Blogger job description template & what they do

Blogger job description template and what bloggers do

Greetings from this website. We are looking for passionate bloggers who are interested in acing their career in Blogging. Before you enter the official procedure please go through the following blogger job description template carefully.

Blogger Job description Template

Blogger responsibility:

Your skills should be compatible with the following area –

1) Understanding the website’s dream and the best feasible working toward it.

2) Able to schedule a plan for a fortnight or monthly basis before engaging with work.

3) Will have very good professional communication with fellow bloggers and be able to maintain a good environment during work.

4) Must have a strong understanding of users’ intent and can create content that belongs deep value for them.

5) Have a strong understanding of creating attractive titles, best-length posts, engaging conclusions, proper CTA, standard readability, etc all necessary criteria for writing high-quality posts.

6) Do have not any kinds of grammar & spelling errors and must be free from plagiarism activity.

7) Able to draft posts for the newsletter, e-mail, etc which can convince the readers and make a strong bond with the brand.

8) Having a basic knowledge of sharing on popular social media so posts can be drafted accordingly.

9) Having proper knowledge of keyword research and selecting the topic for writing which dives best into the result.

10) Should have the best practices for keyword optimization and SEO optimization which helps for utmost visibility on search engines.

11) Able to edit content to transform outdated or low-value posts to bookmark posts.

12) Know all the must-have tools related to blogging for increasing the performance of search engine results.

Requirement criteria:

1) Have completed graduation in English, Mass Communication, Journalism, Arts, Science, Commerce, or any equivalent means.

2) Have a strong command of English to read, write, understand, and communicate related to the blogging area.

3) Firmly pursued honest and best practices in any work and avoid any illegal methods which harm the brand in the long run.

4) Having extraordinary research ability to deliver unique, high-quality, engaging, and rank-worthy content.

5) Have a qualitative sample of work, Internships, projects, jobs, or some form of experience in the Blogging area.

6) Must be compatible to meet strong deadlines and skills of working under pressure to execute the balance in emergencies.

7) Have a basic understanding of CMS like WordPress, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to proceed with the best content structure.


How to utilize the blogger Job Description Template

It is very simple. Copy the above blogger job description template and paste it into the job-seeking platform. You can add or remove the criteria if it is needed. To get the most out of it read here about the surrounding area in Blogging.

Who are Bloggers?

Who write blogs are known as Bloggers. When any article, post, or content written on the internet to provide information, drive sales, or related things is known as a Blog. For example, This article provides you with the proper information about the blogger job description template. That’s why it is also a blog. I have written this article. Similarly, anyone who writes a useful article on the internet will be considered a Blogger. Content Writer is the other name for it.

What do bloggers do?

Bloggers have a strong specialization to take care of the growth of a website. Some peoples think that Blogging is easy. It is somehow writing content on the website. But the story is different. If you do not know their responsibility, there is a high chance you will be left with an incompatible person. These will affect your website growth. Look at the statistics

1) 434% of more indexed pages and 97% more links are found by a website that has blogs. (Optinmonster)

2) 67% more leads are generated by the website having a blog compared to a website which has not have any blog. (Traffic Generation cafe)

3) Higher lead growth is found among small companies as much as 126% who actively blog. (

Now, many websites cannot understand why their growth is not found despite investing in Bloggers. Here is one thing to remind your results will be produced only through quality bloggers. For your understanding here is a brief description of their work is mentioned.

1) Understanding the audience of your website:

A good blogger will understand who your audience is and will work accordingly.

2) Innovative and unique ideas:

There are already millions of content available on the internet. When your content will be noticed. If there is something unique and highly useful content.

3) Keyword research:

People search words on the internet for knowing information, products, or services. It is a keyword for Blogger. Now, there are lots of types and factors for choosing keywords. It depends on your website goal, website age, market trend, etc. Without investigating this your website will get struggle to rank in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

4) Keyword optimization:

The search engine understands the keyword most easily. For example, If you typed “Blogger job template” on the internet, search engines start to find it on the content and displayed the matches keyword which maintains the other quality practice. Without including, You are far behind on the internet.

5) SEO optimization:

Search engine optimization (SEO) places a vital role in your website visibility. The more you have the best practices, the stronger your online presence.

Image optimization, Including alt text, Keeping total file size less, including meta description as a call to action, etc lots of on-page and off-page SEO factors make the website ready to compete online.

6) Exceptional research quality:

A must-have outstanding skill for a blogger is deep research. There is a standard procedure to find the gap, highlight the other content, and make reflect the best version. It helps to increase the chances of a higher ranking because of the best content available on the internet.

7) Proofread the content:

After writing the content proofreading is necessary. It helps to make content error-free, improve readability, etc which protects your brand from negative impressions by users.

8) Using SEO tools for the best results:

It also creates a difference in which content can be ranked and which cannot. The different tools like understanding the gap by comparing another website’s content, plagiarism-free checker, free SEO tools, etc help a content fully compatible for popularity and ranking.

9) A good editor:

It is very common for some content may be outdated, low value, and needs to upgrade. Bloggers can dramatically a new life to the content.

10) Analyzing the performance:

Which strategy works best? Investigation of these types of questions is a strategy for bloggers. It helps to rectify the best popular content for your target audience.

You get an overview of what bloggers do. Therefore choose the right blogger and ace your website performance.

How to choose a Blogger for your company

Hiring is a complex phenomenon these days. It is better to keep HR handling it here is a rough procedure s mentioned to get the idea.

Generally, It has 3 procedures –

1) Candidate selection for the exam:

It is a wise step to save time. There are plenty of people who randomly apply for any job. You can sort of them by any one strategy.

i) Looking at their resume

ii) Getting their sample work

iii) Phone introduction

Here many companies also introduce their few important terms and condition. It helps to get clarity from both sides so that the procedure can be started.

2) Conduct an exam:

It is not necessary that you must conduct an exam. However, this makes transparency so that the candidate can handle the work. You can draft your exam in survey monkey. Some companies prefer to take the exam in “Microsoft word” format within a specific time. In this process, only a few people are selected who are compatible with this work. It can be 3 persons for 1 candidate

3) Final interview:

Here is the final thing that happens. HR/team or owner or both interact with the job seeker. Some very common questions can be asked like –

i) Kindly introduce yourself (to get an overview of the content)

ii) What are the 5 strong and weak points in you? (know about the balance between honesty and smartness)

iii) Why do you want to work for our company? (To understand whether the candidate is compatible with your company or not)

Apart from that, You can draft the important questions to select the best candidate.

wrap up for blogger job description template

Hopefully, you got your answer. Firstly you got a blogger job description template. You knew how to utilize it. In the very next who are bloggers identified? After that introduced a detailed overview of what bloggers do. Finally how to choose a blogger is discussed. You can also clarify your query by contacting us for more specifics. Don’t forget to share or bookmark it to spread it or save it.

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