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How can I start to publish my blog from the Smartphone or the Desktop? There is an option to publish the blog for free? Is a free account not equivalent to a paid account? If these types of questions are rounded in your mind then you are at the right place.

“Updating blog posts can increase traffic by 106%.” (Check 155 blogging statistics for more). It is very important to update your blog frequently. Several users choose to create account in Blogger / Blogspot to write their blogs. But for beginners it is great to start for the following reasons:

1) “Blogger” is a completely free blogging service platform.

2) It is owned by Google. It gives leads to applying for AdSense. For example, it has the facility of compatibility with smartphones, tab, desktops, easy navigation, etc.

3) Very simple steps to set up an account and start blogging in a hassle-free manner. You will be close to earning without worrying about many things as for the first time most of the things look difficult to a fresher.

4) Many bloggers are worried to have a subdomain as To solve it you can buy your domain property. It costs approximately $8 in the current market. You can check here when to buy a domain or to continue with a subdomain in How to add a custom domain to blogger. If you go for a domain then there are detailed steps to buy a domain and connect it with the Blogger account.

Let’s dive into the first step.

Complete guide about create account in Blogger / Blogspot

You come to know how to create account in blogger. Follow these step-by-step guides for it.

1) Choose your ‘Niche’:

Niche is a specialized topic on which you want to be focused in your content writing. If you have not decided yet then click on the link to 25 trending types of blogs to select your niche. Select a niche that you can continue for 3-10 years in writing.

2) Choose your URL:

On this website, is an example of an URL. You have to remind at least the following things for choosing an URL.

a) The name is related to your content like “uniquefoodtest” for food.

b) Try to avoid using the “-” type symbol. As simple as your customer can search with name, you will get better traffic, like myuniqueguide is better to type than My-Unique-Guide.

c) Try to use a small name like bloggerguidepro and not bloggerguideprobymyname.

Finally, the niche which you have decided on, put into google search whether it is available or not.

Goggle page

As an example, bloggerguidepro is not available but is available when I am writing it. Try it until you find the niche of your choice by changing another name instead of uniquefoodtest and search it in google. You should see the following result.

subdomain availability search

Well, after choosing your URL you are ready to create account in Blogger without any interruption. As a reminder, if you find any difficulty in any process then comment below. It will be solved. Let’s get started.

Create account in Blogger/ blogspot

Follow these step-by-step processes.

1) Search blogger in google and choose or click this link for direct go.

Blogger first interface

2) Now sign in with your Google account. After signing in, you will get 2 notices. Scroll down to find the following information and write your niche like “Blogger guide pro” and click next.

Choose a name for your blog

4) Put a URL name like “bloggerguidepro” and click save.

Choose a URL for your blog

5) Congratulation! Now you owned a URL site. Now ready to know about various options in Blogger.

Before writing an article go through with this SEO knowledge

Full navigation

You are going to navigate all the major features of Blogger. To know about your site’s features click on triple strips.

Blogger menu

6) Now click on all features and take an overall look. Let’s take a sneak peek at all features with some important basic setups.

different menu display

i) +NEW POST: For creating a new post

ii) Posts: All the posts will be displayed when you publish.

iii) Stats: Can be checked how many views you gain and many more.

iv) Comments: All comments in your post.

v) Earnings: Your’s earning details.

vi) Pages: Click on it. Here you have to add 3 pages. Take this guide:

a) Press the + button (for android) or +NEW PAGE (for desktop) to add your page. Give a title like Terms or Terms and conditions. 

b) Click on the following first link. Copy all the text. Paste it to your page. Now replace with your site name where you can find “Blogger guide pro” or You should change the email bloggerguidepro@gmail to your email. You can use find and replace on the desktop or can be done manually to change your site name. You must go through it as the rules and regulations of your site must be known to you. You can change wherever you like. Do the same things for the remaining two links.

i) Terms and Conditions

ii) Privacy policy

iii) Disclaimer

After that check these two pages. Do not copy it. Understand it. Create it your way.

iv) About us

v) Contact us

7) Layout:

Layout design to arrange the page format.

8) Theme:

Choose a theme. It will be displayed at the top of the blog profile.

Bloggers prefer to set up a theme that looks professional. You can use the Supermag template for it. You can also edit the HTML of the VioMagZ 4.3.0 blogger template full documentation to get high speed.

9) Setting:

Here are some necessary things that should be done. Click on settings.

A) Basic:

i)Description: Write a good description of your blog.

Description setting

ii) Language: Choose your blog language

iii) If your content is adult. Do the warning on. If you want to restrict the child then on the age confirmation button.

iv) Favicon: At the first download a Favicon from the internet. You can download a copyright-free Favicon in png format at and can use it without attribution under their license.

favicon set up

Now click on Favicon -> click on choose file -> select your downloaded favicon -> to click on save.

B. Privacy: If you want that people can search your blog then on the Visible to search engine button.

Scroll down, after publishing, HTTPS options see at

C. Permissions: i) Invite more authors (3rd option): Click and add email, if you want to add authors to write in your blog.

ii) Reader access: If you want everyone can read your blog then click on public and save it.

D. Posts: You can modify max posts of how many blogs can be displayed on the homepage.

E: Comments: i) Comment Location: If you want to display it, then choose embedded.

ii) Choose whom you allow to comment on your blog.

iii) You can keep Comment moderation always, so the only relevant comments will be displayed on your page with your permission only.

comments settings in blogger

F. Email: You can keep a comment notification email.

G. Formatting: Select the proper timezone. For India, Kolkata can be a Standard Time zone. It is important as you will be not confused about time-showing in your blog. Select other settings in your choice.

Time and date formatting

H. Monetization: When your blog is approved for AdSense then you can enable it.

That’s all for basic settings. You can always change it for your convenience.

10) Reading List:

Blog lists that you followed for reading.

11) View blog:

Click to see how your homepage will appear to the client.

You have created account in Blogger with basic settings. Let’s take the final step. That is publish your first blog.

Guide for the first post publish

Take time to design your first post. Try to make it as good as possible. Read the respecting link to consolidate your knowledge.

For publishing your first post follow this step:

1) click on +NEW POST

2) Add a title like “Complete guide…”

Are you not sure what can be topic to write about? Then take help from 25 free content idea generator tools for unlimited fresh ideas.

3) write your blog with various features available in blogger. Be assured that it must be copyright-free content.

For complete knowledge of how to write a good blog post check here Complete guide on writing a good blog post.

4) Attach the link and image in an appropriate position. Check these 25 websites offering copyright-free images & videos with license proof for hassle-free uses of images and videos.

You have to compress these images for increasing page speed. Here are 35 free image compression tools for doing it.

5) Click on the eye button (for preview) and check that everything is ok. See the bottom part and click on the Desktop, Tab, and smartphone icons.

Post preview

Probably you understand that this blog is compatible with easy navigation on all types of devices. That is a great advantage.

6) Back to your main blog and click on the red arrow (smartphone) or publish (desktop) to publish your first blog.

Writing the title

7) Share it with your social media. Best of luck.


You knew about what is advantages of Blogger are. You knew how to create account in Blogger. You have completed the settings. After that, you get a roadmap for post publish and start your journey. How much help it is or if there is a need for an upgrade, comment below. Thanks for reading.

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