Is blogging still relevant in 2023

With the passing of time, this question is very common. Is blogging still relevant in 2023?

This type of scientific clarification is a very good step. In fact, it is necessary to ask this before diving into blogging.

Not to mention, here you find a detailed analysis of it. After that, you can draw a conclusion with your logical view.

In the meantime, you can look at the table of contents. Then, let’s dive into the starting point.

Is blogging still relevant in 2023?

Is blogging still relevant entertainment

Firstly, blogging passes two decades successfully. Although it does not mean it always will be successful.

On the other hand, every profession has a number of failures. Therefore, it will not tell you the truth.

Then how do you know if blogging is still relevant or not? A good way to look at trends and statistics.

Firstly, look at trends. You can also check it on Google Trends. To clarify, look at the below trends for the “Blogging” search.

Blogging trends
Screenshot from Google trends page on 6th March 2023

As shown above, tracking 10 years can be a good idea to understand the trend. Therefore, look at the patterns in 10 years of Blogging search. One thing is clear blogging is not completely dead.

Although, that is not sufficient to understand the thing. We will look at even more detail. Above all, let’s start with the background of Blogging.

Background of Blogging

One of the earliest-known bloggers is Justin Hall (in 1994, personal blogging).

Although, in 1997, Lan Ring was an independently inverted blog. (History of blogging, Wikipedia)

Then, some CMS (Content Management Systems) is invented. For example,

On August 23, 1999, Pyra Labs created “Blogger” which is acquired by Google in 2003.

On the other hand, on May 27, 2003 “WordPress” is launched.

These are the times when blogs peak at the top level.

Blogging pick time
Screenshot from Google trends page on 6th March 2023

After that its popularity decreased. It is because of Video content, social media, etc.

Although, for a complete picture, look at both positive and negative opinions regarding blogging.

Is blogging still relevant – “No opinions”

Let’s make the analysis fair. A huge number of people believing blogging is dead. They have some really strong opinions regarding that. To clarify, look at the below.

1) Open to everyone

Previously Blogging is under an authoritative hand. But now, everyone can start. So blogging is not completely authoritative now.

2) Alternatives

A huge alternative also exists nowadays. For example, videos, reels, podcasts, animations, etc. So blogging is lost its relevancy after passing time.

3) AI-like “Chat GPT”

It is the generation of AI. Artificial intelligence bot can easily create a huge amount of content within no time. For example, “Chat GPT” is a very popular free source that can answer complex questions.

4) Social Media

To clarify it, look at the example. On Twitter, people can easily tweet news, their opinions, etc. So following the celebrity is, even more, updating than coming to read a blog.

Similarly, a reel can give quick information about simple things. Even, a carousel can give awesome information in an engaging way.

In contrast, there are many yes opinions on whether is blogging still relevant.

Is blogging still relevant – “Yes opinions”

Every platform has negative aspects. Although, positive things should not be affected by that. Therefore, look carefully on these points.

1) Increasing audience

How many people are using the internet over time? It is constantly increasing. In other words, the audience is increasing for videos, podcasts, blogs, etc simultaneously.

2) Adapt to the market trend

In the beginning, blogging is relatively easy. But now you cannot earn by just publishing random content.

Therefore, you have to publish high-quality solutions related to content to earn money.

Not to mention, that is natural with technical advancement. For example, now factories are producing Android phones at less cost instead of simple phones with the same budget.

Similarly, you need to compete with high quality to stand out in the market.

3) AI is not replacing human

Screenshot from Chat GPT answer on 6th March 2023

Not to mention, human touch, creativity, empathy, encouragement, experiences, etc is far better than AI. For example, people prefer a good mentor to guide them in blogging. Why?

It is because of how you know which query is even searched to get the best result. On the other hand, a good mentor, or blog provide you a detailed guide with all the relevant resources.

4) Infographics, videos, podcasts, etc shine a blog

Blogger itself attaches infographics, and videos for a better understanding of the topic. Therefore, video-like content helps you dominate blog as well as youtube areas.

5) Social Media

Social media itself is a source of huge traffic in blogs. For simple knowledge, you can look at major points in social media. But for detailed knowledge, people like to enter into blogs.

Before further discussion let’s quickly look into why there are many no opinions.

Reason for no opinions regarding “Is blogging still relevant”

Sometimes these are justified and sometimes it has many reasons for them. To clarify, scan the below points.

1) True for a large audience

According to blogging statistics, 33% of bloggers do not earn any amount of money.

Additionally, negativity spread at a very fast rate.

All in all, these are true enough for a large audience.

Moreover, this is true since starting of the blog profession.

In some cases, luck also plays a role.

2) They do have not enough experience

Blogging is a field where a huge number of people comments. However, most of them are from unrelated fields.

In some cases, people are less experience. On the other hand, they are biased. For example, it is assumed that having a blog with a product is better than having a normal blog. In contrast, Blogger has their own independent profession.

3) Excuses for not to do hard work

The human mind generally wants a quick result. It goes worst by not doing enough work. So, blaming blogs goes naturally for a strong quitting reason.

4) Quit blogging in just a few months

Meny reputable data shows, thousands of blogs are starting each year. However, 90% of them quit within the first six months of blogging.

Basically, blogging is poisonous for short-term goals. Therefore, those who have less experience can easily mistrack.

5) Blaming it benefits them

The market has a common technique. It is appreciated or blamed that favors the business. Therefore, you have to be wise enough to understand the words in terms of their benefits.

These are some common reasons. Although you must not consider now blogging are as it as like decades ago. So which things are changed in Blogging?

What changes in blogging

Not to mention, blogging changes its perspective from time to time. Here are some major things you can look at below.

1) Just posting content to give information

A decade ago, information is relatively limited. Therefore, people got rewarded for posting content. However, now the internet is full of information.

2) Less competition

Previously, most niches have less competition. Most experts are dominated offline. In contrast, now the competition is open. Therefore, you also need to fight many authoritative people.

3) Very short-form content

You often heard the blog should be a minimum of 300 words. Now, that may be relevant for news only. By creating very short-form content you hardly get the desired result.

4) Less-targeted audience

Previously by writing a blog you can find the ranking of dozens of keywords. Although, now a lot of long-tail keywords are targeted. Therefore, nowadays, you have to target a specific audience to get results.

5) Average learning to grow

As competition was low so income can be generated through average learning. For example, writing an average quality post, not knowing about proper keyword optimization, etc.

6) Using tricks to deceive search engines

Websites often trick search engines through “Black hat SEO”. However, now it can lead to deadly effects. Therefore, every bad SEO technique must be avoided to stay on the market.

6) Quick earning

Now the competition is high in Blogging. So, it takes time to build authority. Therefore, results are shown generally after six months.

Basically, for quick earnings, blogging is not the right place.

So what things blogging demands now.

What blogging demands today

You knew some basic things which are changed. Although, that is not enough. You also need to know what are the exact things blogging is demanding now. For instance, you can look at some major points.

1) In-depth solution-oriented content

In the present day, the first thing to remember is to provide a solution. For instance, a post is How to add a GoDaddy domain to Blogger. If this can provide a perfect solution, then there is a chance for ranking.

Another key point is to provide depth content. In other words, provide solutions and something more. For instance, a basic understanding of the Domain and its usefulness can be included.

Now the question comes, why do you need to explain them. It is because a serious audience wants to know the background too. Therefore, you do not want to let them search again for a very related thing.

2) Unique perspectives

At the present time, the internet is full of information. In this situation, Google wants unique perspectives. For instance, a post is a single niche vs a multi-niche blog. Generally, it may have three perspectives.

In the first place preferring a single niche

In second place preferring a multi niche

Lastly, giving the solution which one is better and when.

So, it has a high chance that search engines will rank these unique perspectives. Although you need to give real data, proper logic, or live proof to support your opinion.

To clarify, look at the example from the search engine.

Unique perspectives example
Screenshot from Google SERP page on 7th March 2023

These are ranked consecutively 7th, 8th, and 9th position on the first SERP page.

Now, the next one.

3) Long-form content

In short, these days two types of content rank on the market.

In the first case, when it is quality content. It has nothing to do with content length.

In the second case, when it is long-form content. It belongs to a depth discussion, all-in-one guides, etc.

For example, how to start content writing. Here you have to provide depth discussion as long as the words are relevant.

With this in mind, you can choose one. Although quality has different perspectives.

On the other hand, with long-form content, you can play safely.

To clarify, here are some statistics about long-form content.

1) Most links are earned by articles that have over 2500 word count. (Hubspot)

2) 3 times more traffic gathered by 3000+ words articles than the average length of 900-1200 words. (SEMrush)

3) Long form contents generate an average of 7 times more leads than short-form content (Curata)

4) Engaging Images, gifs, videos, etc

94% of more views get the article with images (Jef Bullas)

Bloggers who are using 7+ more images in posts get 2.3 times strong results (Orbit Media)

Therefore, engaging stuff plays a greater role in blogs.

On one hand, quality content will provide enough value.

On the other hand, Infographics, images, gifs, etc keep your audience engaged.

To clarify, look at one image example.

Rich image example

Similarly, you can also look for an example of infographics.

Infographics example

In this way, you can increase the engagement time of your audience.

Similarly, images, gifs, videos, podcasts, etc will play a vital role to increase engagement.

5) Diversifying income from blogs

Although it is true that ad networks can also give you a great income. But it is great to have more income sources.

For example, you can earn from ad networks as well as affiliate links.

Affiliate link refers to promoting other products via your own unique tracking code. You will get some commissions as a reward.

Similarly, you can promote your own product or services. For example, selling e-books or courses.

On the other side, getting sponsored site is also a good idea.

Lastly, you can use social media to generate more traffic. Do not forget to use these blogging strategies in case you do not want to use social media.

6) Only best practices

Previously some tricks also provide results. For example, the total number of backlinks.

However, now things are changed. It is because you have to build quality backlinks.

Quality backlinks refer to when any relevant website links your content in the proper place with maintaining all the best practices.

In other words, the spammy backlink will severely harm your website. For instance, thousands of websites reach zero traffic with the recent updates of Google.

Similarly, you need to qualify for all the standards to get consistent results from the search engine.

7) Patience for a long time

Not to mention, it is an essential-step in the blogging era.

With high effort and luck, you can see great results within six months. Therefore, it is better to keep backups accordingly.

Many statistics show that most of the websites located in the first SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) of Google have an age of more than 2 years.

Actually, you have to fight with big authority. Therefore, it takes time to understand the market. Then you can find your audience easily.

8) Moral support to readers

This helps to create strong bonding.

I found that people who think you may help are 500% or even more engaging than normal cases. It has many reasons. For example.

1) They read the whole blog carefully so they will not do any repetition while asking.

2) Market has to give and take policy. So engagement is increasing naturally.

3) They feel a strong emotional bond and like to engage without your extra effort.

4) Many kind people are there who reward you so you can grow more.

To clarify, I also get some qualitative reviews just by helping with some basic things. I mean, their kind heart plays a more important role than mine effort.

Facebook reviews of Blogger guide pro

If you already got personal help and want to share your reviews, you are also very welcome.

Lastly, I want to share a surprising fact. Hardly 1-5% of people will ask you for personal help but all people are happy that you want to help.

I mean to say keep helping people. Alternatively, you will find experiences and help from another side too.

Now, get a quick overview of how you can start your blog. Although here only major steps are showing. You can learn each of them by going relevant link. Bookmark this article and keep reading them at your own pace.

How can you start your blog?

So look at the main things in your blogging journey.

1) First, check yourself you are the right fit for blogging or not. For that, search any topic on the internet in which you want to blog. Then go through 3-5 articles completely. After that, you have to decide if you are ready to compete by producing that type of quality article or not.

2) Then, you have to choose a “niche”. A niche refers to a broad topic on which you want to blog. For example, health, technology, parenting, dog, etc.

Basically, choose a blog niche that has market demand as well as you have an interest in working for a long time.

Alternatively, you can know properly about micro niches.

3) After that create your website in WordPress(paid) with this detailed guide.

Alternatively, you can create an account in Blogger (free) just for trying yourself.

4) Now, you have to know how to do keyword research properly. You can also know some content idea generator tools to find topics for keyword research.

5) After that, you have to learn how to write a high-quality post. You can also use 8 advanced blog post templates that can rank.

6) Know about proper keyword optimization for ranking on relevant keywords.

7) After that, take the knowledge of on-page and off-page SEO.

8) Thereafter know about Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and Spam Score (SS) in detail.

9) Finally, keep improving by understanding your competitors and users.

Now, let’s summarize things.

Summing up is blogging still relevant

Firstly, an introduction is given to whether is blogging still relevant in 2023. Then, the Background of blogging is exposed.

Thereafter, you got both the no and yes opinion regarding it. You also knew some reason behind “No”.

Then you found which things are changed in blogging. Immediately after that, all the essential demands are discovered.

Finally, you got the major points for starting your blog journey.

Moreover, you can warm yourself up by looking at statistics with large numbers to understand the blogging activity.

More than 70% of blogger who uses the internet also read blogs. Even, blogs are booming in local languages.

Now, look at some statistics of WordPress which is the most popular platform for blogs.

1) It has approximately 409 million readers.

2) It gets 20 billion views per month

Major source – WordPress

3) WordPress publishes nearly 70 million posts each month.

4) It shared 43% of CMS (Content Management System) across the world.

Apart from that there are millions of blogs on Blogger, Tumblr (518 million blogs),, Wix, etc.

Therefore, blogging is still in the grooming industry.

However, you can also comment on your opinion regarding whether is blogging still relevant. You can also hit the share button to appreciate.

FAQs for is blogging still relevant

Can bloggers earn a handsome amount of money?

Look at the below statistics.
Using either Mediavine or Adthrive ad management 72% of bloggers earn over $2000 per month. (RankIQ)
Although, earning this amount need patience. Generally, bloggers with long vision find their success.
All in all, blogging has high-income opportunities. You can know about it in detail how much bloggers earn? do not guess!

Is blogging already saturated?

Yes, for those who want to generate income by only publishing plain content.
No, for those who like to play with blogs in terms of creativity, analyzing, including images, infographics, etc.
All in all, if you are ready to produce only quality content then blogs will welcome you to earn.
To put it differently, blogging is like teaching or mentoring. There are millions of teachers but still, most of them have demand.
Similarly, if you are liked by your audience then no one can stop you.

Is it too late to start in 2023?

Nothing like that. But yes, by not learning there are not any chances for earning. Therefore learn to blog and use creativity to enter the market. Lastly, patience is a must-have thing in the blogging journey.

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