How to do blog commenting for traffic

You are excited to know how to do blog commenting for traffic. Let’s discover this in little deep. Firstly, you will learn the basic things. For example, concepts, benefits, trends, etc. After that, you will know in detail steps for how to do blog commenting for traffic.

Lastly, you will find some examples and also FAQs. Therefore without delay, let’s start.

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What are blog comments?

According to blogging statistics, almost 77% of internet users regularly read blogs.

Similarly, you also read blogs. After that often you want to appreciate. So you put some words into the comment box.

So, when you read blogs and share your opinion in the comment box is typically known as blog comments.

Although, these are different from casual comments on different social media. For example, we often comment on Facebook like Nice, Awesome, etc. These types of comments are rarely you find under blogs.

Actually, blog comments are approved or disapproved by the owner. So if your comment does not benefit them then you will rarely get approved.

Not to worry, you can easily invest your time to add value when you know its benefits.

What are the benefits of blog comments?

It has numerous benefits. All in all, look at some major ones.

1) Building your profile backlink

Basically, most people have first priority on it. When you comment, you have to share your website. This causes the building backlink around your profile.

Therefore, you can build your profile backlink on the different unique domains.

2) Interacting with other bloggers

After reading blogs people often read comments also. So, if you put insightful words then others will pay attention to it. Even you can get many replies on it. In that way interacting with other bloggers becomes easy.

3) Representing your expertise

You are an expert in your field. So it is a good place to show off. You can write an expert opinion in the comments box. So people can agree and disagree with your idea.

4) Getting traffic to your blog

It is pretty straightforward. If your comment is liked by your audience then they may visit your profile. After that, getting visits to your blog is easy. That is the reason why some bloggers write lovely comments to get traffic?

5) Trending and updated knowledge

You often see updated knowledge in the comment box. It is also an important thing. When you put some recent threads then you will get noticed more. So you will become more updated to put insightful comments.

6) Extra opportunities

Not to surprise, you can also get opportunities in a different arena. For example, the owner of “pro blogger” offered a guest posting by reading a wonderful comment.

You even get popularity through free advertisement. For example, sharing screenshots of your comments on other websites.

Now, look at one popular query.

Blog comment’s role in your website authority

People often confuse the role of comments in the website authority. So here are the things.

Firstly, backlinks are two types. “Do follow” and “No follow”.

Basically Do follow passes link juice directly. For example, if a website has 50 Domain authority then you will get the benefit of it directly.

Another side, no follow has no direct effect on link juice.

Now, no follow has different types. For instance, comments are under “nofollow UGC”. Here UGC refers “User Generated Content”. It means it is generated by users like author comments.

You can also identify it by looking at HTML. That will be looked like below.

<a href=”targeted link” rel=”ugc”<targeted text></a>

You can also look at the example shown in ahrefs.

Comment as nofollow ugc

Lastly, it has no direct effect on Domain authority but indirect has. Another side, it has a prominent effect on page authority.

Actually, by blog commenting more different domains point to your website. That’s why it also helps in page authority.

If you are in confusion, you can know the detail of Domain authority (DA) and Page authority (PA) here.

What trend says about blog comments?

Well, since long days comments are a good place for engagements. Although it is also a great platform for spammers too.

Some people do blog comments on a regular base. This can cause a problem.

If you do unrelated comments on a huge number of websites then it is not a good signal. But a lot of people do it because of many reasons. For example, a contract with less SEO budget, newbie, greed for self-promotion without much effort, etc.

So its affect negatively to the comment trend. Website owner feels irritated by looking at so many irrelevant comments. Not to mention, these rarely get approved.

Therefore, putting random comments is not relevant today. Instead giving proper effort for each comment is the demand of the era.

In a word, putting a relevant insightful comment in the relevant blog is the right choice today.

So we put it into detail but before that let’s know the type of blog comments.

Type of blog comments for traffic

You can come across different types of comments but here four major one is discussed.

1) General comment

These are some simple forms of comment. For example, appreciating content, asking relevant questions, etc. Look at the below image.

General blog comment

Here commercial motives can both exist or not exist. The next is the insightful comment.

2) Insightful comment

Insightful comments are those where the audience’s eyes can stick. Let’s you are reading comments and an excellent point looked by you. Then maybe you visit the author’s profile or read the blog of this author.

This is the most relevant among any other comments for commercial purposes as well.

3) Promotional comment

Here the goal is one and only promoting a website or blog. These are different from others because here one link is involved as well. Look at the below image.

Promotional blog comment for traffic

These days approving these comments is also risky. However, it depends upon the website owner for approving this comment.

Although, this website always avoids approving these forms of comments.

4) Spam comments

It refers to multiple websites or blog links without providing any value. The best practice is not to approve these types of comments. Sometimes, even it is related to the insecurity of your website. Look at the below image.

Spam blog commenting for traffic

If you accept these types of comments then your website is the hub of spam commenters.

Generally, they have a list of websites to comment on. So, it is not wise to be listed on it.

All in all, the best strategy is to put insightful comments to draw attention. It is the actual answer for how to do blog commenting for traffic. So look at the detailed discussion for creating insightful comments that work.

How to do blog commenting for traffic (in detail steps)

It is often found that people think commenting is very easy. Yes, it is easy on social media but not on blogs.

Basically, your comment will be accepted if it does not harm their website performance. So how to do blog commenting for traffic?

Well, for that, you can keep in mind these step-by-step processes.

1) Keep an excel chart for only relevant websites that accept comment

Yes, you heard it right. Many websites happily want blog comments. On the other hand, a lot of websites stop taking comments.

So, here you have to invest your time wisely.

Firstly, make a list of websites that accept comments. It is not all about accepting only your comments. Instead, it is about accepting the usual comments of other bloggers.

Secondly, you can add additional points to your excel chart. For example, Sl No, Website Name, Website link, Niche, DA, PA, Priority, Action from my side, Action from their side, etc.

Here Priority refers to how much your time can be worth. For example, 1 refers to most, and 3 refers to least.

After that, dive into the 2nd step.

2) Be the early bird to reach on new post

You can often find that early comments are quickly approved. It is because writers are excited to get comments in the near publishing days.

Therefore, why not grab this opportunity.

Just subscribe to their newsletter. So, you will get the email for publishing a post. Then, come to the blog after receiving the mail.

After that, follow the next step.

3) Read the blog carefully

It is the most important step. Basically, this creates a difference between real visitors and spammers.

So, come to their blog post and learn from it. After that, find your interesting points on this blog.

Above all, you may also know something about that topic. It is because you both are in the same niche.

If you do have not much idea on that topic then don’t worry. Do more research so you have a more clear idea. It will help further in your journey.

So what are the basic points of reading blogs? It is because you have to comment as a real visitor. When you read a blog it will reflect in your words.

Moreover, you can make a good relevant comment only after reading the blogs.

So, after reading the blog, what’s next.

4) Analyze which comments are accepted on that site

You need some ideas for the first time before commenting.

Although, it is a greater chance of approval comments after reading the blog. But it never hearts to make yourself market compatible.

Therefore, check the different comments on this site. Sometimes, engaging questions are approved. Sometimes, long comments are approved. And sometimes, all forms are welcomed.

So it will help you get an idea for commenting. Moreover, your chances for approval are really great.

Now, the next step.

5) Read the comments for this blog

This step has its own unique advantage. Why?

It is because you will get a proper idea of standing out. You have already invested some time here.

Now, by looking at these comments you will get more clarity. For example, If all comments are short then long-form comments can easily stand out. In contrast, short useful comments can attract a crowd of long-form comments.

Then, look at the next vital step.

6) FInd something idea that can attract attention

These are the most vital steps in how to do blog commenting for traffic. Yes, here you have to place something by which the audience can be attracted.

This can turn a reader into a regular visitor. But when this is possible?

When your writing tells you the strength of your expertise.

For example, you have commented, “It is good information”. Now, there is any chance of getting traffic? Clearly, no.

Another side, if you place a very valuable opinion then people may interested in you.

So, ask yourself which type of comment can make you stand out.

You already know about long-form and short-form comments. Apart from that many more views can be presented.

For instance, you can represent the logical positive or negative views of AI in a blog. Make sure, it is compatible with the post.

Another side, you can tilt with the author with your strong logical view. All in all, these are often granted.

Finally, putting comments that can easily stand out in the crowd is key. Over time you can do it better with honest effort.

7) Post with Gravatar profile

That is a bonus advantage. You never want to miss any awesome opportunity.

Basically, it is less important in approved comments. But, it is very important how to do blog commenting for traffic.

Therefore, if you did not create your profile in Gravatar then do it today. You may ask why to do it.

To clarify, look at the below image. Here you can see the picture of who commented.

An example of how to do blog commenting for traffic
Screenshot from PASSION WP

It makes your comment profile clear and attractive.

Not to mention, almost every WordPress user uses it.

You can go to Gravatar and make your profile today.

8) Build the habit of putting only insightful comments

Habit is an important aspect. If you try to comment anyhow then your creativity will not build.

Another side, continuous creation will increase your productivity.

Therefore, always try to put an insightful comment.

Not to mention, it is the only way to get traffic to your blog.

Therefore, start your journey with the proper steps. Best of luck.

Lastly, you can look out for some examples of good blog comments from different websites.

Some examples of good blog comments?

There are thousands of blog comments are in a good category. However, you can see some of them with little explanation.


Insightful blog comment by Todd

That is a good example of providing only valuable words. It catches attention for its authenticity and word choice.



Here you can see the conversational blog comments. When you represent a real story, the chances of engagement are more.


blog comments with different opinion

It is an example of a different opinion. You can look at how others are also interested to discover it. It also helps to build a comment thread.

Wrap up for how to do blog commenting for traffic

Here many things are discovered. Firstly, you got the concept of blog comments. Then, the benefits of it and its role in Website authority. A glimpse of blog trends is discussed. After that, you found some types of blog comments.

Then, a detailed step for how to do blog comments for traffic is discovered. Thereafter, some examples are shown to support it.

You can share it to build awareness. Also, you can read the below FAQs. And do not forget to write your valuable thought in the comment box.

FAQs: how to do blog commenting for traffic

Can comment really build relations?

Yes, but it is not true for the general comments. If your comments have deep words, detail discovery, etc, then it is one of the best opportunities to build strong relations.

Can google identify spam comments?

Of course. Google has algorithmic ways of understanding the link graph. You can know it directly from them in the comment spam blog from Google.
Moreover, they recommend avoiding these types of practices for a good reputation.

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