35 free Image compression tools in 2023

As a blogger, you must know that adding images to your site is very much important. People can remind visual things for a much longer time. Moreover, it can also provide an amazing experience than the plan information. But on another side, its bulky size hurts the load time of your website. Therefore, you are going to solve it through free image compression tools.

Before diving into it, look at some blog statistics.

1) If the load time of your website is more than 3 seconds, you will lose 53% of your visitors.

2) If the image size is 3 Mb then it is approximately 20 times the file size of a 70000 words novel.

These facts give us a clear picture of the need for image compression. Image compression creates a balance between engaging the audience by attaching images and increasing SEO ranking by reducing load time.

You will get a one-stop solution for free image compression tools. Here you will get a number of image compression online free tools, free software for image compression, as well as free image compression applications/apps.

Before that, it is important to know the following things.

What is image compression?

Image compression is comprised of techniques of data compression in a digital image, so it can reduce the file storage for ease of use on a different platform.

Types of image compression Tools

Two main image compression types are:

1) Lossless image compression:

Here fractal compression-like techniques are used for optimum reduction of file size where Image quality is of utmost importance. For example medical uses, technical representation, fine arts, etc,

2) Lossy image compression:

In the case of natural images, some quality is comprised. If the difference is negligible in simple view then it can be said as visually lossless.

What type of compression you want is depend upon your need. The more you decrease your quality will decrease your file size and vice versa. Now it’s time to find your unlimited resources for image optimization.

Free image compression tools (Online)

1) Tiny PNG:

Tiny PNG has huge popularity as an online image size reducer due to its quality.

It uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce image file size.  Surprisingly, It will give users 500 images every month for free. Most bloggers mark it as a favorite one.

You can save up to 80% from this tool. Look at the below image.

Piggybank for saving money
115.4 kb to 49.6 kb (Panda saves 57%)

Here 57% is saved without losing noticeable quality.

2) JPEG Optimizer:

Bunch of fifty dollars
1.32 Mb to 144.5 kb (88.8% savings)

It is easy to use. You can choose the image compression level from 0-99. You can also choose the new photo width in pixels.

3) Ezgif.com

Image compression in Ezgif
108.92 KiB to 57.97 KiB (saved 47.77%)

It has a vast of features related to GIFs and images. Firstly, go to the home page and select optimize. Then select PNG optimizer, JPG optimizer, or Webp optimizer. After that, you can upload up to a 50 Mb file. Moreover, adding a URL, and choosing file size give it a popular look.

4) Gift of speed:

Gift of speed demo

It has so many attractive features. Firstly, go to the home page and click on the menu (Top left corner) -> select tools -> scroll down and choose PNG compressor or JPEG compressor. You can also choose the height, width, and compression level from 0 to 100. Moreover, you can do a website speed test and numerous things here.

Look at the image. It can reduce such a huge file to a minimum size.

5) Optimizilla:

Optimizilla free image compression tool result
129 kb to 61 kb (-52%)

It is another popular online image compression tool for its quality. You can choose 10-100 quality options to reduce picture size at your discretion. Additionally, you can download and export multiple images simultaneously.

6) Image Optimizer

Firstly go to the homepage. Then select your image, After that choose the image quality, width, and height. Finally, click on “Optimize now”.

Image optimizer compression result
Screenshot from Image optimizer in 05/02/2023

Then, you can save it. For finding good images use these 25 best websites for copyright free images and videos.

7) squoosh:

8 horizontal layers of flowers
112 kb to 45.5 kb (saved 60%)

It is a great online photo compressor. You can see a lot of options like Resize, and reduce pallet options. compress image format, 0-100 quality control, etc. You can also broadly control it through advanced settings.

8) Resize photos online

Woman with tiger
80 kb to 44 kb (45% savings)

It is a free tool to optimize images. It has enough compression quality. You can choose width pixel, quality ad output format as JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP.

9) compressor.io

Spring bird image compression
87 kb to 36 kb (saved 58%)

compressor.io is a wonderful image optimizer. 10 Mb size image can be compressed here. You can choose Lossy, lossless, or even custom options for image compression jpeg, and image compression png. Apart from that, you can also optimize SVG, GIF, and ABP.

10) Convert image:

106 kb to 45.23 kb (57.61% lighter)

It is a free image compression tool. Firstly, go to the homepage. Then scroll down and select compress a picture to jpg. You can also reduce the jpg file size especially by changing the image compression ratio. After that, you can select several supported file formats and different cool options related to images.

11) Imagify:

59.0 kb to 39.5 kb (-33.17%)

You can do Image optimization easily through Imagify. Basically, It has unique features of Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra. However, all images must be within 2 Mb. Although you can optimize images up to 20 Mb per month for free.

12) ILoveIMG:

awful face of a tree
83.56 kb to 37.61 kb (55% smaller)

It is popular for repeat use by many users. Basically, It can reduce the file size dramatically by reminding image quality. JPG, PNG, SVG, or GIF are the supported image compression formats here.

13) Kraken.io

5 cute robots with computer
122.73 kb to 70.25 kb (42,76% savings)

It has some excellent features as follows:

  • Choosing Lossy, lossless, or expert option.
  • Choosing the height and width option
  • Uploading an image from google drive or even a zip file.

Therefore, to choose the free version, on the homepage click Try Free Web Interface.


Donkey Dog Cat Hen story
76 kb to 36 kb (-56.47%)

If your image compression needs are limited and want facilities like paid users then it will be a wise choice. You will be experienced with image compression without losing quality. As a free user, you can use up to 100 images per month without using a credit card to sign up.

15) picdiet:

120.58 kb to 51.11 kb (58% reduction)

Picdiet can reduce by 80% size without losing remarkable quality. You can also choose quality ranging from 1 to 99 according to your convenience.

16) compressor.js

Smiley dog in the rail track
88.98 kb to 53 kb (40.44% off)

It is a great tool for optimizing images for:

  • Lots of options like choosing quality, width, etc.
  • Details of Input and output images.
  • Compare between images.

So you can consider trying it by going to their home page.

17) smallseotools:

Small SEO tool image compression results
Screenshot from Small SEO tool page in 05/03/2023

Here you can upload up to 20 images altogether. The image size should be max 5 Mb each. Then you can export it in a zip file.

Apart from that, it has many SEO features to help a blogger. For example, the free checking of content up to 1000 words whether it is plagiarism-free or not.

(#) Also, look at these SEO guides

Now, dive into the free image compression software

Free image compression software

18) ImageOptim:

Imageoptim form Mac

Image Optim can be used either for Mac or the web. Basically, by using Lossy minification you can get the smallest size of your image.

19) Fileminimizer Pictures:

Fileminimizer Pictures software download

It is a good example of image compression software. You can reduce the size of images remarkably with maintaining the quality. It has also three compression settings. Although you can choose it manually.

20) eezPix:

eezpix software download

It is a great photo size reducer available for windows. It also takes less storage than usual web and provides multiple tools for image editing.

21) RIOT

RIOT software demo

RIOT is a free tool for windows. It is easy to use. Comparing the original and optimized images is a great feature of this software.

22) Caesium- Image Compressor

Caesium- Image Compressor software download

It is a good photo-size reducer with easy drag and drop. Up to 90% preserving file size, preview option. compress jpeg, compress png and a Commonly supported file with many features make it great.

23) Compressed:

compressed software download

It is a good photo compressor for jpg compression, png compression, and BMP compression. It has easy navigation. Choose the file, desired quality, file format, and image name and location. Then, your compressed image is ready.

24) Image Tools:

Image Tools software download

If you have bundles of images to optimize then this tool will be great. You can use it for copped, resized, converted, and watermarked in a fast way.

25) Imagine (32-bit):

Imagine (32-bit) software download

It is a simple image viewer for Windows. It has numerous supported files like PNG, JPG, GIF BMP, PCX, TGA, and many more.

26) ImBatch:

ImBatch software download

“Process and edit multiple images in batch mode; combine many tasks and run them in one go” – statement taken from ImBatch download page. Flexible modification options make it better for use.

27) softonic

Image compression software search

If you want to explore more or want to get unlimited free software for jpeg optimizer, and png optimizer then here is the way. Click on the above link. Look for the free download option available with the software. Read about the app and download according at your convenience. You can also choose the paid one.

Free image compressor apps

28) Photo Compressor and Resizer:

Photo Compressor and Resizer

Here estimated file size can be chosen by you. For example, for Image compression to 50 kb, I choose 48 kb and get 48.39 kb. Apart from that its diversified features make it popular. Resizing photos, converting photo format, color picker, and many more options will provide a good experience.

29) Compress image size:

Compress image size in kb & mb

It is an excellent image compressor android app. For mage compression to 20 kb choose file size 20 kb. Choosing the quality of the image is another option to get your desired result via this app.

30) Image Size – Photo Resizer:

Image Size - Photo Resizer app install

By adjusting quality you can experience image compression lossless, Image resizing, Jpg quality showing, image compression ratio, and lots of editing options that make it popular.

31) PicTools:

PicTools features are shown

It is an image compression standards app. Lots of tools like compress, optimize, and convert make it a popular tool for many users.

32) Photoczip:

Photoczip app

It is one of the best image compression apps. If you want to select photos from your gallery and compress them in one go then it will be a good opportunity.

33) Image compressor – JPEG image compressor:

Image compressor app
Image compressor app size comparison

It is a mind-blowing free image compression tool. If you want a massive reduction of the file size then it can be a good option. You can reduce lots of images by reducing even 90% size.

34) Photo compress 2.0:

Photo compress 2.0
Photo compress 2.0 demo

It is a good image compression app. Here you have the option to choose a quick option or a manual option.

35) Simple & General but effective way:

effective way for image compressor app search

This work is simple. You can search in the play store like an “image compressor”. Then decide which one to download according to your convenience (rating, app size, or download amount). Generally, apps with very good ratings have awesome relevant features. Here Puma image compressor has many cool features. You can customize or let decide on puma for quality and get up to a 90% reduction in size.

35 free image compression tools wrap-up

You are equipped with a lot of resources. You can try all these free image compression tools. After that, you can sort your favorite tools according to your blog niche. It will save time for further usage.

Also, check the loading time of the websites. You can find out what compression level will be the best fit for your site. In that way, you can do better image optimization.

If you find any difficulty then comment here. And yes, What are your favorite image compression tools and why? I will be glad to know about it.

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