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For what queries you can contact Blogger guide pro

You are free to send us any relevant queries. We try to learn from queries too. Most of the cases the query is solved. However, we do not hesitate to tell you if the query is not within our reach. We believe in clean practices. Here are some popular queries you can consider to reach us.

1) Guide in the beginning

You can ask for a guide to starting Blogging as a career. It is one of the most common queries solved by us through different countries. In the beginning, everything looks new. It also takes time to provide the resources properly. In these cases spending time on the topic is key. SEO keyword looks nothing to an expert. It is a quite familiar term for intermediate. It is not the same for the beginner. There is a lot of time is needed to understand it. We can understand it and try to provide step-by-step consideration for clear understanding.

2) Keyword Strategy

We observe that most beginners and intermediates are stuck in this area. This may be a good keyword optimization strategy? Is there any proper keyword strategy easy to apply? If these questions are rounding in your mind then you can ask for the right strategy to do it.

3) SEO optimization:

We have not launched any paid products yet. However, we can provide the information which will help to protect yourself from the trap. For example, if you are an intermediate blogger then free tools are more than enough which you want. In some cases, people want to design the website at a very low price. In that case, they fall in with a guy which has not enough command of it. It may your website looks professional but lots of factors like supporting reach results, website speed, etc matter. Instead, we recommend taking hosting in WordPress directly for blogging or small businesses. You can ask more about SEO optimization from us.

4) Technical issues

It has a broad part. We are not claiming as technical experts. Whether during website running experience we solve lots of common technical issues. You can ask for common technical issues like robots.txt, canonical tag, etc.

5) Detecting any irrelevant issue

We do not follow any strategy which can harm our users. If you find any big or sensitive information them please reach to us. Solving these things will be our first priority.

6) Sending your valuable suggestion

We love to learn wherever it is possible. It works best if users like you provide any specific suggestions for improvement. It will be considered and a handful of full thanks will be provided to you for this generous work.

Needless to say, these are not inclusive lists. We love to hear from you. It may about your journey, appreciation, collaboration, or companionship.

In the end, we are thankful to find you on the same page. We are waiting to provide value to you. Meanwhile, you can look at our resources designed for you. Again consider our thanks for your support. We are happy to grow with you.