How to start content writing? in depth coach

How to start content writing in depth coach

In a few years, demand, as well as the Market for content writing, are increased significantly. There is a huge opportunity in the content writing career in the recent and upcoming future. Other side competitions among writers are also increased remarkably. Therefore just knowing about writing content is not enough today. From beginning to end you have to make smart and bold moves to get success. Today we will look at how can be a content writer with an effective strategy. For that just look for some basic knowledge.

Get an overview before start content writing

Get an overview before diving into how to start content writing. Let’s start your knowledge with what is content writing.

What is content writing?

We all have written many things in our exercise books. It may be notes, poetry, paragraph, a summary of any topic, broad answers etc. These all are part of content writing. However nowadays to earn money two more things should be considered.

1) When we write any content on the internet like blogs, academic papers, solutions through writing, poem, lyrics etc. and

2) When we write for any purpose.

Current and future demand

Look at some Blogging statistics

  • Since 2018, the Budget for content marketing is increased by 78%. (Zazzle Media)
  • 32% of marketers are ‘clear’ about the best way to run a content marketing campaign. (Zazzle Media)
  • 64% of surveyed millennials feel online content is helping brand loyalty. (NewsCred’s ‘Millennial Mind’ study via businesswire)
NewsCred's statistics

This indicates at present there is a huge demand for content writing. It also indicates growing demand in the market at a remarkable pace.

Work hours

If you want to be a freelancer then your total working time depends upon you.

If you want to do a job then in most of the case’s working duration is 8 hours.

If you want to be self-employed then total working time depends upon you.

Career opportunity

Content writing is widely popularized because of its flexible career opportunity. It must be known before knowing how to start content writing. It helps to marl the right choice for an individual.

You can become

1) A freelancer

2) An employee

3) A content writer by writing your website or

4) A businessman by hiring a professional content writer for your website.

We will know the detailed strategy for each of them later in this post.

Earning opportunity

Freelancing and jobs, it varies in terms of country and experience. For example,

₹ 1-10 lakhs per annum can be found in India. An average of $50,000 per annum can be found in the USA.

For self-written content writers earnings can be 0 – crores per annum.

For business, it can be as good as earning $540.7 million/year.

We took a sneak pic of content writing.

Now it’s time to understand your writing skill.

Analyze your content writing skills v/s Market need

Analyze whether your writing skill is now compatible with the Market or not. It also guides you in how to start content writing. The checking process is simple. Take these two methods:

1) Search a topic in google: See the top websites displayed on the first page. Read the article on the first 5 websites. Write about your thought on the same article. Look you can maintain the quality like them or not. It need not be perfect. You will learn many things. But this testing is for estimation to understand how your current situation is. It also helps to learn more efficiently.

2) Check these two types of writing:

i) Hello sir. I have no idea writing. But wanted to learn… I need earn money… Pls help

ii) Hello sir, I am thinking about starting to write as a career. But I am getting confused by looking at random sources available on the internet. I am a dedicated one. If I get proper guidance then definitely I will succeed. Please help me with that. Thank you.

Here first person needs much improvement whereas the second person can enter the market with relatively less improvement. So understand your writing skills. After determining to establish yourself in the market.

Now we are ready to dive into the practical market.

First, we look at those who want to earn through self-work. That means you will write on your blog site. After writing many articles you will start to earn money. You can call yourself a professional blogger or content writer. You will gather the most relevant things in this journey. After that, we also see the writing procedure for freelancers and getting a job.

How to start Blogging?

We already analyzed our writing skills v/s market demand. We understood how content is written on the Internet. Now you are going to take coaching on how to start blogging.

1) Choose a trending niche/ topic for great revenue

Niche is the technical term for a blog topic. Some example of a niche is Finance, health, tutorial, etc. Select a good niche that can fit you as well as the market. It is very much important. You have to work with it for the long term. For selecting a good niche you can think about it:

Which topic am I interested to write about?

Has its demand in the market?

Can I earn money from this topic?

Can I consistently write this topic for the next five years?

For first three questions are solved for you. Look at these 25 trending topics to earn money.

Choose a niche from here. Now come to the second step

2) Build a website

Now it’s time to set up your writing platform.

Before that, you should know these terms:

  1. Website: When interlinked web pages are shared under the same domain and it can be found on the world wide web or accessible to the public can be termed a website. For example, is one of the most searchable websites.
  2. Domain: It is a particular area on the internet which have complete control and rights by a particular user, group, or organization. For example, has complete control and rights over google. For simplification, you can understand it as your virtual land.
  3. Subdomain: Subdomain is used under domain property. For example, falls under Google’s property. When you buy a domain like .com, or .in then it will be your property.
  4. URL: Its full name is the Uniform Resource Locator. One URL will send to you in one specific location. For example, will send you only my home page and not any other location.

We knew the basic terms. Now you have to decide one thing. You want to go with WordPress (Paid account) or Blogger (free account). It depends upon you. For your convenience here some points are mentioned.

When to go with WordPress:

  • Have you taken a firm decision? Anyway, you start it professionally and build your career. Then go for it.
  • Have you the budget to buy a website? In the current market (August 2022) you have to spend approximately $40. You must buy it if you can go for it.
  • Have you a proper mentor to guide you? It is helpful for rapid growth. Ask them. They can prefer you the better option. Most of them will prefer to buy it.
  • Are you not ready to compromise for limited features in Blogger? Then go for it.
  • Are you want to establish yourself as a business owner? Are you want to manage employees for content writing? Then choose paid website in one go.

When to go with Blogger:

  • Are you not want to invest money? Is investing money looks unaffordable? Then go with the Blogger. It has enough features to handle a newbie.
  • Are you not feel confident about where to invest? why invest? Then go with a free website like Blogger. You have always the option to choose from Blogger to a paid website.
  • Do you want to make your career as a freelancer or a Job Seeker? Then go with it. Without investing you have the facility to index your content. Index refers to when google allows content to show in the search engine. After that, no one can copy your content. You can submit your work as a genuine writer.
  • Do you confuse about its future career? Are you thinking to go for all three careers? That is freelancer, employee, and self-content writer. In these types of cases go with the Blogger.

You can know about the detail featured in this Blogger vs WordPress post.

I want one line answer!

If you have a budget and a firm goal then must buy a website.

If you do have not enough budget to spend now then go with a blogger.

If you have a medium budget to spend then buy a domain name and work in Blogger.

You have a glimpse of the subdomain and domain. You can know about it properly here – How to add GoDaddy domain in blogger. If you choose to go with the domain then everything is there. You can find a step-by-step domain buy from GoDaddy. After that detailed step with the image is here to link with the Blogger.

What do you choose as your blogging platform? If it is WordPress then visit the create account in the WordPress detail guide.

Are you thinking to go with Blogger? Then create your free account in Blogger now. Each step is provided here to set up your free Blogger account. It does not need any prior knowledge. It also covers full settings.

Now you are going to be a professional blogger with your blog site. Now jump into the next step of how to start blogging.

3) Target an SEO keyword for your first post

It is the first practical step for how to start blogging. You have to know these two terms to understand them.

(i) What is SEO:

SEO is short-term Search Engine Optimization. It is the technique used by websites to reach their targeted customers. More SEO-optimized websites or pages can reach more of the targeted customers or readers. Thus it leads to a good ranking in search engines. It helps to generate revenue through AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, selling products and services, etc.

For detailed information about SEO read this article Complete knowledge about On and Off page SEO.

Now comes the second thing.

(ii) What is an SEO keyword:

It is one part of SEO optimization. SEO keywords are the word or groups of words used in the content. For example “how to start content writing” is an SEO keyword I selected. It helps search engines to understand whom to show this page. It helps the audience to get relevant results. You might be typed a single keyword like ‘computer’ or a group of words like ‘Difference between VR and AR’. You got the relevant result. It is very easily connected because of an SEO keyword.

Now we use a keyword tool to target a keyword. There are numerous tools for that. You can explore 50 free SEO tools for it. Here we use Ubersuggest for demo training. Follow these processes:

1) Go to the Ubersuggest website. You will show the below page.

Start Keyword finding in ubersuggest

2) You can see a place for putting keywords. For example, SEO keyword is written.

3) Select a country you are targeting for. Here the United States is chosen.

4) click on search. After a minute you find a page. Scroll down. You get the below image.

Keyword choosing strategy

5) Look over that. Here Volume indicated the average searches on the internet in recent months.

6) CPC indicates what will be your approx revenue when one clicks on the Ads.

7) KD is the short form of Keyword Difficulty. More score stands more difficult to rank.

8) Target a keyword that has the most benefit with less competition.

9) For started choosing What SEO keyword may be the best. Its KD is 15 means easy to rank. It has also a good CPC rate and volume, unlike others.

Now you have known how to target a keyword. In starting you may be out of keywords for searching and targeting. It is a common part of the content writing journey. You can take help from these 25 tools for generating new ideas.

Now you deal with an important skill. The research skill.

4) Research strategy for quality blog writing

The more you research, the more your content will be better. Follow this strategy for that:

1) Search your keyword on the internet. You get some results. These results are also called rank on the first page. You have to maintain that quality level to rank.

2) Go thoroughly through the first 5-10 results. In the beginning, you may read more for better benefit.

3) Look carefully at how they are writing. What is an excellent point of their writing? Note it.

4) Always look for what they are missing. How much value you can add to look your content better from them? Take note of it too.

5) Remind that, never to copy their word or images. It will be harmful. It takes you into a struggle mode in every stage.

6) Now you are quite familiar with this keyword. You know, good points and your unique points. Think a little bit about how can you put it. You must know 14 places to put your keywords for perfect SEO keyword optimization.

Now you have to dive into action. That is writing a quality post.

5) Proven step strategy for quality content writing

Now you have to write quality content. You may follow this roadmap. After applying these it is understood by yourself that the content has good quality. Follow these actionable steps:

i) Write a clickable headline

ii) Put an attractive thumbnail

iii) Give a good introduction

iv) Write systematically as body part

v) Put targeted keyword 0.5 – 1 % in your content. You can know more from the Optimum keyword density.

vi) Balance your headline by putting H1, H2, etc.

vii) Use bold, underline, etc for strong identification.

viii) Add copyright free images. You get this from these 25 copyright-free images and videos websites. Never copy any Images which is subjected to copyright.

ix) Compress these images. It will reduce the size of images. That will help to increase site speed and improvement in ranking. You can do it with the help of 35 image compression tools (best and free).

x) Use alt tags in the images.

xi) Write an engaging conclusion.

xii) You can link a few top sites as a reference. It will help google understand your content easily.

xiv) Proofread it. Correct any grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, ideas forgotten to write, etc.

xv) Check the readability of it.

xvi) Give a proper search description

xvii) Write a good custom permalink.

xviii) Publish your post.

It is just a sneak pic. You must read 30 steps guide for writing a good post. You can also take help from 8 advanced blog post templates.

Write many posts like this. It will be market-competent content after writing many articles.

After you have more than one post, interlink them. Interlink indicates you linked your other page/content link to the current page. You find here a few links that are redirected to another page of this website. It is an example of internal linking. It plays a crucial role in indexing your page in Google. Indexing indicates when a search engine allows your page for a google search. You cover all the essential work of how to start blogging. After publishing a post you are in business. Now do these advanced basic things for the best benefit.

6) Advanced must-have task for the best benefit

First, complete the above step. After that do these too:

i) Connect your site with Google analytics. Track information about your website here.

ii) Connect your site with the Google search console. Check and clear errors here.

iii) Connect with the RSS feed.

iv) Connect with google news

v) Instal a good professional theme.

vi) Increase your professional connection on different social media. Profession connection indicates connecting with those people who have similar interests. You may get help from them in your journey. Their work will motivate you sometimes.

vii) Increase your presence in relevant social media. Provide useful answers in Quora, Reddit, Forum, etc.  Slowly you have to do it to increase your follower.

viii) Keep an eye on different SEO tools to monitor your site performance.

ix) Increase your domain authority and page authority. You have to learn about backlinks after making some progress. When you are all set gather free backlinks with these 31+ tactics.

x) ) Keep in touch with your mentor (If possible). Take valuable insights from them. You can send us Emails or messages on other social platforms. You can also comment here. Trying to solve your query will be our priority.

Here you learn about how to start blogging or content writing. Content writing is a long journey. Initially, you have to spend time on the relevant resources. The first time everything might not be understood. Start your journey today. Go through each link as it is designed as a full course. You can save it and follow it according to your convenience. Here we end it with a self-earning strategy. But it never hurts to know its related area. you can also read further.

Here we also take a look at different content writing types.

Types of content writing for knowing its extent

Content writing has a larger extent. Here are the different types of writing:

1) Blogging: Hene content is used to provide useful information to the user. You can provide this information through your website or blog site. You can also provide it as an employee or as a freelancer. You can earn here by payment, AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Selling products and services etc.

2) Copywriting: Here content is written to influence the audience. Lead generation or conversion is its main target of it. Conversion occurs when readers read the articles and are ready to buy their specific product. You can earn it through your website. You may write content for the website owner and earn from it.

3) Technical writing: It involves in-depth knowledge of the technical field. It may include Software, Robotics, Programming languages, etc. Here you can earn by solving the technical issues from common people to big giant companies.

4) Creative writing: It includes writing by using the creativity of the creator. It may have self-prepared jokes to influence people as copywriters.

5) Advertising: It is written in a way that can influence the targeting of people.

6) Scriptwriting: It has an extent from youtube to movie scriptwriting.

7) Novel, Poem etc writing: It has a different height. Publishing a book or ebook is a great source of revenue.

8) Journalistic/News writing: By writing good news and selling to the news site falls under it. You can also work for a news site.

9) Ghostwriting: When you write for another without taking author credit. You get revenue and the other side gets content. Most freelancer also falls under that category.

10) Resume writing: Many websites hire professionals for resume writing. A resume refers short overview of a person including his biodata, experience, etc.

11) Transcription: When one person converts audio or video into text. You can get this job from different job-seeking platforms.

12) Academic content writing: Here checking the thesis paper, evaluating it, giving a demo of the right Paragraph, etc falls under this category.

13) Social media writing: When you write for social influence. It may be a Facebook page, influencing emails, etc.

That is not the complete list of content writing. They all have different dimensions. Taking the overview is the main purpose here. Now you will not confuse by seeing these terms. It also helps you with where to spend time and where to not. You can also choose these things as a career.

We know how to start the content journey through our website. Now we go deep for Job seekers as well as Freelancers.

How to start content writing for a job

I want to get a content writing job. What do I have to do for quick selection?

Answer: You have to go with the right path.

What is the right path?

It may be seen in 5 steps in this how to start content writing for job series.

1) Take overall knowledge of content writing

Taking proper knowledge is very important. Just think that you want to hire a content writer. Who shows you confidence or who can help you by gifting quality content? Same thing you have to do as an employee.

Read from start to end of this article. It is designed in the same way as you get from coaches. Take a few days and grasp it from every direction.

If you are a course lover then you can complete one of these courses.

(i) Free courses:

Here is some worthy but free course from a different platform.

1) Starting to write – Louise Tondeur (in Udemy)

2) Make Your Writing Stand Out in Eight Easy Steps – Rachel Leroy (in Udemy)

3) Promote a business with content – Google Digital Unlocked (For promoting content and for start-ups)

4) Content Marketing Fundamentals Course with Ashley Segura – Semrush (for content marketing and brand promoting)

5) Blogging course in Hindi – Better creator

(ii) Paid courses:

For the paid course you can go with these courses. Prices are given at the time of writing.

1) The strategy of content Marketing – Offered on the Coursera platform

Paid for a graded assignment.

2) Good with Words: Writing and Editing: University of Michigan

Paid or financial aid facility for completion of the course.

3) Browse various content writing courses on Linkedin

4) Content Writing Master Course – IIM SLILLS

Time – 30 hours

Fee – Rs. 14900

5) Writing Proficiently by Harappa via FutureSkills

Time – 4 hours

Fee – Rs. 847 (at the time of writing)

After finishing a course you have to be a smart player. Take the next step.

2) Take an internship for your strong resume

After completing a course look for an internship. An internship indicates when you work on behalf of another authority. It may be non paid internship like not for profit organization. It can be a low-paid internship too. You can get it in the following way:

1) Look for an internship at ‘Internshala’.

2) You can also look for it on Linkedin and other Job search apps.

3) You can also get it after a paid course like ‘IIM Skills’.

After that, it’s time to build a portfolio.

3) Must build a strong portfolio with testimonials

Now you have marketing experience. You can write to valuable clients.

You should have testimonials too. Testimonials indicate your work proof with a good authorized website. It may be with influencers or any important client also. If you did an internship then you will have the testimonials.

Now build your strong portfolio. Portfolio refers to a collection of work for showing a client that you have market-competent knowledge.

You can build your portfolio on the following platform:

i) A professional website

ii) Blogger, a free blog site

iii) Medium

iv) Canva

v) Google Drive

Now apply for a job.

4) Keep applying for jobs and improve yourself

The more you engage with job procedures, the better you are near the job. You can check the blogger job description template to understand the average important criteria for a company for bloggers/content writers.

Keep improving yourself. Revise your portfolio and make it better.

Keep applying and learn from your mistakes.

5) Prepare for the interview

Yes, you have to prepare enough for the interview. The more you prepare, the less chance of rejection.

Besides overall improvement don’t miss the next.

6) Increase your professional connection

Increasing connection is a powerful way to reach the goal. Not necessarily it gives you a job directly. But it will help you in many ways, like –

i) In this journey you are not alone. Go with the group.

ii) You will get confidence by seeing new job selections continuously.

iii) Their engagement protects you from fake things by spreading awareness.

iv) You can check where you are lack behind.

v) Asking for tips by asking questions personally or in a group.

It does not mean that you have always had good experiences with your connection. But yes, It might be good enough on the Linkedin platform.

By addressing these things go ahead. Learn and try for better every time. One day you will succeed as every serious candidate does.

You knew how to start a content writing job. Now we come to know how to start content writing for freelancing. That too in the fastest way.

Fastest strategy for a freelancer

In recent days, the number of freelancers is increased remarkably. Demand growth for content writing is indeed high enough. At the same time, numerous people look for jobs as content writers. Ultimately huge competition is found in this field. Therefore getting the right and fastest strategy is much more necessary. Follow these processes for the utmost benefit.

1) Don’t fall for the greedy or emotional trap

For understanding the freelancing career you have to build a client-view approach. Client view indicates how the client is looking to you for the particular work. Let’s take some trap in content writing and understand it.

i) Asking for money to give the work:

What is the mindset can have for it? Suppose, you give the money and also submit your work.

Who can take money from you and discharge your money easily? Will they not find the error intentionally?

It is the most popular trap for beginners. You never heard that a professional falls for this trap. It depends upon you that you learn from the victim or by experience!

This client may be holding fake profiles fake websites etc. Always remind that clients are for offering money and not for pulling money.

ii) Long target giving websites:

As a beginner, it is quite common to fall into this trap. Several websites will give you a long-term target to earn. Let’s clear it up through an example.

A website offers you 10 points for proofreading a paragraph. You have to gather 30,000 points there. Then you can withdraw your full money, namely $400. Emotionally you may spend a lot of time there. The first thing is the target is quite long. The second thing you will be denied payment by providing some excuses.

They are not for you. They get views, clicks, and engagement and earn money by wasting your time. You will not find their owner or CEO. It is best to not fall for this trap.

It is very essential to not fall into this trap. These cost much to a beginner. Let’s know more about other traps so you may secure yourself completely.

iii) Posting on a low-value website:

You may get tempted for easy work by posting on a random website. They cannot offer you the right price.

This website takes the help of beginners to grow. When you post for work on these sites, you downgrade yourself. You are going to be at 0.10 paisa per word or even less. You may get frustrated when you cannot get work in this position too. So avoid these types of websites. You may wonder how you can find this site. It is a common phenomenon among freelancers to do this type of work. Most of cases it is part of a successful journey. So avoid it to reach your goal faster.

iv) Bidding in random social media posts:

It is the most poisonous step of content writing. You post 20 bids on Facebook and get no response. You may wonder.

Here is an identification of how they post

I need a content writer. Inbox me!

If you need a content writer then what you will post? You must specify which niche you need. You do not want to waste your time interacting with all bidders. You will also post seriously with a full description so only the right bidder approaches you.

This type of client does this by this sh posting. They can entertain it. The next one is even more dangerous. They collect all the sample posts randomly and put them on their site. In most cases, they had no basic knowledge. They also failed to monetize it.

If you can avoid these traps then you are near to success. It is not easy. There are high chance to fall for it. Sometimes for geed, sometimes for emotion. I hope this knowledge helps you further.

Now you know the must-have criteria.

2) Keep ready your strong portfolio

If you want to hire a client then you will check their practical knowledge. A similar thing will happen to you. I can write the best content. I have one year’s experience. These are the dry word. They can trust you when they find you are genuine and compatible enough. When money comes, clients will surely want to invest in the right place. The conclusion is you have less chance or no chance to get the work without a portfolio. In another case, there is a high chance to get the project when you have a portfolio.

Your portfolio can locate in

i) A professional website

ii) Blogger

iii) Medium

iv) Canva

v) Google Drive

Let’s take a portfolio example on a Canva.

a. You may write 2 articles in 3 different niches. So you can approach many clients.

b. You created a standard page for an article. It includes –

I) Name and Introduction on the First page

II) Professional skills you are related to. Which topics you can write about?

III) Testimonials of where you worked before. If you have not then skip it.

IV) A full qualitative unique article with 1000+ words.

V) Thank you and Contact information.

Now, it’s time to dive into the market.

3) Choose one type of platform for dedicated work

You find that multiple types of writing exist. Each type needs market-compatible knowledge. It is gained after spending little time with these. So it is better to target a specific area. In that way, you will move closer to success in less time.

Here, the strategy can be discussed in two categories, i.e.

i) Freelancing in social media

ii) Account in Freelancer, Upwork, Fiver etc.

All others might fit with that. Let’s know about it in detail.

i) Freelancing in social media

Take these three steps for success.

a) Place a bid only in the high moderation group:

Always engage with a high moderation group. For example, join a group on Facebook named “Content writing job (highly moderated)”. Browse groups on Facebook. There are lots of groups there for freelancing. Only join relevant groups.

In telegram also join the group like Content writer group (highly moderated).

It does not indicate that everyone is genuine here. However, there are more real people there. You have to identify it by seeing their post. It will be descriptive, specific, and authentic. You have to place a few bids for understanding it. The bid refers to when you requested a client for giving you the project. The project refers to the specific task given by you. It may be short or long.

b) Always show relevant portfolio to the client:

It is assumed that you have 8 articles in 4 different niches. It may be Technology, finance, food, and travel.

You want to bid at a travel post. Then show them you 2 quality articles in Travel. So clients have confidence that you have the quality to do their work. In that way, you are ahead of many freelancers.

c) Read client question/query/post carefully:

It is a very important step. The client only gives you their work when you understand their concern. Read it carefully and place your bid accordingly.

d) Place only quality and descriptive bids:

You have nothing to gain by saying available. Many say I can handle your project, contact me. Someone says I have 5 years of experience. Give me that work. These are not quality bids quality bid contains

I) Hello #mention the person. It will personalize your post.

II) I go through your query/post/need carefully. I am happy to find an exact match with my skills.

III) Your relevant skills in a descriptive way.

IV) Use content writing terms instead of general terms.

For example, proofreading instead of correcting.

V) Tell them you provide their work with documentation. For example –

I will assure you by providing proof of 100% unique, targeted keywords and the number of times it is used (Keyword density), etc.

vi) Assure them you are helpful and humble enough by genuine writing.

vii) Give them thank you and write an attractive ending, so they contact you quickly.

e) Learn, keep patience and grow:

In the beginning, it takes time to get the project. It is because of the surrounding experience. Keep patience and learn from mistakes. Go ahead. Surely you will get successful soon.

so now the final point:

ii) Professional freelancer account

Majorly it has two types:

a) Advertizing method:

You have to create a complete account on Fiverr. Here you have to publish an attractive banner. By seeing it the client can contact you further. Check the banner of another content writer for clarity.

b) Bidding Method:

Here various types of clients post the project throughout the world.

You have to bid that is realistic. It helps the clients to give the project a genuine and best one among hundreds of bidders.

There is a lot of accounts for freelancer. It is best to stick to these two:

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork

For getting success in optimum time you have to follow the right path. For that follow the steps provided below.

a) Complete your profile:

You need to make a complete profile. It is a basic thing for starting a career as a freelancer. There is a lot of fraud, resellers, etc bidders. In maximum cases, they do have not enough energy to complete the profile. It is a bit long to make a complete profile in Freelancer and Upwork. A client will only rely upon you when you have a proper account.

b) Check client’s profile is complete or not:

You must have the intention to check it. Otherwise, your genuine-to-fake client ratio can be 5:95. It is frustrating. When you know to check the complete profile, the ratio become 90 (Genuine): 10 (fake).

For that go to the client profile who posts the project. Check whether every option is reliable or not. After that place a bid.

c) Write only comprehensive quality bid:

You have known about it from the above freelancer 3) i) d) point.

This type of bid will help you to get the project soon. It is the fastest way too for getting the first bid.

d) Keep patience, learn from the community, and get success:

It is not about how many months you spend freelancing. It is about how quick you learn to place a strong bid on the right client. Look at the surrounding bid. Learn from better bids. Improve yourself. Success will meet with you soon.

You are ahead of many when you follow this strategy. It will protect you from the trap. It also boosts your career growth. That is all about freelancing here.

Wrap up for how to start content writing

You learned a lot. First, you get an overview of the content writing. You knew your skill v/s skills that the market needs. After that a detailed coach on how to start blogging for self-earning. It is an essential step for every content writing career. You knew the success strategy for getting a job. What is the importance of a portfolio? A detailed case study for quick success in freelancers. How to avoid the trap? How to go with the best strategy? With these, you are equipped with the relevant information. Now it’s time to prove your creativity. Go ahead and find your fortune through honest effort. Which type of career you are going for? This comment is all of yours for sharing it.

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