How to do SEO without a website in effective ways

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SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a technique that helps search engines find any content, incident, popular name, etc. To get more visibility throughout the internet people do SEO. There is enough opportunity of doing SEO on a website. But what if you do not want to own a website? Is there any way to do that? Absolutely yes! Are you excited to know how to do SEO without a website? Here you get many effective and practical ways to do it. So, appreciating your curiosity let’s start.

How to do SEO without a website in considerably effective ways

Previously Search engine algorithms were not so strong. They produce results by matching the best keywords with the content. Now things are changed. Search engines are highly updated. They can produce millions of results even by understanding the content usability.

Another side, A lot of opportunities are discovered to use SEO. You can easily practice through these ways. Let’s know one by one.

1) Google My Business (GMB)

It is one of the most effective ways to get visibility on the internet easily. Google My Business is owned by Google. It is an opportunity to make a “business profile”. “Business profile” refers to the details of your business that be shown on Google.

It is very helpful for local visibility. You can easily be shown in local searches. Here Website is not compulsory. You can skip this option while making your profile. For building your profile go to Google my Business page. Click on manage now. After that enter your business name and press enter. Then select the category of your business.

Google My Business set-up (1-4)

Choose to display the location or not. Enter your Address. Select the option for your delivery status. You can put a contact number. Mark the tick box in the no website option.

GMB set-up steps (5-8)

Choose the option you want to be updated or not. After getting verified click next. Rest you can edit the next options.

After completing all the processes go to your businesses through your mail message. Click on the triple dot. Click on “Are you the business owner?”

GMB set up (9-12)

Click on manage now. Click on continue. You can see the term “Your business on Google”. You are free to edit the previous details. A few edits can take up to 10 minutes to implication.

Let’s know about its benefits.

Benefits of Google My Business listing

Here are four benefits you can get from Google My business listing.

i) Engage with customers:

Excellent opportunities with your customers through Q&A, reviews, etc.

ii) Visibility in search engines:

Get better visibility on the internet. A lot of effort needs to rank a website in the beginning. Another side, it is easy enough to visible on the Internet for local searches.

iii) Getting insights:

You can get free insights from your customers. You can enhance your business growth by understanding your audience engagement.

iv) Opportunity to do SEO:

First of all your business name itself is SEO optimization. When people search the keyword of your business, your website can be displayed. Apart from that, you can put your business-related keywords in the business description.

Now, do more familiar with Google My Business.

How to Optimize GMB

Here is more for you to know about how to optimize Google My Business for the best result.

i) Complete the profile:

Here multiple options are available for your business. The more you complete your profile it can be treated as more reliable to Google.

ii) Optimize SEO:

Here use by default name for your business name. Use popular keywords in your business description.

iii) Interact with your customer:

Answer Q&A, and reviews of your customer. It will build trust among your audience. You can share engaging posts for more benefits.

2) Local business listing

Google my business is also one among the business lists but it is not the only one. You can spread your business through popular local business listings. There are lots of business listing sites. However, Let’s know about its practicality first.

Advantages of Local Business Listing

There are lots of advantages to it. Anyway, here the most popular ones are discussed. Look at the below.

i) More visibility online:

You may not care about your online visibility but the audience cares. These days people search the local stores on smartphones wherever is needed. You may experience it yourself. You might be visited some distant village for a particular work and searched “Xerox shop near me”. When you list your shop in local businesses, you can get better visibility without efforting much.

ii) Discussion about your businesses:

When people satisfy with your offline service, you can get automatic good reviews by doing nothing. These also are the center of discussion. If you get many good reviews then you will get more customers easily for online listing.

iii) Optimizing for SEO:

Your business name is itself SEO optimization. When a person searches “Vegan restaurant near me”. Here “Vegan restaurant” is the keyword of the “Mitali vegan restaurant” business name. Apart from that descriptions, posts, etc are opportunities for SEO optimization.

For a better grasp on this point here are some examples of popular local business listings.

Some examples of Local Business Listing

There are lots of popular local business listings. Here are 10 popular websites taken as examples.

a Google My Business (GMB)

b. Moz local listing

c. Yelp for business

d. Yellow Pages local business directory

e. MapQuest

f. Facebook free local business directories

g. Local Stack

h. Hubspot directory listing

i. Blogarama: The Oldest Blog Directory

j. MerchantCircle

Here is a lot to discover about how to do SEO without a website. Look at the next.

3) Job websites

Let’s take hiring a content writer as a demo. You can easily search them on job searching websites. Let’s talk about “Linkedin”. Go to the Linkedin home page and search “content writer”. You can find the people who are related to your word, namely “content writer”.

Content Writer search on Linkedin

It is possible because of keyword optimization. People used this keyword to get more visibility on the client side. If you are a freelancer or job seeker use those keywords which people tend to enter into the search box. If you are on the hiring side, you can put “hiring content writer” for better visibility. In this way, you can use SEO keyword optimization. There is no need to have a website for that.

4) Taking an internship to learn SEO

It is the easiest way to be an SEO expert. Before entering into a Blogging or SEO career lots of people do SEO on non-governmental organizations, self-help groups, etc. You can find it on Linkedin, Internshala, etc. platform. Look at the benefits and disadvantages of internships.

Benefits of the internship

i) Gaining practical experience for applying for a job.

ii) Increasing your professional network which helps you in an omnidirectional way.

iii) Having real-world knowledge for showcasing on a resume as well as an interview.

iv) As a best intern there are opportunities to be promoted or referred to existing or other companies.

v) Earning a little money in the learning process for paid internships.

Disadvantages of internships

i) There is a lot of time and energy going for free. These days, private organizations used it as a trick.

ii) It is also competitive. A company receives more applications in terms of the available positions.

iii) The criteria are high enough just like a job. It is expected to be highly skillful and also work for free.

iv) There is always the risk of not getting proper value. Instead of gifting structured skills and market experience company used to intern for residual and not related work.

By understanding the market situation of your topic you can go for a job or an internship. Now the next.

5) Youtube channel

You can rock with youtube through SEO optimization. It has no relation with a website. You need to have just an email address for that. After proper optimization of your channel and consistent quality publishing, you can get massive views from google too. Look at some important SEO optimization areas on youtube.

SEO optimization areas on youtube

i) Rename the file name with targeted keywords.

ii) Place a title with keywords.

iii) Include the same keywords in the description. Add the related keywords for more visibility.

iv) Add related tags

v) Add related hashtags

vi) Create video categories

vii) Create an attractive thumbnail

viii) Create subtitles

ix) Start with an engaging introduction

x) Pin the best comment etc.

Here is the benefit of SEO optimization on youtube

Youtube SEO optimization benefits

There are lots of benefits to it. Here are some attractive ones.

i) Without having a website you can get the same reach as a website does.

ii) Using SEO you can reach only your targeted audience

iii) You can be widely visible for your quality videos not only on youtube but also on Google.

iv) You can engage with your audience and can build credibility.

v) You can build relationships with other youtube subscribers by scheduling an event of podcasts, conferences, etc.

6) Build a reputation by pitching on HARO

Help A Reporter Out is the complete term of HARO. It is the house of  1 million sources and 75,000 journalists and Bloggers. You can become part of it. Here you have to pitch your master answers to given queries. First, visit the HARO page. Complete your email verification process. Complete your profile. Choose your expertise topic to get a notification. Some active areas in HARO are –

1) General

2) High tech

3) Travel

4) Business and Finance

5) Lifestyle and Fitness

6) Giftbag

7) Uk

8) Master Haro, etc.

Once you choose your expertise topic you will get regular notifications on it. These notifications will come three times a day. You have to choose any queries which you can explain well. Pitch the answer with practicality. If the website like your answer they will mention your name on their website. In these ways, you can spread your content or expertise throughout the world.

Now the vital points on the “how to do SEO without a website” series.

7) Social Media

Popular social media are highly authoritative. If you are engaging a person in social media then it shows in Google without doing anything.

To use social media properly watch every platform individually. All have specific characteristics to grow. Here are a few examples –

i) Instagram

Creating engaging carousels, reels, stories, etc. Here hashtags and engaging with others are very important.

ii) Pinterest

Here you have to create an Idea pin and save the pin. You have to engage with fellows and the targeted audience.

iii) Facebook page

You have to generate value through rich images, videos, reels, etc.

iv) Twitter

Share rich images and engaging videos with short words. Engage with people and grow.

v) Tumblr

Here you can share very attractive and eye-catching images to grow.

Three common things are there in social media –

i) Complete the profile optimization including the profile & cover banner.

ii) Engage with the fellow and audience

iii) Understand it and create a strategy to grow.

Now some common Social Media SEO optimizations are-

i) Choosing an SEO-friendly Username

ii) Including keywords in Bio

iii) Include keywords in the caption

iv) Including a keyword in the alt text

v) Embedding related hashtags, etc.

If anyone searches your username on the internet with a particular social media name it will be discovered. Once your idea is spreading, people tend to search for it.

Here one strong example as well as a trick is given. For hiring a freelancer or job seeker HR searches their name on the Internet. If their social media is properly optimized it is visible on the internet. That is the advantage of using SEO in social media. You have always been better rich on the market. Another side, If you are an HR, you can use this trick to be more familiar with the aspirant. Generally, most people have Linkedin accounts after a little bit experienced.

8) Used to write a blog on a platform like Medium

Medium is the hub for sharing ideas. Numerous Bloggers and writers publish their posts here. Here you can do SEO (not the same as a website) and get traffic to your content. The medium itself shares top-valued content through the mail.

Apart from including keywords in your content, you can put the keyword in the meta title and meta description. By doing SEO you can even earn by affiliate links.

9) Use free blog sites like Blogger

“Blogger” is mainly used for Bloggers or content writers. It is almost similar to a website. It is also free. Here you can apply all SEO techniques. It has all opportunities for perfect keyword optimization. Just like a website you can rank in Google by publishing quality content consistently. A major difference is your content is under Google’s Blogspot subdomain. In another word, it is owned by Google. You can add a custom domain to blogger to make the content on your property.

Here you can earn through AdSense, affiliate marketing, selling products or services, etc. Do you want to start doing SEO here? Just do the three steps.

i) Select your niche which has market demand and you are more comfortable.

ii) Create your free account and do all the basic settings.

iii) Keep publishing quality articles with proper SEO optimization.

10) Do guest posting on an authoritative website

Guest post is an amazing opportunity to do SEO. You will be invited as a writer on websites. Here you can rank your content without a self-website. This opportunity is used by Many social media managers. They write quality articles on guest posting sites and get ranked. The website will mention the writer’s name and gift a link to the desired platform. People are generally curious to know about the writer. Therefore, A massive visit is gone from the ranked content.

It is a win-win situation. The website is happy to get your content. You have done successful SEO and get more popularity.

Wrap-up for how to do SEO without a website

You knew the different ways to practice the SEO technique. Which one may suit you depends upon your situation. Offline business is your focussed area then Google My Business is enough for that. If you want popularity then Guest posting can be a worthwhile option. If you want to make money then use Blogger in the beginning.

I hope it helps. Liked it? You can hit the share button.

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