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We often come out this term and it shakes our minds. When we listen from anywhere then we think What is the difference between on page SEO and off page SEO? Actually what comes in off page SEO? What is on page SEO? All this doubt will be cleared after the end of this article.

However, a blogger should know that these terms have huge importance. Both SEO technique is used strategically to rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). So knowing about it in detail is very much important.

We will know the difference between on page SEO and off page SEO. Before that, let us know your broad knowledge about it. We also discuss on page and off page SEO factors. Let’s get started.

On page SEO

It is basically under the control of users for ranking the website. For example, unique content, good navigation, mobile-friendly, etc. Strategically it is a core part of the website. More good on it will automatically increase the rankings on SERPs. It has multiple factors which are discussed below for a brief understanding.

1) Title tags

It is an HTML element that is used to give the name of a Webpage. A few strategic moves can be taken in this regard:

  1. Each page title should be unique and descriptive of the content.
  2. Should contain main keywords for display in SERPs.
  3. Less than 60 characters are generally preferred.

2) Meta description

It is the description of your blog site. In other words the overview of what is your content about. A few strategic moves are:

  1. A brief but clear description of the contents of your site.
  2. Keywords inclusion so search engines can understand the website/blog site.
  3. Generally, less than 160 characters are preferred.

3) URL structure:

It refers to your Website URL. Its structure indicates whether the URL is related or not. For example, This page URL https://bloggerguidepro.com/complete-knowledge-of-on-page-seo-and-off-page-seo is better than


So putting the related topic in a URL is considered a good strategy by many ones. When anyone shares the page, the Audience can understand the topic.

4) Header tag:

It refers to H1 to H6 headings. Where H1 is the main heading. It should be used in the title with keywords. H2 is a subheading of the H1 heading and so on. Google used these headings for crawling to understand the page content.

5) Alt text for images:

These days, it plays a very important role in making SEO strategies. Alt text refers to the image description. Visually impaired people can know about the images through a screen reader. It means better reach to your content. It improves user experience. Hence, increase in ranking.

6) Site speed:

You will lose 53% of visitors if your website does not load in 3 seconds.

So maintaining site speed should be done in every possible way. Some effective strategies are below:

7) Device compatibility:

It refers a particular website is compatible with all devices or not. After all search engine wants maximum global coverage. The utmost importance is given to Mobile devices, laptops/ PC, tablets, phones, etc.

Mobile users are increased drastically in recent years. So google sets “Mobile-friendliness” as an important factor for website ranking.

8) Internal links:

Putting Internal strategically is a vital factor. When Internal links are connected to your pages it indicates your website has sufficient content to help the audience. Apart from that It is easy navigation for users to know more details of a concept/ matter.

9) Keyword research:

It is a great strategical point for any website.

For example, targeting short-tail keywords or long-tail keywords strategies are different.

However, the following major works fall under keyword research:

Keyword overview
  • Relevancy
  • Competition
  • Search volume
  • Possibility of income.

10) SEO keywords:

Keyword display

This is among the most important elements. Through SEO keywords optimization search engines can know about your content. After that, it is displayed to users. So wisely used relevant keywords are the thing which has to remind in the first-work series.

Check more on how to design a good post.

11) Site map:

A good structure of a site map is important for the website. There are two types of site maps:

  1. HTML sitemap which is understandable to humans.
  2. XML Sitemap which is understandable to the search engine.

12) Navigation:

It is a very important factor for Google search engines. They mandate it for ad sense approval.

Navigation refers to when users can reach the content according to their wishes with less effort. Systematically representation of information is important for easy navigation.

13) Content:

“Content is the king” is a popular phrase in blogging. If your content writing is not good, you cannot survive in any way in the long run.

Here is some feature you can remind at a glance:

  • Complete
  • Clear
  • Transparent
  • Relevant
  • Useful
  • Interesting
  • Engaging.

Now, about off page SEO.

Off page SEO

It indicated how much your site is popular. It can be confirmed by the following factors.

  • Website recognition
  • Authority
  • Credibility
  • Trustworthiness

A misconception is offline page SEO is a link-building process. It is wrong. Link building is an important part and other factors are also important.

So for broad knowledge, every important aspect is discussed below:

1) Link building:

It is a very important aspect. When another website links to your pages is called a backlink. This backlink process indicates that your site has useful information.

  • Earlier, the quantity of links is counted to understand website relevancy. Here frauds are sufficiently noticed like the interchange of links. Now with technological advancements quality of links is more important. If you get one link from a high-authority website is far better than getting multiple links from a low-authority website.
  • Here similarity of the website is also very much important. You have a lead by getting links from the relevant website and vice-versa.
  • Getting links from unique domains or different websites has an advantage. It provides credibility to your websites. Here you can find the answer for how you can acquire backlinks for free.

2) Brand building:

It tells how your brand is popular with the audience. In online marketing one simple step to track it check how many people enter your website by brand name. For example, if people search ‘bloggerguidepro’ to read the information is brand popular for me.

When your product or service is excellent, it is common to huge search by brand name. For example ‘Apple products.

If your brand is popular then automatically you will get links from various social media and blogs without particular effort. That’s why it plays a crucial role.

Writing great content will help a content writer to expand their brand.

3) Public Relations:

People trust when their close ones refer them. So building public relations is an excellent off page SEO tool.

Directly referred people can be permanent customers. This refer can be done in the following ways:

  • Bond with customers.
  • Connections (online and offline) with like-minded people.
  • Keep in touch with influencers etc.

4) Social Media:

According to Semrush, “93% of regular internet users also logged into social media.”

Awesome distribution of social icon

Generally, people searched on google for getting information. In social media people used to spend leisure time. So it is an opportunity to enter their leisure time. In that way, the subconscious mind will also help to reach your brand.

Engage in social media. Help them with your topic whenever possible. If people get help it tends to give importance to the same.

By gathering popularity it is easy to get links from social media which builds your website authority.

Sharing on social media can give you huge traffic. In every way, it is beneficial to keep your identity on social media.

5) Forums:

No, I am not saying about putting links in the forum. You must comply with forum norms.

Just engage with the question related to your niche.

Quora answers
credit – Quora page

Giving quality answers can create your special identity. They may search your profile. You may put the website and social media links to your profile. They may click on this link and you will get genuine traffic to your website. Apart from many forums Quora and Reddit are considered as good for this.

6) Guest posting:

It is the most popular technique to get links effectively.

When you write another website as a guest is called guest posting. Another website gets quality content and you put some links on your website. It will benefit you in two ways:

  • Getting a link from another website
  • Getting organic traffic from another website.

You can find free guest posting sites here for your niche.

7) Google my business (GMB):

Here google wants a few business information to display in google. This information is following:

  • Location of the service area
  • Type of business
  • Contact information
  • Opening hours, closing hours
  • Working days etc.

It will highly beneficial for promoting your business, especially in the local area.

The core difference between On page SEO and off page SEO

For a clear understanding of the difference between on page SEO and off page SEO is presented below:

  1. The first one gives details information about the website. Title tags, meta descriptions, URL structure, content, navigation, device compatibility, etc are important factors here. The second one provides information on how others treat your website. Backlinks, social engagement, Google my business info, etc are important factors here.
  2. In the first case, an internal link is considered whereas second cases link from another site is considered.
  3. The first one is used for analyzing the website. The second one is used to understand how other sources help to grow your website.
  4. The former says information about your website and latter says popularity of your website.
  5. Two-thirds of time is spent by most website owners on page SEO whereas One-third of time is spent by most website owners off page SEO.

Wrap up

Many times we put in hard work but did not get an efficient result. In this technological era, adaptation is very much important. Here you will get good help by using these two major SEO techniques namely on page SEO and Off page SEO. However, if you want to share your most preferable technique for SEO, let us know.

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