How to turn blogging into a business

Do you already running a blog and want to know how to turn blogging into a business?

Or, you are about to start a blog and want to convert it into business sooner or later?

In both cases, here you will know the detailed guide to moving ahead.

Firstly you will find some major headings. These are the ideas blogging can easily cover and make you more profitable. Then, you get a detailed discussion for each one. So you can choose the best combination according to your convenience.

Therefore, without delay, let’s look at the first dominating idea you can introduce.

Table of contents

How to turn blogging into a business through

1) Launching products and services

2) Affiliate Marketing

3) Advertising networks

4) Influencer partnership

5) PPC campaign

How to turn blogging into a business by launching products and services

Yes, it is a straightforward way to turn blogging into a business. Not to mention, there are many things you have to know before it. Look at some major points for them.

1) Do you understand your audience properly?

It is the foremost thing you need to consider. Actually, that is the point that makes all the differences.

If you are a blogger then a very easy tool you can use is Google analytics. For example, look at the below image.

Audience report in Google Analytics

Here I can draw 3 simplest conclusions.

Firstly, most of the audience is fully inactive from 2 PM to 6 PM. On the other hand, Saturday is the off day for my blog.

Secondly, India, the United States, Pakistan, and Nigeria are my most favored country.

Thirdly, There is equal user for both mobile and desktop.

These are just a glimpse. You need to analyze it more deeply. You can also use an external site like “Semrush” for analytics.

So, how you can use this data to launch a product. A simple example can be.

I can launch a demandable product for India. It is because there is a possibility to get easy traffic for that.

On the other hand, launching a product for Australia can be life challenging for me. Why? It is because I cannot get easy traffic here like in India or the United States.

Similarly, you need to understand

i) What does your audience like

ii) why do they like

iii) why did they choose you for that, etc.

Although you can always generate new strategies for new products. For example, starting to make long-tail keywords post targeting Australia.

No need to say, that the former is easy than the latter. Now, the next point.

2) Make proper planning before you launch

It is the second most vital step.

You may know, choosing a random niche is not good for blogging. People have to choose a niche that has interest as well as market demand.

Similarly, you have to launch a demandable product that you are comfortable with. There are much more things you need to include in the planning. For instance –

  1. What is the exact location you are targeting, Worldwide, country, or a small city? For example, you can list your website in Google My Business for local businesses.
  2. Your business is under which categories or within which categories. For example, Tasty food products are available in x city or exclusive vegan products in y city.
  3. How you present it to your audience. For example, make a depth post in long-tail keywords and motivate them to go with your quality product.

There is much more point like that. You have to add more points based on your goal.

Now, you are going to know the different strategies for products and services.

Things to remember for launching a successful physical product

These are some basic points you can exclusively care about launching your physical products.

1) Is it solving the customer’s pain point. For example, your microphone can minimize the surrounding noise as your audience demand.

2) Are you also interested to work with your product improvement. Because you have to adapt to the change to stay in the market.

3) Are you the authority for trust regarding this. If yes, it becomes easy. If not, then you have to work more for it.

4) Analyze the reviews for the same kind of products. Then analyze how you can stand out from your competitor?

5) Understand the market trend for that product. Is it gained popularity over time? You are in lead by knowing it.

6) Note down the keyword opportunities for that product. For example, “wireless Bluetooth speaker” is a keyword.

7) Browse the internet for which combination people use and many more. For example, you can get it from Amazon frequently bought together, compare with similar items. related sponsored products, etc.

Frequently bought together in Amazon
Screenshot from Amazon on 16th February 2023
Related products in Amazon
Screenshot from Amazon on 16th February 2023

8) Do your structure ready for how to invest, and how to profit. Depending upon your budget you are going to test for how many products initially.

9) Did you adjust your theme and plugins with the business goal. For example, you may need to choose e-commerce themes and plugins for showing products.

Again, add many points which are relevant to your physical products. The more you invest the time will get the better quality of the result.

You knew how to turn blogging into a business by launching a physical product. Now, look at digital services.

Strategies for the digital services

Launching a digital service has many pros and cons. For example.


  1. Low overhead costs for packaging, transport, etc.
  2. Flexible products like a free, basic, and pro plan.
  3. A huge long-time profit like a monthly paid subscription for an SEO tool.
  4. Even automation can make your work super easy.


  1. Make sure you provide enough quality that is not easily available on the market. Otherwise, people can find easy alternatives for that.
  2. You have to keep your data secure for avoiding hacking, theft, etc.
  3. You have to comply with the terms. and conditions in different cases.

Keeping the above points you can consider these strategies for your digital services.

1) First of all, is your product have enough quality. If yes, you will grow. If not, it may pull back to your audience.

2) Did you have step-by-step planning for launching and running the services. For instance, launching an Ebook can be easy. On the other hand, launching a large analytics tool have a little bit of complication.

3) Make sure you keep your data privacy ok.

4) Make sure your data is in compliance with all the policies of launching and related areas.

5) You have to create a separate landing page to attract the audience. Make sure, the landing pages have enough quality.

6) Analyze your competitor and how they grow. After that make your unique strategy to beat them.

7) Use your blogging technique to achieve a new height. For instance, edit previous posts and include calls to action for your services.

8) Keep updating your product to evergreen it. In the digital era, improving things are so fast. Therefore, keep improving can help you to dominate the market.

9) Additionally, you can set up your plan for spreading awareness on social media.

Now, the next dimension.

How to turn blogging into a business through affiliate marketing

How to turn blogging into a business through affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

When you are able to sell the products or services for other websites through unique tracking codes is considered affiliate marketing.

For example, you have written a post on “5 best laptops in the optimum budget”. Then, you put the unique tracking code given by Amazon for each laptop. If someone buys through your link, you can get a commission for it.

What is a unique tracking code?

When you sign up as an affiliate seller, you will get this unique tracking code. It tracks how their customer come. If it is from your link then you can get a commission.

How much commission may I get?

Generally, commission differs from 3% to 30%. Although, in some cases, it may as high as 60%.

For example, If a product cost $100 with a 5% commission, then you can get $5 for each sale through your link.

So how to turn a blog into a business through affiliate marketing. Let’s look at it.

1) Find the exact match for an affiliate program related to your niche

If you have not started blogging yet, then choose a niche. Niche is the topic with which you want to grow. make sure you have an interest in it for the long term and also have enough opportunity for making money.

If you are already blogging, look at which affiliate links your audience will like. For example –

If you have a pet blog then an affiliate link with pet food will work fine. Another side, adding an affiliate link for a technology gadget makes it weird.

Therefore, take your time and list affiliate products you can add to your website. Here are a few large websites for managing your affiliate links.

Some large affiliate marketing websites for you

1) Amazon associates

A big giant for affiliate marketing programs on Amazon.

2) CJ Affiliate

A hub of large numbers of big brands

3) ClickBank

Connect with more than 10000 sellers and marketers

4) Rakuten Advertising

Another affiliate programming network.

Then, what next for how to turn blogging into a business through affiliate marketing.

2) Sign up for each related affiliate program

Now, it’s time to connect all the websites you have selected.

On one side, you can sign in through Amazon associates, CJ affiliates, etc.

Another side, you can sign up for each individual platform.

Generally, you can find an affiliate program option at the end of the website.

Firstly, open a website you want to sign in for an affiliate program. After that scroll down and reach the last position of a website. You can see the “affiliate option”. Click on it and follow their procedure.

When you are approved will get a unique tracking code or affiliate link.

You can create an excel chart to maintain all the affiliate links properly. Now, the next step.

3) Create a high-quality post related to affiliate products

It is a common myth that writing a few words can earn a huge amount of money.

In contrast, you have to deliver standard high-quality posts to attract visitors. For example –

1) You can do it by providing detailed posts and placing your affiliate link in the relevant areas.

2) You can provide a comparison blog to make it interesting. For instance –

i. Blogger vs WordPress or Hostinger v/s Bluehost, etc.

ii. Oppo model x v/s vivo model x.

3) You can provide a review blog. For example, an honest review of foxing CPU.

In that way, your visitors can take a good decision to buy.

4) Keep your SEO optimization good enough

To be visible in search engines you have to keep in mind every aspect of on-page and off-page SEO.

Firstly, do your keyword research properly. You can find long-tail keywords for easy ranking.

Secondly, Do the perfect keyword optimization for easy visibility.

Thirdly, Set a proper theme and make your website speed faster

Fourthly, know about domain authority and page authority then work accordingly

After that, wait for good results.

5) Make your social media strategy for promoting products

You can enhance your reach to turn blogging into a business through social media.

At first, try to understand the social media platform and work accordingly. You can also hire a “Social Media Manager” for that.

You can take Instagram as an example. Generally, here people post high-quality rich images in 6 days. On the last day, they happily promote their affiliate products.

On Pinterest, you can place a direct link to your post. People may visit your article and will buy from your unique tracking code.

Now, look to the next dimension for how to turn blogging into a business.

It is one of the easiest solutions most bloggers used.

Here you need to rank your post. After that put advertise in your website on behave of others. There are two ways for that. Look at the below.

1) Use Ad Network on your website

Here you have to qualify the criteria for ad networks. Then you can place ads on your site based on terms and conditions. Some popular ad networks you can consider are –

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Adsterra
  3. Ezoic
  4. AdThrive
  5. PropellerAds

Every platform has its own terms and conditions. Check it out and go which one is best for you.

Basically, people come to your posts. At this time people normally click on their related ads. But these are not so frequent. That’s why you need a lot of traffic to earn a handsome amount of money from that.

Now, the next idea for how to turn blogging into a business is through Sponsored ads.

2) Publish sponsored ads on your website

Actually, you can be an individual partner for publishing sponsored ads.

Another side, you can also publish sponsored posts on your website. In that way, your sponsored partner gains some branding. On the other hand, you get the amount for giving the opportunity.

For example, you are a food blogger. Now, a local shop wants to show sponsored ads in your particular related post. In that way, you both can win.

3) Collect emails from your audience and keep in touch

It is one of the most essential strategies you need to consider. Why?

Sometimes a search engine will not favor you. That is the high time email can save you.

You can collect emails through a Newsletter or manually.

Some most popular techniques to collect emails are sharing free ebooks, materials, templates, etc.

Lastly, start engaging with a small group audience. Most people do that. The more you learn, the more easily you can grow and retain your subscriber.

Now, look at the next dimension for how to turn a blog into a business.

How to turn a blog into a business through influencer partnerships

Before doing it you should have something to promote. It can be your product or service. Even you can influence them to share your post with affiliate links. Another option is also for spreading your brand.

However, you have to be careful about choosing influencers. Here is some recommendation for identifying the right influencer.

Identifying the right influencer

Make sure you look at some points to identify the right influencer.

1) Numbers of followers:

Generally, an influencer with 1 lakh+ follower will charge you high. You can think about it according to your budget. Other side influencers with 1k to 10k followers may available to you in a more friendly way.

2) Intensity of engagement:

Actually, followers do not decide many things. Instead, engagement makes it clear.

Look at how many likes, tweets, comments, replies, shares, etc. they get. Based on that, you can understand their presence in the market.

3) Similarity of content:

That is one of the most important factors. Did they have a similar type of content you are looking for? If yes, it can be helpful for you.

4) Already have promotion post in their feed

What if they have only their content in the feed? It is hard to trust them.

Another side, if already have a promotional post in their feed, you can easily trust them.

5) Make sure your goal is fulfilled

Finally, check out your target is fulfilled or not. If your planning matches the influencer, you can bond with them.

Here are some social media where you can easily find influencers.

  1. Linkedin
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Facebook
  5. Pinterest

Now, how you can make a relationship with the influencer.

How to make relation with the influencer

Here are some straightforward ways you can try to make the relations.

1) Giving free products and service

You can offer a quality product or service for review.

2) Offer raw cash

It is the most straightforward way you can complete a deal.

3) Create insane high-quality content

In this online era, quality content is overflowing. You need to give something extraordinary flavor. It may help to influence them to share your content.

4) Engage with them

Continuously engaging with unique value-added comments can make you stand out. You can do it slowly with your blogging.

5) Sending strategic email

Make sure your email is not the cause of the annoying. Instead, make a proper format where the other side can like easily. For example, Hello x, your current post on LinkedIn just make me astonishing. I hope I will learn a lot from you in the near future.

These ways you can build the relations. Although the first and second one is the most popular. Whereas for other options you need to invest more time and energy.

Now, the last major divisions for how to turn blogging into a business.

How to turn blogging into a business by PPC

PPC refers to pay-per-click. Here you can keep your post on Google’s first page by Ad campaign.

Actually, PPC means you have to pay each time for a single click any audience does. To clarify, look at the below image.

Sponsored website in first SERP page

Here you can see GoDaddy and HostGator are using this strategy.

Let’s say you have a service like that. You are going to pay $1 for each click made by your users.

However, you are able to sell $100 after getting 10 clicks. Therefore, you are at the profit.

Although it is not a very easy thing. You can lose a sufficient amount for insufficient strategies.

Besides, you can gain some basic understanding from the below points.

Steps to do PPC advertising

Here are some general steps you have to do for your PPC advertising.

  1. You can go to the Google ads homepage and click on “Get Started”
  2. Define your objective and select the campaign type
  3. Set up your settings and targeting like –
    • Audiences,
    • Devices,
    • Locations, etc
  4. Set your budget and bidding strategy
  5. Setting up your destination URL
  6. Create your ad
  7. Modify based on the performance and experiences

Some basic things to consider in PPC ads

Here are some basic things you can familiar with.

1) Do proper keyword research before bidding

What are the keywords you want to target?

How much volume of them?

How much CPC can cost you?

Lastly, how many keywords are in the bucket for testing and bidding? Do you decorate it based on priority?

2) Create a quality landing page

Make sure your landing page is clear and meaningful to your audience. If they are confused, it will not be worth your money.

After all, create a proper call to action to get success.

3) Check the quality score

It is the rating given by Google. Basically, it is based on the quality and relevancy of

  1. Keywords,
  2. Landing pages, and
  3. PPC campaigns.

with a better quality score, you can get more clicks at a low cost.

4) attractive add display

It means how your ad will display on Google. For the best result add

Displaying elements for the ppc campaign
The screenshot is taken from Google on 17th February 2023
  1. A clean URL that looks good.
  2. A great post title that can attract your audience
  3. A good meta description defining the clear message
  4. “Sitelink Searchbox”/”Breadcrumbs” which has a clear message.

In that way, you can get out the best from it.

Disclaimer: Before diving into PPC ads invest your time to learn in detail. It will pay off later. You can consider reading an ebook with a complete guide for PPC marketing basics.

Now, wrap up.

Wrap up for how to turn blogging into a business

Here you got a detailed discussion on how to turn blogging into a business. Here 5 major ways are discovered. These are launching products and services, affiliate marketing, advertising networks, partnering with influencers, and PPC campaigns. Further subheadings are added to go into deep.

These are the basic things you need to know to turn a blog into a business?

Keep your planning ready and start your business. Best of luck.

You can consider sharing if it looks useful to your friends.

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