Blogger vs WordPress for making money

Blogger vs WordPress for making money is a debatable topic. In reality, people are biased in this regard. Someone used only Blogger whereas Someone used only WordPress. However, I have proper experience with both Blogger and WordPress. Therefore, you will get bias-free practical data here.

Choosing the right platform is very much essential. It also differs according to affordability, target, etc. So, how do you decide which one is best for you?

Not to mention, WordPress and Blogger are the two most popular platforms in the blogging area. No, do not be hurry to take any decisions. This is because you will get detailed bias-free data for analysis. In order to find a one-stop analysis you get an amazing tour of 18 prominent factors. In the end, you have also the option to put your opinion.

Therefore, taking your curiosity in mind let’s dive into the topic. A details comparison of Blogger vs WordPress for making money.

Detail comparison of Blogger vs WordPress for making money

You probably want to find complete clarity on this topic. Therefore, take a look at each point provided below. A good conclusion will come only if all data are reminded. Without delay, look at the first one.

1) Cost

Basically, the cost is an important factor for everyone. In fact, it is the most important factor in some cases. Therefore, look at what is the cost for Blogger and WordPress here.


Straightaway, Blogger is a free platform. In other words, You can create as many accounts absolutely for free. Besides, you can use it in two ways.

Firstly, publishing posts for free by using their Blogspot subdomain. For example, I want to publish this post on Blogger. Then, the URL will be

Secondly, you can add your custom domain to this Blogger platform. Basically, the domain is your unique property. For example, dot Blogspot is a property of Google. Whereas, a domain like Blogger guide pro is my property. Therefore, you can add your property and can publish posts fearlessly.

Here, the estimated price is also given so you can get clarity. Generally, a domain has a different cost based on the domain provider. However, presently a high-level (.com) domain can get within $8 for the first year in GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.

Therefore, here complete cost is either $8 or free.


You have to clarify the most important thing here. Even, is also free like Blogger. But here always will be considered as WordPress. Now, come to the price.

With the passing of time, WordPress becomes more cheap day by day. However, you have to know about hosting and domain for a better understanding.

A domain is your property and Hosting is the virtual house to keep this property. For example, Blogger is a free hosting where you can keep your property. On the other side, WordPress is a paid hosting where you can keep your paid domain.

Generally, you will get a free domain for one year for purchasing hosting. So what can be the price for it?

It is ~$38 in Hostinger (100 websites) and $42 in Bluehost (one website) one year plan for basic needs. So, let’s decide on the winner in the first case.

Winner – Blogger costs $0 or $8 whereas WordPress costs $38. Therefore, Blogger is the winner here.

Blogger vs WordPress price
Price fight in Blogger vs WordPress for making money

Score: Blogger – 1, WordPress – 0

2) Set up the account

Above all, setting up an account is the first step. But how easy or tough to create this account? I will not say by assuming anything. I have passed these stages as a beginner. So, look at the reality.

BLogger account

All in all, Creating a blogger account is relatively easy. You can make your account in 3 steps.

  1. Visit Blogger page
  2. Choose your unique site name. For example “Blogger guide pro”.
  3. Choose your blog address. For example, “”
3 steps in the logger account

After that, your blog site is ready. In addition, you need to do some settings and other changes.

It may look easy who already created an account. Although in the beginning, it also takes time. Firstly, beginners can rarely find the right information and guides. Secondly, it takes time to understand those things in the beginning. Basically, people have to rush here and there to know the proper settings.

All in all, with the right information It can be done easily. Moreover, the process does have not complicated things. Surprisingly, you do not feel any technological knowledge is even needed for anything. Now, what about the WordPress.

WordPress account

Actually, Creating a WordPress account is also an easy process. It is a little long because the domain and hosting setup is mandatory. Take the example of creating a WordPress account in Hostinger. You can create it in three steps –

  1. Choose the plan and complete the purchase
  2. Answer some FAQs and do the rest of the settings (approx 15)
  3. Connect your domain and finish set up

It is a relatively long one. In other words, it takes a little more time than Blogger. Although, it is also an easy setup. Not to mention, it does not need any coding knowledge in the process. Therefore, what is the result?

Blogger is relatively easier but we cannot aside WordPress completely. Therefore, the result can be presented below.

Winner – Blogger.

Score – Blogger – 1+1, WordPress – 0+0.5

It is important to consider how easy to navigate all the necessary things. Therefore, keep your eye on the below points.


Navigating over Blogger is super easy. For clarity, look at the image.

Blogger menus

As shown above, the menus themselves explain the function. Moreover setting is also easy to navigate without much experience.


Not to mention, WordPress is also easy enough to navigate. Look at the below.


You can see many menus on the left side. You can also find many submenus by clicking any menu. Moreover, it is easy to navigate in other areas. So who is the winner?

Winner – tie

Score – Blogger – 2+1, WordPress – 0.5+1

4) Ease of use

Now, come about how easy or tough to use it. Here are some controversies. Some believe blogger is easy to use whereas some believe WordPress. It is also because of not spending enough time on both platforms. Look at the pros and cons of both.

To get practical, specific things will be mentioned here.

Writing post:

Blogger – Easy to write simple text and add videos. Initially, people missed bold+large text as subheadings. Besides, It is not easy to attach the appropriate code for image+writing side by side, quotes, tables, code, etc.

WordPress – It is also easy to handle. Although, handling block editor takes more time. Once it is understood, many features like quotes, codes, tables, stylish image layouts, and many more can be added without code knowledge.

Adding pages:

Blogger – You can easily add about us, etc pages by going to menu>pages>New page.

WordPress – You can go to menu>pages>add new to add your pages easily.


Blogger – You can set up all the things without coding knowledge. Although, almost all people have to invest time to find proper robots.txt. One more thing is adding users as administrators not working always.

WordPress – Most things are easy. Although in the beginning time is invested to learn about WordPress. All in all, without guidance the effort is the same as a blogger account. However, adding users with different statuses works fine enough.

Other things like comments, author profiles, etc.

In both cases, handling comments is easy. Again for both, understanding the author profile takes time but it can be easily set up. The basic difference is, an author picture is separately set from Gravabatar for WordPress.

If we look at these points, both are more or less easy for basic matters. So, what is the status now?

Winner – again tie

Score – Blogger – 3+1, WordPress – 1.5+1

5) Theme availability

Not to mention, a good theme has many functions. For example, Responsive, SEO friendly, Mobile friendly, 100% customization options, etc. How it can be handled by both platforms.


Blogger does not have enough default themes. However, it has hundreds of custom themes available on the market. It can also be set up just through menu>theme>customize>restore>selecting custom theme file. These are 100% customizable.

Free blogger templates in google search

For paid theme, you can access everything at a very low cost approximately $8-$15.


WordPress does have enough default themes. Although it needs to add elements. However, its easy menu>appearance>customize makes it easy to add elements.

For paid themes, you can go toward a far advanced level. Although these can be costed approximately $40-$59/year.

So that, both have enough hundreds of free and paid themes on the market. Therefore, no one is a loser.

Winner – Once more tie

Score – Blogger – 4+1, 2.5+1

Now, look at another important aspect of Blogger vs WordPress for making money.

6) Appearance of your website

Here we can take appearance in two ways. Firstly, by default appearance. Secondly, Playing with the default appearance without proficiency. Thirdly, handing it to the developer. Let’s look.


In Blogger number of professional-looking designs are available. You can find the basic to professional author box, social plugin, etc. You can also find one or many sidebars in the design.

Blogger design display

Playing with design on Blogger is not easy enough. Here, I am telling you to add extra resources. For example, you want one more footer area. It needs coding knowledge to do it. In other words, you are more or less limited with the available default. Sometimes, JavaScript is used but it is the worst option in terms of speed.

Previously, blogger developers are limited. But, now you can manage a good blogger design through a developer.


WordPress is a hub of professional themes. It has all the features you need to make your website better.

WordPress design display

You can play with your theme without coding knowledge. The best thing, it has hundreds of tutorials to help you. Unlike bloggers, you can modify your theme without fearing messing up the code. For example, you want to add any elements, like a contact form. Then, look for tutorials and copy the given code. After that, go to menu>appearance>customize>widgets>right sidebar>+ icon>select custom HTML>paste code>publish and it’s done. You can always delete it without fearing anything. Likewise, you can add many things without JavaScript even without CSS.

No need to say, there are plenty of developers you can find for WordPress.

Above all, Because of flexibility WordPress dominates here. However, we cannot neglect Blogger. If it is considered other than a blog then Blogger has no comparison with WordPress. Although, in a blog, Blogger has many areas for good appearance as well as limitations for manual modification. So what’s the score?

Winner – WordPress

Score – Blogger – 5+0.5, WordPress – 3.5+1

7) Ownership

Who controls your effort? It is an important aspect without any doubt. Let’s check it.


Blogger is owned by the giant Google. It is highly authoritative, and reliable. Anyway, you are not the owner.

Google has the right to control your efforts. It is just like Facebook, etc social media. Therefore, Any account can be suspended with or without any warning.

You may think, is this happen really? Sure, many people lost their blogs in their journey. Although, this percentage is low.


WordPress is owned solely by you. No one can delete it without warning. You can shift your property at any time. Moreover, automatic backup helps you restore your data at any time. So who wins here?

Winner – WordPress

Score – Blogger – 5.5+0, WordPress – 4.5+1

8) Flexibility

Here, flexibility refers overall editing of the website. For example, editing designs, flexibility in writing posts, overall settings, etc. Let’s look on.


Here one thing can be said, Blogger has many things but with limitations. For instance, you can edit your design but with limitations or proper coding knowledge. Similarly, you can add extra elements but with limitations.

During post-writing, you can insert elements but with more effort. For instance, To add a table you have to visit third-party sites. After that, you can add generated view or HTML. Although, advanced styling like image and text side by side is a tedious thing. It is true that most things are possible but it takes a lot more time to find the resources. On the other side, adding this type of third-party code remarkably affect speed performance.

Blogger has necessary basic things. For instance, the layout has the necessary things to customize your design (for custom templates). It has also basic settings to control your site. Now, come to WordPress.


WordPress is known for its flexibility. For instance, you can edit the design at an advanced level without coding knowledge. You can also add extra elements with extensive guides on the internet.

During post-writing, you can edit as much as you can. You can complete the design as a separate page. You have extensive options like pull-quote, verse, code, custom HTML, media & text, buttons, Pinterest-type media embed, etc. Moreover, these can be done with one click.

Actually, when people migrate to Blogger from WordPress, they are so happy by looking at so extensive features.

Similarly, settings have extensive control in WordPress. First of all, a plugin can directly manage your site just by installing it. Secondly, its extensive settings, tools, users, media, etc options help you to control your site as you wish.

Lastly, you can start your online commerce at any time. So what can be decided?

Winner – WordPress

Score – Blogger – 5.5+0, WordPress – 5.5+1

9) Reliable support

Support is needed for multiple small tasks.

Here we look at the personal forum, one-to-one support, and resource availability on the internet. So, look at the below.


Blogger is one of the most popular platforms for blogging. You can get information through various resources.

Firstly, it has an exclusive forum to help you. To check it go to your blogger account and click on the “?” icon located in the rightmost corner.

Blogger help section

Secondly, search your query in the search box.

Thirdly, You can click on visit the blog forum. After that scroll down and find the option “ask the community”. You can ask for help in detail.

However, for one-to-one support most people charges. There is no easy way to get supported directly like a phone call.

Although, it has extensive Facebook, telegram, etc group to help you. You are also welcome to describe your worry to me on social media or through the comment box. All in all, you can also find your issue on Google or youtube. Now, what about WordPress?


WordPress has a broad area for support. It has a dedicated forum. Firstly, visit your WordPress dashboard. Then keep your cursor on the WordPress icon. After that click on support. You will find the below page.

WordPress support section

here you can look for support, and documentation, or answer questions. Be humble and detailed to get your answer properly.

Again, it has not the direct one-to-one support by phone call. You have to look for professionals for severe issues. It is an obvious thing. Generally, people have not need to look at forums also. Perhaps, many of you first find Blogger and WordPress forums in detail.

All in all, it has an extensive guide available throughout the internet. You can put your query on google or youtube and a lot of results will be displayed. Moreover, you will find exclusive groups on different social media for it.

So, both are good enough to solve your query. Therefore here is the result.

Winner – tie

Score – Blogger – 5.5+1, WordPress – 6.5+1

Look at the next in Blogger vs WordPress for making money series.

10) Updates

Updates help you to track the changes and improvements of the platform. Here both platforms are explained in terms of updates.


Bloggers keep updating small and large things at a slower pace. For example, the last major update (May 20,2020) creates major changes and improves the blog experience.

Similarly, as small updates, the “trash” option are introduced recently. That means you can get back your deleted post just like recycle bin on the computer.

You can track their updates at You can also look into the announcement section of the “blogger help” forum. the last update is about the discontinued Feedburner in July 2021.


WordPress keeps updating to improve website performance. The expected time is from 1 month to four months. In other words, it worries about you seriously.

Now the current version is 6.1 (updated on 1st November 2022). It improves existing blocks, performance, accessibility, development, etc. All in all, it improves user experience.

Apart from that, it keeps notifying for updating plugins, themes, etc whenever needed.

Based on the above fact, both platforms update things. But their target is not exactly equal. Blogger updates are far slower than WordPress. More than that, the update of WordPress notably outranked Blogger in terms of website experience. It is the main reason why WordPress improves so fast. So, what is the conclusion?

Winner – WordPress

Score – Blogger – 6.5+0, WordPress – 7.5+1

11) Website Speed

In this digital era, website speed is vital. Now, a huge number of people come to the internet. If your website does not open quickly then you will lose significant traffic.

An average of 4.42% decrease was found in the conversion rate because of each additional second for loading the page, a study by portent says.

Generally, a 0-4 second load time is considered a good one. So what about both platforms regarding it?


Possibly, the first drawback of Blogger is website speed. The more you add elements, the speed goes lower. It is almost rare to find moderate speed in bloggers after adding a comment box and AdSense code.

These are not said hypothetically. I, added 100+ blogger templates to my website hoping for better performance. I also provided a lot of people with how to keep it at least moderate.

The worst suggestion I have to give minimize the element and turn off the comment box.

To check it, you can visit any blogger templates. Copy their page URL and search it to the Page Speed insights. Remember, these are generally without adding AdSense code. So it will drop more after adding it.

You can also look at my Blogspot speed by using the SuperMag template.

Page speed in Blogger

I generally used to off the comment section to make it near 50.

These are about free themes. In a paid theme you can get better speed because of the complex code.

Now, look at WordPress.


WordPress always has good speed. All you need to choose a better hosting. Hostinger, Bluehost, etc are among the most popular hostings.

Unlike previously, you can get better speed in free themes here. Did you have not? Then, install the “Litespeed cache” WordPress plugin. It is an all-in-one tool for handling your technical SEO.

You can find good speed even after adding a comment box. You can look at the speed of a page from my website. Although it has some additional CSS elements.

Page speed for WordPress

For any post, it differs from 60-90 page speed on mobile. It is with the GeneratePress free theme with four plugins.

So what is the result here?

Winner – WordPress

Score – Blogger – 6.5+0, WordPress – 8.5+1

12) SEO

SEO is a crucial factor for your website. Look in detail for both platforms.


Blogger has many opportunities for SEO. Firstly, it has many professional custom themes. Secondly, good robots.txt helps crawl the indexing necessary pages first. Thirdly, it has easy options for adding Meta descriptions, permalinks, headings, alt text, etc. Moreover, you can also add images, videos, etc.

However, you already know it is far behind in terms of speed. Additionally, it has not a broad option for breadcrumbs. I have experienced it with multiple templates. Barely any enhancements are found in free themes. In paid themes, it has a little better position.

Moreover, creating a table of contents is not supported always.


WordPress has full opportunities for SEO.

Not to mention, you have all basic and advanced options for SEO. For instance, you can easily add meta descriptions, alt text, etc. You can also add a table of contents with easy steps.

Not only you can add images, videos, etc but also you can design it to your wish.

All SEO worries can be handled by a one-stop free SEO plugin. The Yoast SEO plugin. It can give you all the SEO recommendations including readability.

All in all, breadcrumbs are readymade for you. You can get 3 breadcrumbs for even a simple post. These are mobile usability, breadcrumbs, and sitelinks searchbox.

Breadcrumbs for WordPress post

You can even do structured markup in one click like FAQ, How to, etc. So, who is the winner?

Winner – WordPress

Score – Blogger – 6.5+0, WordPress – 9.5+1

13) Monetization

Most blogger has a dream to monetize their blog. How easy to apply for monetization? How easily it can be approved? Let’s find this.


To monetize your blog you have to open an account first. Creating an AdSense account in blogger is super easy. You can create it in three steps. You can do it easily by going Blogger menu>Earnings tab.

However, nowadays getting approved with the free theme is difficult. One more thing here. I have to say the right things instead of please people. Anyway, after adding paid themes you can get approved if you have met other requirements.


WordPress has also the same process. You can manually create an account by going Google AdSense page.

Another insane easy process is to add a plugin named Site kit. Here you do not do anything after installing and setting up it.

However, nowadays getting approved with the free theme is also difficult. You can try it. But if you want confirmation, then use the “NewsPaper” paid theme. So what is the result?

Winner – tie

Score – Blogger – 6.5+1, WordPress – 10.5+1

14) Popularity

People want to walk with the popular platform. Let’s see what is the popularity status of both platforms.


WordPress is used by 43% of all websites whereas 1% contains Blogger.

CMS distribution of WordPress and Blogger

You can look at one more aspect. It is the rating given by Forbes ADVISOR.

Blogger vs WordPress comparison in Forbes ADVISOR

As shown above, Blogger possesses a 3.0 rating whereas WordPress has a 3.8 rating.

So, the result is clear.

Winner – WordPress

Score – Blogger – 7.5+1, WordPress 11.5+1

15) Limitations

Now, it is important to know their limitation. Let’s start.


Many beginners do not know but blogger has many limitations.

On one side, it can handle unlimited traffic without costing anything.

Another side you can create only 100 blogs for free. You have to delete the previous one to add a new one.

There are also limitations of 15 GB storage with Google drive.

You have a forced-Permalink structure with the subdomain of

Again, you can add 100 members to manage your blog.

It is not the complete list but some important coverage. Now, look at WordPress.


Not to mention, WordPress has many limitations. Almost everything depends upon your pricing plans. The more you spend, you will find better service.

Hostinger different price

So, what can be said? Le’s give them 0.5 for both because of the limitation.

Winner – tie

Score – Blogger – 8.5+0.5, WordPress – 12.5+0.5

16) Security

Undoubtedly, security is one of the foremost important matters. If your website gets hacked, then everything goes in futile. So look at the status of security.


Blogger is controlled by the dominating giant Google. It has an advanced security option. To try hacking, one must have to access Gmail first. Although, you can enable two-factor authentication for the Gmail account. It will make your security at its peak level.


WordPress is a self-hosted website. Therefore, you have to do a security plan for yourself.

Not to worry. Here is a big thanks to the security plugin which can do all the work just by installing it.

Make sure, you should only install reliable and popular plugins. For instance, you can consider attaching the “Wordfence Security” to manage this thing. Another popular one is the “Sucuri Security” WordPress plugin.

Here both have strong security. However, 100% security is a phenomenal thing. It depends upon who uses better technology to attack vs prevent the hack. Therefore, keep checking the security status after a certain period. Now, look at the result.

Winner – again tie

Blogger vs WordPress security

Score – Blogger – 9+1, Winner – 13+1

17) Future

To understand the future, you have to track past records.

One of the easiest ways to track it is through Google trends.

Here you can put WordPress and Blogger side by side. Then choose the option for Worldwide. After that set the track records. Here I set it for 5 years. You can set it as you wish. Now, look at the result below.

WordPress vs Blogger trend
WordPress vs Blogger trends

For five years, WordPress dominates Blogger. It also keeps a remarkable distance all the time. So whom to declare the winner in Blogger vs WordPress for making money?

Winner – WordPress

Score – Blogger – 10+0, WordPress – 14+1

18) Portability

Portability is a crucial factor for your website.

It indicates how easy or difficult to transfer your website to another place.

Let’s finish this Blogger vs WordPress for making money journey with this last criterion.


Unfortunately, blogger does not have good portability. Once you transfer your website to another hosting, you have to face multiple issues. For instance –

1) Permalink: The foremost one is the Permalink structure. Generally, people make their permalink short after shifting to WordPress. You can redirect your all post through a redirect. But if you have a lot of posts, then the number of redirections is huge.

2) Duplicate content: If you want to change www to the non-www version then you can face the copy content. Look at how my two sets of links round simultaneously on the internet.

ranking keywords in ahrefs

The main issue is the actual content may take a long journey again from start to rank.

As a solution, you can keep the same www or non-www version in WordPress too.

3) Pages: You have to create all the pages like about us, etc in WordPress.

4) Backlinks: Everyone does not worry about your redirection. In this process, there are few chances to lose the backlink.

5) Others: Some things like adding meta descriptions, Canonical tags in WordPress for each post, and converting classic editor to block editor can be considered.

Once you want to convert your Blogger into WordPress, you can look at this extensive guide for migration from Blogger to WordPress.


WordPress has no major issues with portability. You can easily move your hosting to another hosting. As WordPress has similar types of features, it will not hurt you. Even, you can expand your website just by upgrading the plans.

So, what is the produced result?

Winner – WordPress

Score – Blogger – 10+0, WordPress – 15+1

Now, take a bonus (if you wish).

My Experience on Blogger vs WordPress for making money

I will tell in short what I faced.

After entering Blogspot people face many issues. That is not for the platform but for the amateur experience.

Firstly, I am quite happy that blogger is free. Although passing time, I realized that it has many headaches too.

After a period, I start to search custom theme. This process goes on like it has no end. It is because I have some knowledge about page speed.

With this, I realized that a domain is important to build a brand. So I purchase a domain name. That time major editing takes place.

After a lot of experience, I understand breadcrumbs are not an easy thing in a free blogger theme.

I have to watch many downfalls of keywords because of less page speed. It is also annoying to turn off the comment box and many elements.

Finally, I decided to migrate blogger from WordPress.

Again major changes take place. Some backlinks are lost and faced the problem of migrating as stated above.

Although it makes me happy by getting better speed as well as breadcrumbs.

I find enough improvement in ranking.

Moreover, its writing elements’ flexibility feels good.

Although these things come fast because I have already a little experience because of helping people.

That’s it. In conclusion, my experience is Blogger is free but its limitations want a lot of effort which costs more than WordPress cost. That’s it for my experience on Blogger v/s WordPress for making money.

Now, look at the recap of the above discussions.

Blogger vs WordPress comparison table

1) Price~$8 or free~$38
2) Set upVery easyEasy
3) NavigationEasy to navigateSame
4) Easy of useEasy to handleSame
5) ThemePlenty of availabilityenough availability
6) AppearanceGood with limitationsAstonishing
7) OwnershipOwned by GoogleUsers have full control
8) Flexibilityless flexiblehighly flexible
9) Support“Blogger help” and social media“WordPress forum” and social media
10) UpdatesOccasionally, not very oftenRegular updates with improvements
11) Website SpeedPoor to moderateModerate to good
12) SEOLimited scopeHas everything for it
13) MonetizationAvailableAvailable
14) Popularity1% of all the websites43% of all the websites
15) LimitationsA lot of limitationssame
16) SecurityStrongStrong with plugin
17) FutureRunningStrong
18) PortabilityNeed extra effortsWell enough

Now, conclude it.

Conclusion for Blogger vs WordPress for making money

Here nothing is in hiding. Extensive analysis has taken place here. Both Blogger and WordPress are good platforms but WordPress is dominating. The final score for Blogger is 10 and for WordPress is 16. It does not mean bloggers can be totally neglected. For convenience, their work can be stated below.

Blogger is a suited platform:

  • If you are a very beginner and have yet to learn multiple things.
  • If you want to try the blog is for you or not
  • You can create an account to learn as a freelancer
  • If you have no prominent wish to shift to WordPress. In the beginning, most people go with Blogger because of many reasons.

WordPress is a suited platform:

It is for everyone from the beginning to the expert level. In the beginning, you can go with lower plans. After that, you can upgrade it with the growth of the website.

In conclusion, WordPress can generate better money because of its extensive function. Almost all bloggers someday shifted to WordPress. Anytime, you realize the importance of WordPress, shift immediately.

With all of that, here Blogger vs WordPress for making money is closed. But it is closed for this post and not for the discussion. Is anything missed? It is encouraged to share your view in Blogger vs WordPress.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Blogger completely free?

Yes, it does not cost you anything. All you need is a Gmail to open your account.

Which one is better – www or non-www

Both have pros and cons. Non-www takes less space in the permalink. On the other side, www has the advantage in CDN because of CNAME Records. You can choose accordingly. Lastly, the www version is preferred by many popular websites.

Which hosting is better to work on WordPress

You probably heard Bluehost and Hostinger as the common ones. Both are good. If you prefer 100% uptime and phone call support then choose Bluehost. If you prefer high website speed and more service at less price then choose Hostinger.

Is it compulsory to shift to WordPress?

Generally, all bloggers shift after a certain period of time. It can be anywhere between the beginning to 2.5 years. Its extensive features help bloggers to grow as they deserve.

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