How much bloggers earn! Do not guess!

It is a dominant term in blogging. People are curious about how much bloggers earn actually. Some people are wondering if it is true that bloggers make millions of rupees per month?

Another side, people are confused about asking random bloggers about their income.

The exciting fact is aspirant bloggers hardly interact with successful bloggers. On the other hand, engaging people in social media shares their “no income” status.

There is a much more interesting fact. Many people misbelieve that blogging is for a hobby only. It is true that a considerable number of people write what they like.

That is not the end. Even some cases it provides unemployment status in family and friends.

Although you will get detail to discover the actual fact and figures. It’s time to stop guessing. Keep your curiosity along the way and let’s be clear about how much bloggers earn.

Here you will get multiple perspectives on earning. For example random bloggers’ earnings, long-term v/s short-term, business v/s jobs or freelance, etc.

Therefore, without delay look at the table of contents.

Let’s start with the first one.

A glimpse of disclosed income of some bloggers

Firstly, you come to know the exact income of some bloggers. Later, you will also learn the known and unknown facts behind it.

Luckily some bloggers have disclosed their income willfully. It is an insanely reliable fact. Most bloggers do not know the exact income of successful bloggers. Therefore, A great thanks to those who help clarify it.

So, without waiting look at some examples. You can go into detail by going to their websites.

1) in 2020 – 35k+ per month

The completed approximately 9 years of the journey when publishing their earnings report. Now, look at the income in December 2020.

Built to Blog Course Sales – $3,053

Freelance Clients & Sponsorships – $ 00.0

Affiliate Earnings – $33204.04

Gross Income -$36,257.04

Straightforwardly, a beginner blogger hardly thinks $35k+ in a month. Now, the next one.

2) in 2020 – $393,231.81 in a year crossed their 4.5 years journey during publishing the report. The year is also mentioned so you get complete clarity. Now, their income report.

Affiliate marketing – $242,626.25

Online courses – $134,345.54

Gross income – $393,231.81

Therefore, its income is approximately $32k+ per month. You got an overview. Now, look at it for more.

3) in January 2023 – $5050 in a month

It is the most recently published report. Currently, crosses 12 years successful journey. It is one of the famous websites for Travel blogs. Come to their blog income report for January 2023.

CPM Ads – $3250

Affiliates – $1800

Total – $5050

Although it is varied from time to time. For example, in September 2021 it was $17k+ in a month. You can also track them by looking at their displayed graph.

Blog income report of 12 months
Source – this image URL

This website is run by a full-time travel blogger Jeremy. It is more realistic than many reports. You can see blogging income always fluctuates from time to time. Therefore, you have to enjoy this deviation in the journey.

As a reminder, you will go through diversified income status. I am not disclosing only the top bloggers. It can mistrack you. Now, the next.

4) in December 2020 – $2227.68

This website is quite inspirational who want to earn fast. You can find college-related content here. Could you believe what is the age of this domain? It is even a little less than one and a half years on the time of earning reports.

It grows so fast. This indicates if you work with dedication, it will pay off. Look at the hearing in December 2020.

Amazon – $1,278.77

Mediavine – $942.12

Skimlinks – $6.79

Total – $2,227.68

Thank this website for providing even more inspiring data. Look at the below report for 2020.

April – $33.47
May – $205.42
June – $681.50
July – $1,254.74
August – $1,000.18
September – $352.33
October – $1,440.35
November – $1,250.22

Look at, how it grows in a zigzag pattern. Great wishes for an excellent future. Now, the next one.

5) in October 2022 – $80, 797 in a month

The owner John Dikstra has multiple sites. Therefore, it has more income combined. He has an experience of 8+ years with this website.

It is a great example of earning with Ad networks. Yes, his major source of income is through ad networks.

Look at the report disclosed by him in 2022 (Gross income).

May – $115,732

June – $109,222

July – $96,367

August – $102,012

September – $93,951

October – $80,797

As you already know blogging journey fluctuates from time to time. Although, it is always above $80k which is huge.

In the above section, you knew an overview of how much bloggers earn. Now, the thriller starts. Carefully go through all the below points to get the true idea.

Short-term v/s Long-term earnings

An insane fact is most people dive into blogging to gain short-term income. It is unfortunate because blogging is not a good choice for short-term earnings. It is also fortunate that he/she chooses to blog where income possibilities are just huge.

Before diving into blogging I tried different fields. Most of the field want at least 1 year for starting a good income. For instance, taking courses in 6 months and understanding the market in the next 6 months.

That is also true for blogging. You must have to learn it properly to gain something. Why? It is because you want to rank your blog. Not to mention, queries have millions of results on the internet. Why your page will come to the first page?

It will come when you have the proper skills. These skills also include experience. This experience comes when you are ready to play the long term.

Nothing to disappoint. As I mentioned before, people dive here for short-term income. Then, those who exist, find better opportunities to earn.

You have gone through many examples. You also find most of the domain ages are 4-8 years. So by keeping patience you can gain more than what you want.

Now, look at the surveys to understand the earnings even better.

How much bloggers earn – some considerable surveys

First of all, look at some blogging statistics for a clear conclusion.

1) 33% of bloggers failed to earn any amount of money (TechJury)

The next one is even scary.

2) Less than 10% of all bloggers generate some profit (Hosting tribunal)

Yes, you will also have to invest in domain and hosting. Therefore, making a profit needs more revenue than investment.

So, on the one side, a lot of bloggers failed to earn money. But nothing to worry about. A big portion is for quitting within a short span of time. In another word, you have to wait until the maturity time of earning.

For instance, there is no meaning to quitting within 3 months. A good website also takes (Generally) 6 months to stand out on the rank with proper effort.

Now come to some considerable surveys for how much bloggers earn.

1) Pro bloggers survey

Disclaimer: 1. Here most of the people are new who’s data (their readers) is collected.

2. Average income can be less as most of their readers are blogging for less than 2 years.

By considering the above fact look at the following data.

Monthly earnings of ProBlogger Readers
Source – this image URL

$0 – 10%

Under $10 – 28%

$10 – $99 – 25%

$100 – $499 – 17%

$500 – $999 – 7%

$1000 – $9999 – 9%

Over $10,000 – 4%

Here, you can find the average income can be $10 to $1000 in a month.

Let’s look more.

2) DigitalNomadWannabe – survey results from 2019

It is somehow reliable statistics. Because these surveys include less than 1 to 5+ years of experience. It also includes dozens of blogging niches. Moreover, it also includes diversified working hours, monetization methods, etc.

Look at their derivation.

How much bloggers earn through images
Source – this image link

$0 – 27%

$1 –$200 – 23.1%

$201 – $500 – 10.6%

$501 – $1000 – <10%

$1001 – $2500 – 12.8%

$2500 – $5000 – <10%

$5001 – $10,000 – <9%

$10,000 – $19,999 – <3%

$20,000+ – 1.9%

So, to get the average you can exclude 25% from both the above and the below sides. For example, it will be around $1 to $2500.

3) My work from home money

Finally, look at the last survey result in percentage. It contains a survey of 130 bloggers. It also includes different types of niches.

Under $10 – 17.6%

$10 – $100 – 6.5%

$100 – $500 – 14.8%

$500 – $1500 – 11.1%

$1500 – $3500 – 13.9%

$3000 – $5000 – 13%

$5000 – $10,000 – 14.8%

$10,000+ – 8.3%

Therefore, here $100 – $5000 is the average earning.

So what do you think? How much bloggers earn on average? By analyzing all the above information a conclusion can be drawn.

Average bloggers earn anywhere between $100 to $2000. If you are not competitive it can end with $0. Another side, If you can dominate the earnings can be over $20K plus.

The above discussion is about self-bloggers. Now, what about blogger’s job and freelancer. Let’s know about jobs.

Blogger’s income in jobs

There are two ways to explain it. In the first place, you can understand by analyzing one source data in detail. In the second place, you can understand by analyzing multiple sources. Here the second one is selected. Look at the data for jobs.

1) Glassdoor

You can know about the salary of different jobs here. In fact, these are one of the most reliable sources people believe. So, look at the below pictures in Glassdoor.

How much do bloggers earn in job by glassdoor
Screenshot from Glassdoor’s page in 04/02/2023

If you want to find it yourself then go to this page. You can also know the average salary in your country. For easy comparison here the US is taken as an example.

As shown above, the average salary in the United States is $52,388 per year. In another word, It is $4365.7 per month. It is quite high and not true for all countries. For instance, in southeast countries, it can be around $250 per month. You can always check the status of your country. Now, the next one.

2) Indeed

To clarify, look at the salary information again from the different platforms. Here again, the United States is taken for example. Look at the result.

How much bloggers earn in job by Indeed
Screenshot from Indeed’s page in 04/02/2023

As shown above, the average base salary is $3215. Therefore, it matches Glassdoor. Many additional things will be added to the base salary.

Once more, it is not similar throughout the world. In the southeast nations, it can be around $250.

In conclusion, self-bloggers have more advantages but with enough risks. Another side, jobs do have not a heavy risk of losing money from their pocket. You can also know about the blogger job description template to prepare for the job.

Now, let’s know about freelancing.

Blogger’s or Content writer’s income among freelancers

We will do similar things about freelancing. Let’s look quickly at Glassdoor.

Freelancer blogger salaries in Glassdoor
Screenshot from Glassdoor’s page in 02/04/2023

You can see, the average income is 36,766 per year. In another word, it is $3K+ months.

Again, it depends upon the country of your targeted clients.

For example, in southeast nations, it can be $300 plus based on data from Indeed.

Actually, the United States has vast income opportunities anyway.

Not to mention, freelancing is an open category. Here you can have a diversified job profile. You can earn six figures in income based on your skill, name, and fame.

In conclusion, a self-website has relatively more opportunities. Not to forget, it contains risks, management, patience, experience, etc a lot of factors.

I think you got an overview. Now, look at another perspective. How a blogger can earn from a single post.

How much do bloggers make per post?

It is quite a popular question. Although it is not easy to answer straightforwardly. However, here some ideas can be given for better understanding.

We will draw conclusions but look for some rough calculations.

1) Darren Rowse

He is the founder of ProBlogger. His yearly revenue is almost $480k with a huge number of posts (8000 plus).

Although. earning from blog posts varies with multiple factors. Also, it depends upon earning methods. For example, ProBlogger’s considerable revenue comes from its online courses. But we can do some rough calculations to get an idea.

Therefore, here average income per post is $480k/8000 = $60.

Now, look at more examples.

2) Ryan Robinson

He is the owner of in the personal finance niche. His estimated revenue is $600+k per year.

Surprisingly, it has 300+ posts. these are dedicated long-form posts.

Therefore, roughly it makes $2000 per post in a year.

3) Steve & Jennifer Chou

They are the owner of You can find a productive e-commerce guide here.

If you want to know revenue, then it is approximately $960k per year. It has more than 320 blog posts.

Therefore the rough calculation can be 3000 per blog post in a year.

These data are for some rough estimation. The reality is something different from the average. For instance –

If the traffic is huge then a blog can earn insanely. Another side, some blogs may not generate enough revenue. For example –

  1. Some posts (20%) are even not indexed by Google.
  2. Many posts lost their relevancy after a certain period.
  3. Some viral posts actually help to increase gross revenue.
  4. These blogs are updated regularly to make them most relevant.
  5. Earning modes are different. For example, some affiliate links have a 5% commission on Amazon whereas some links have a massive 50% commission.

There are even many more factors included here. But for your convenience, some influential examples are shown below.

ProBlogger stated a post by Jon Morrow generates a maximum revenue of $1 million. That is huge, right?

You can take a different flavor too. Kim Kardashian generated a massive revenue of $400k from a single Instagram post.

Not to mention, these are high exceptions.

Generally, you can make $100 to $20k+ in revenue from a single post. Besides, some blogs may end up with no revenue for multiple reasons. Some of them are explained above.

After all, you have some ideas about how much bloggers make. Now, I know people like to look at the highest income of bloggers. So, here is the top 10 list with their approximate revenue.

Top 10 blogging sites with revenue

Here top 10 bloggers with their annual revenue are presented.

  1. – $50-$75 million
  2. – $37 million
  3. – $22 million
  4. – $16 million
  5. – $14.5 million
  6. – $5.8 million
  7. – $5.4 million
  8. – $5.1 million
  9. – $2-$5 million
  10. – $1-$5 million

Disclaimer – Most of the revenue is not disclosed properly. It also highly fluctuates among opinions. Moreover, these data are not static. Although, I tried to pick up the data from the most reliable sources like respective websites, Similarweb, Zippia, Owler, etc.

Let’s wrap up.

Wrap up for how much bloggers earn

I hope you have a lot of facts and data to get a proper idea. Firstly, you have gone through some bloggers’ earnings. Then quickly you knew about short-term v/s long-term matters in blogging. Thereafter, you have gone through some surveys of the popular website. Then you knew what are the earnings for the Job. Even freelancer earnings are also given. These helped to get a complete overview from different perspectives.

To get more clarity, you knew how much bloggers can earn per post. Lastly, you finished up by knowing the top 10 blogging sites.

One thing is clear. If you keep going with blogging it will pay off.

Therefore, without delay

  1. Choose a trending niche for earning a handsome amount.
  2. Create your WordPress account to start your journey.
  3. Properly know about on-page and off-page SEO
  4. Know about keyword research properly.
  5. Know about proper keyword optimization.
  6. Write a high-quality post.
  7. Learn from other blogging mistakes and go ahead.

Here is the end of this post. If you liked it, then you can consider sharing. You are also welcome to share your view about How much bloggers earn.

Frequently asked questions

What is the average income in the different niches?

These are very controversial questions. Firstly, top bloggers can easily crash these average earnings. Secondly, average earnings do not decide how you will go further.
However, here a list is given but don’t take it seriously. Moreover, it is for the United States.
Travel blogger – $63k per year
Finance blogger – $58k per year
Lifestyle blogger – $52k per year
Beauty blogger – $43K per year
Food blogger – $41K per year
Fashion blogger – $38k per year
Instead of fighting with the different niches take an average salary of $38k to $63k per year overall.
Make sure, you are choosing a trending niche like the above. Rest is the force of smart and dedicated work.

What is the most income generated by bloggers in the world

Currently, is outranked by other blogging websites with a massive revenue of $50-$75 million per year. Although, a large income also comes from advertising here. You can also take the next competitor with $37 million per year.

On average how much do bloggers make per post?

The average earning from a blog post can be $100 to $20K. Although, it solely depends upon the acceptance of the market. In some cases, it can be 0 for many factors. In some cases, it can even $1 million.

How much do average bloggers earn?

In the world average number of bloggers earning is around $100 to $2000 per month. It is because some bloggers do not earn at all. Whereas successful bloggers can easily earn over $10k per month.
The key point is to keep improving with market-compatible knowledge.

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