

News write for us Google Search
Screenshot from Google SERP on 23rd February 2023

Similarly, you can find guest posting sites by following the queries.

1) Your niche + write for us

2) Your niche + write for me

3) Your niche + guest post

4) Your niche + guest author

5) Your niche + guest article

6) Your niche + guest post by

7) Your niche + guest posting guidelines

8) Your niche + accepting guest posts

9) Your niche + submit a guest post

10) Your niche + contribute to

11) Your niche + become a contributor

12) Your niche + submit

13) Your niche + guest blog

Here only major queries are presented which is sufficient. Now the next option.

2) Reach out to websites through email

If you think that respective sites may accept the guest post then reach out to them. Its success rate is lower than the first option.

3) Get quick data from blogs

It is the easiest way to find information. Many bloggers already collected data about guest posting sites. You can directly pick up your useful sites from there.

You can pick up your site from these 200 guest posting sites with the website’s name, niche, DA, PA, and SS.

Although, it is very dynamic data. Many websites suddenly open and close to accept guest posting. So try to approach a recent article for that.

After that, what can be the strategy to get succeed.

Strategy to get succeed in a guest post

It may look simple and you can easily do guest posting on other websites. But that is not the fact.

It may look like your content has enough quality but it may also not be the fact. Why?

  1. These websites have better authority so everything goes at their discretion.
  2. They will accept only when it is titled to their audience.
  3. Several pitches they get every day. So, your contact style is essential to get succeed.

But they are also hungry for quality articles. Therefore, you can follow the below strategy to highly-increase your success.

  1. Firstly, find the websites related to your niches. After that, create your Excel sheet according to your priority.
  2. Go to their “write about us” page. Then, read all the terms and conditions carefully. Not to mention, violating these terms will cause a direct rejection.
  3. Get the overview of a website. It is a writing style. depth content, length of content, etc.
  4. Look at guest postings by another person. It will help you which one can be accepted.
  5. Increase your engagement on this website.
  6. Find out some precious headline ideas for pitching this site.
  7. Format a perfect personalized draft for the website. Make sure, it is concise yet attractive for them.
  8. Do the same thing for the remaining websites on your remaining lists.

Guest posting is one of the most effective strategies to promote your blog without social media.

But there are more strategies you can apply. Look at the below.

3) Blog without social media: focus on organic traffic with SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers designs your content in such a way that Search engines can easily identify and rank your content in less time.

You can understand it through these major steps.

1) Keyword research based on your website performance

Result for SEO in Semrush
Screenshot of “SEO” keyword results in Semrush on 23rd February 2023

Keyword research is the term where you try to find the term your audience is searching for.

Why did you click this content? May you want to know what can be a strategy for blogging without social media.

So, I found most of the people searching these terms.

  1. Blog without social media,
  2. Blogging without social media,
  3. How to promote a blog without social media, etc.

Here “Blog without social media” (primary keyword) is targeted.

After finding this word you have to search its volume per month.

Additionally, you have to know how easy and difficult to rank for this keyword.

If your website is new then focus on long-tail keywords for easy ranking.

How to find keywords? What are the types of keywords? You need to know a lot of things like that. Therefore visit this detailed article on Keyword research for SEO to clarify your concept.

2) Keyword Optimization by distributing your keyword throughout the content

Keyword optimization refers to placing your keyword through the content strategically.

Basically, you have to add your keyword in

  1. Title
  2. Meta Description
  3. Slug/URL
  4. Introduction
  5. Headings
  6. Bold/Strong tags
  7. Body with a proper keyword density of 0.5% to 1.5%
  8. Conclusion
  9. Alt tags
  10. Image URL
  11. Titles/caption. etc.

To get a detailed concept visit here – perfect keyword optimization for your blog content.

3) Improving readability for increasing engagement

Readability plays a crucial role in your content.

Firstly, it can decrease the bounce rate by increasing engagement.

Secondly, you can easily establish your brand because of its simplicity.

In contrast, without readability, your high-value information can have a null effect on your users.

Therefore, work on readability to improve the retention rate. Hence, increasing the ranking.

Here you can use the two steps for enhancing readability.

In the first step, proofread your content. You can use Grammarly for it.

In the second step, check your readability score. For that, you can use Hemingway, Yoast SEO plugin, etc.

Readability analysis in Yoast SEO

4) Consider factors for on-page and off-page SEO

To get successful you have to consider all factors of on-page and off-page SEO. For instance, On page SEO covers –

  1. Writing quality content,
  2. Keyword research,
  3. SEO,
  4. Website speed,
  5. Mobile usability, etc.

On the other hand, Off-page SEO includes

  1. Link building (Backlinks),
  2. Brand awareness,
  3. public relations,
  4. Guest posting,
  5. Business site listing, etc.

Therefore, you can focus on these parameters without social media. these are enough to handle your blog.

After that, look at the next strategy.

4) Invest time to produce better content than the first page rather than social media

Basically social media looks easy. However, it can take even more time to get considerable traffic.

Actually, growing on social media needs a proper strategy. For that, you need to put considerable time there.

Then, why not turn your focus on organic traffic rather than social traffic. In that way, you can increase your success rate of getting organic traffic in less time.

So what do you do with this additional time?

The answer is simple. Just create content better than the first result page in Google.

Yes, until you produce better content than the existing one, the chances are less for ranking.

In other words, create more depth content than existing one.

By doing that you can grow fast to earn a handsome amount of money.

5) Blog without social media: featured on interviews, podcasts, etc

It is one of the popular ways to get famous.

Share your experience and guide in different interviews, podcasts, etc.

They will share your quality experience and strategy. Not to mention, people are then curious to know about you.

Therefore, you can get fresh visitors in this way.

In the same way, you can take interviews others. Then you both will post it on the website. So you both can exchange the traffic.

6) Create free tools which have demand but less availability

Creating free tools helps you to get popularity.

A famous tool has to fight high competition.

But what about tools with demand but less competition.

For example, only a few “Adsense eligibility checker” tool is available.

You can even monetize your SEO tool.

Then, you can exchange blog traffic and tool traffic.

7) Blogging without social media: create affiliate links to promote

If your blog website is based on products and services then you can do it.

Set up a commission and run an affiliate program.

Here people can promote you for earning commissions.

It can be highly successful like a big brand.

If your product is listed with a large visitor website, you can gain more traffic as well as leads.

8) Blog without social media: Write on Quora and other forums

Writing on Quora is a lot more effective than investing time in Social media. Why?

Firstly, Quora have high domain authority 93. Therefore, it can easily rank on the internet.

You have to only compete with other writers in Quora. For that, write detailed problem-solving content on Quora.

Once you get more upvotes your visibility will increase for a long time.

Secondly, for a few cases, you can add a relevant link after giving a detailed solution. Therefore, you can get new visitors to your website.

Similarly, you can put valuable comments in different forums. For example, Google support page, Stack overflow, etc.

9) Simply put your Thumbnail and link on Pinterest

Pinterest is a little different from other social media. Why?

It is because here you can directly put your website link.

For your convenience here is a detailed step on how you can add your link on Pinterest.

  1. Create your Pinterest profile and add your website.
  2. Then in your profile click on Create.
  3. After that select “Create Pin”
  4. Then, select a thumbnail or video.
  5. After that add a title, description (optional), and alt text.
  6. Then, add your blog link.
  7. After that select a board or create a new board just like a folder.
  8. Then, click on publish immediately or schedule your post. That’s it.

Do not discourage if you do not get enough views initially. It takes time to get a greater reach on Pinterest.

After all, it has multiple benefits. For example –

  1. Your visitors may look at all the blogs in one place. It is easier than tracking it on your website.
  2. Your thumbnail can rank more easily on Google. It helps you increase brand awareness as well as organic traffic.
  3. Your audience on Pinterest will want to read your blog. Therefore, it can be your regular audience for longer bonding.

Now, look at other ways you can consider blogging without social media.

10) Blog without social media: Other strategies you can consider

There are dozens of other ways for blogging without social media. However, some popular ones are below.

  1. Keep in touch with influencers to promote your blog easily.
  2. You can post on the platforms like Medium to increase the reach of your website.
  3. You can list your website in business listings to spread awareness. For example, list your shop on “Google My Business“.
  4. You can run a Google paid ad campaign to increase the visibility of your website.
  5. Similarly, you can choose offline advertising like shopping bags, buses, etc.
  6. Print your website in magazines related to your niche. For example, health magazines for health products.
  7. You can do cold mail for linking your blog on the relevant website. For that, you can use “pitch for the broken link”, “analyzing competitor link”, etc.
  8. Create rich engaging images and videos so these can be easily shared. You can find a lot of “Semrush” visuals shared on different platforms.

These are the ideas you can apply to promote your blog. Now, wrap up the things.

Wrap up

You got many effective ideas to run your blog without social media.

Now, the question comes can you completely cut social media.

The answer is yes. Do not hesitate by looking at random fear among bloggers.

The first strategy can be to increase your organic reach considerably. It also takes enough time.

After you gathered experience both including and not including social media is correct.

Moreover, firstly try to do the above steps for better benefit than social media.

So the conclusion is below.


First, properly focus on creating depth content and SEO. After that must build your email strategy. Then do guest posting for numerous benefits? After that, you can consider or not consider working on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you completely cut out social media? Will it affect you negatively?

Yes, you can cut out it completely. It is because there are a lot of things to work on a priority basis.
Having a social media account is neither essential nor mandatory. But yes, having it also have numerous advantage. But in the beginning, you have to work a lot for organic presence.
Therefore, If you give the same time on organic traffic, it will pay off enough.
Lastly, focus on depth content, SEO, mailing list, authority building (like guest posting), etc then you can think or not think about social media.

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