How to add custom domain to blogger (buy GoDaddy & connect)

I found these two things. On one side people wanted to buy a domain and enter into business.

In another case, people continue with a subdomain. Actually, in most cases they are in confusion. Whether I should buy and connect the blogger to the domain! Is ranking affected if I have not bought it even after writing a good blog post with proper SEO keyword optimization? What if I want to continue with a subdomain? Well, this site will try to give you all answers logically.

You have to go through all the points carefully so that you have no confusion later. You can also quickly look over the table of contents.

When to go with the subdomain

First of all, If you are a newbie then look for your target. A subdomain like ‘Blogspot’ is ok if you are going for

1) Portfolio

Writing on a blog site is a popular method for a portfolio. It has the biggest advantage. You can Index your article so no one can copy it. It can be shareable with your client confidently.

2) Personal blog

A subdomain can be a good one for that. With that, you can easily grow. Later you can shift to the domain if needed.

3) Just started

If you are a newbie then you can choose a niche and can go with just creating an account in blogger.

Going with the domain is always better. Sometimes beginner does not start with a domain. They buy it after some time.

4) Do not want investment at all

Taking the practical example (especially in beginning), many newbies do not want to invest anything. It is ok. Go with your subdomain and when you find growth or importance then replace it with a domain.

Apart from that, you must add a custom domain to the blogger. Why?

When to go with the domain

There are multiple reasons why domain is somehow compulsory to grow your business. Look at some popular points for it.

1) You can hardly find any examples of a big website who have no owner of a domain.

When you want to be big you should also think like big.

2) Just think that you build your reputation through an effective strategy. For example, my site is So I am well known as bloggerguidepro to my audience.

Now someone takes this advantage. They buy the domain,, etc. In these cases, two things happen.

i) All traffic may not be reached the site directly. It will affect on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

ii) This domain may buy from the people who already bought it. It can get through a high charge. This can be 10 times. It may be 100 times too. It depends upon the owner’s discretion.

3) In the subdomain you also get traffic. What about your losing traffic who do not want to remind this subdomain? Even you may be cut out from your regular visitor if they do not find you. That is the reason why some SEO tools suggest having a domain.

4) you generally share a thumbnail on social media. It is good to write a domain name. It also looks fine to your audience. You may also feel it.

So make your brand by getting a domain. After that, you will run your business fearlessly. After all investment amount is optimum for competition among domain providers.

You can buy a domain from

1) GoDaddy

2) Namecheap

3) Bluehost

4) Google domains

5) Hostgator etc.

Today we will talk about how to buy a domain from GoDaddy. Why?

GoDaddy is the largest domain register platform. It has 20+ million customers, 84+ million domains, and 7000+ employees throughout the world. Its extensive services make it popular. Most importantly, it’s price. For new users, it can provide domains at very cheap rates. Its coupon code can provide a .com domain at just ₹ 499 for the first year! It also provides 1 monthly web hosting platform for free. So let’s ready to take a domain name for creating your brand. After that, we will know how to connect GoDaddy domain to blogger.

How to buy domain from GoDaddy?

Here step by step process is provided. You can follow along and buy your domain. Let’s start:

1) Go to the GoDaddy home page.

GoDaddy domain at Rs. 499

2) Enter the domain name that you want. For example, I type here ‘Blogger Guide Pro’ or ‘bloggerguidepro’. Click on the search button.

Searching for domain availability

3) i) Look if the domain is available or not. Here three pieces of information are important. It says –

  • This cheapest price is available for the first domain only.
  • This plan also includes a free website builder.
  • This plan also includes free forever privacy protection for contact information and spam email (look at an agreement for details by clicking the question mark).

ii) If it is available then click on add to cart. You can also check .in, .org, .net, etc by scrolling down.

iii) Now click on continue to cart. You can also click on the cart icon.

4) After that shopping cart will be displayed.

Shopping cart display

i) Choose your convenient plan here. I choose it for one year. Scroll down.

ii) You can understand domain protection. However, I click on No domain protection. We can get protection in blogger for free by activating the HTTPS redirect. Click which thing will fit you.

GoDaddy domain buy option choosing

iii) You can buy premium mail. I click on No, thanks.

iv) Click on Continue to cart.

5) A new page will open for a user account.

Click on create an account if you want to make your account manually.

You can also create a one-click account by clicking Facebook or Google.

Sign in with facebook or Google

6)  Your order summary will be displayed. You are near the end. Click on I am ready to buy.

Click on I am ready to buy

7) A page will open. They request you fill out the billing account. Fill it out and click on ‘complete purchase’. You can pay through a Bank account, credit/debit card, UPI, etc. Enter details carefully.

Billing information

8) After completing a payment you get a receipt. You can save it.

Godaddy domain buy receipt

9) Now wait for five minutes. You get an email that you are the owner of your domain.

Godaddy domain buy receipt at mail

After a few minutes, you get an email for email verification. verify it!

Now go to your GoDaddy account. Click on My products. Scroll down the page.

Domain showing in GoDaddy

Your domain is offered to you.

Now you are in proper business. You have a brand. Spread your brand and reach on top.

How to add custom domain to blogger

Now Let’s know how to add custom domain to blogger. Basic is similar to most of the domain-providing platforms. However, we are going to know How to connect GoDaddy domain to blogger.

How to connect GoDaddy domain to blogger

It has a few easy steps. Follow this step-to-step process –

1) Open your Blogger account. Click on the triple dot (menu). Find the settings option and click there. Scroll down. Find publishing options.

Click on custom domain

You can see an option named custom domain.

Click it. Now put your domain name with prefixes such as www. For example, I put my domain with the www prefix. That is

instruction showing through red lines

We can see red lines. These are not errors. They are here to help you. Read this red-line written instruction. This guide itself instructs to go to the DNS setting of the domain and to put two CNAMEs. We use these two for connecting our blogger account with the domain name.

Here destination indicates your domain name. For me it is Now ready to copy and paste.

1) Go to your domain provider account. Here we go for GoDaddy.

2) In the GoDaddy account click on my purchase. Scroll down. You will find your domain.

Click on set up

3) You can see options below your domain name. You can choose a different type of setup by clicking the down arrow sign. For direct set up click on set up.

4) You will see this page.

Click on manage DNS

Click on manage DNS. You will get the below page.

in filter option choose CNAME and edit it

5) Click on the filter option. Choose CNAME. Now it’s time to edit the CNAME fields with the help of instructions from the blogger account.

i) Click on edit

ii) write www in the “Name” field.

iii) Remove the existing words in the ‘Value’ field.

Now go to your Blogger custom domain instruction page.

First destination choose in blogger

iv) Copy the words after Destination: and before ) (bracket). Here Words are used for clear understanding, otherwise, it is a domain).

v) Paste it in the “value” of the GoDaddy page.

Paste first destination in value box

Vi) Click on the Save option.

6) Now click on the next CNAME edit option.

i) Go to the Blogger instruction. Copy the words situated between Name: and, (comma).

Select second Name in Blogger

ii) Paste it under the Name section of the GoDaddy page.

iii) Again go to the blogger instruction page. Copy the words between Destination: and ) (bracket).

Select second Destination in Blogger

iv) Paste it under the Value section of the GoDaddy page.

Paste second destination in value box

v) Click on Save. Here you need to put two CNAMEs and you did it. Now come to the blogger Custom domain instruction page and click on Save. If you placed this code correctly then it will be saved successfully. you can see your custom domain now by searching on the Internet.

(#) You must set up (If did not) these two things also in Blogger –

7) Now, you have to add 4 “A-record” so all types of domain URLs will be discovered on the Internet. For that click on the “Add” option to add records to GoDaddy.

Click on add in DNS records

8) Now you have to find the 4 “A-record” for Blogger. Go to this link to know it from Google. You will find below 4 “A-record” which you have to add to GoDaddy.

4 A-record are given by google





Now come to your “DNS records” page.

8) You have to click on the down arrow beside “type”. Chose the “A” in the available option. After that type “@” in the “Name” box. Then put 1st “A-record” ( in the “Value” box. Next, you can choose the TTL option as “1 Hour”. Lastly, click on the “Add record” option.

complete A-record set up in GoDaddy

You have to do this process 4 times in total by putting all 4 “A-record” in the Value box. For your convenience, all 4 times are repeated here.

9) You have to click on the down arrow beside “type”. Chose the “A” in the available option. After that type “@” in the “Name” box. Then put the 2nd “A-record” ( in the “Value” box. Next, you can choose the TTL option as “1 Hour”. Lastly, click on the “Add record” option.

10) You have to click on the down arrow beside “type”. Chose the “A” in the available option. After that type “@” in the “Name” box. Then put the 3rd “A-record” ( in the “Value” box. Next, you can choose the TTL option as “1 Hour”. Lastly, click on the “Add record” option.

11) You have to click on the down arrow beside “type”. Chose the “A” in the available option. After that type “@” in the “Name” box. Then put the 4th “A-record” ( in the “Value” box. Next, you can choose the TTL option as “1 Hour”. Lastly, click on the “Add record” option.

12) You set up your all settings. You will not get any technical errors after that. Make sure you have only 4 “A record”, 2 “CNAME record” and 1 “TXT record”.

Displaying final DNS records in GoDaddy

Further, if you have faced any problems then you can contact the GoDaddy support team. They are very helpful to solve your problem. It is said for the future as I feel shy to contact in the beginning.

8) Apart from that some additional settings are required here for the best result. Do it in your Blogger setting.

i) Visible search engines should be on for availability in search engines.

ii) Keep ‘Redirect domain’ on. It helps to get a better search experience. For example, if anyone types then they will redirect to and can see the pages.

iii) Keep the HTTPS option on. It will secure (security) your site.

That’s all. You knew when Blogger is good. When we must go for a domain name? Why GoDaddy is important? The detailed instruction to buy the GoDaddy domain. Finally, we add custom domain to Blogger with all the required settings. For any inconvenience comment here or mail us.
What is your opinion about the subdomain v/s domain? You can display your logic in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoDaddy support asking me to provide IP addresses for Blogger. Where to find it?

Basically, they are asking for IP addresses to link your blogger to the Goddady domain. You can know about this from the Blogger help page of Google.
You can also directly provide these 4 IP addresses.
After that, they will happily complete your setup.
Moreover, if you go with this guide of this article the same thing you can do it easily without approaching them.

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