Keyword research for youtube videos (in detail)

Why your channel does not grow as per your demand? Maybe something is missing. Where quality content, context, and displaying the videos are important, there is one separate but critical thing to remind. That is keyword research for youtube videos. You will be far behind in your niche for not considering this. Let’s know why?

Why youtube keyword research is important?

What if you created an excellent video but not many people are interested to watch it? You will not get proper value for your hard work. Keyword research is the process where you want to know your audience is interested in which topic. By doing it you can be beneficial in the following ways –

1) Understanding the demand of your audience:

There are two games played on youtube. Those who have millions of subscribers can post interesting content without caring about keywords. Another side, proper keyword research is done for expanding the reach of the channel. In both cases keyword research for youtube videos is important. Why? Your audience puts some query because they need the solution for it. It is the lowest-hanging fruit you must grab it.

2) Area of time investing that can give optimum return:

What is your channel situation currently? Which is better for other channels may not be yours. You can choose which keyword is best to target for now. It depends on competition level, Search volume, expertise level, etc. Therefore selecting a keyword list is important. In this way, you will invest your time only in the relevant area. It is far better than targeting randomly and waiting with luck!

3) Tag your channel as fast-growing:

Knowing the demand of your audience is the first basic step. Otherwise, you may lose track of the 2nd largest search engine, namely Youtube.  Keyword research on youtube helps to overcome it. By knowing it, you can reach your audience fast. The more your reach your targeted audience, the more you get subscribed for quality videos.

4) Get good traffic with much more views:

Let’s create your channel as a hub of the solution. By selecting demanding keywords, you can do it. Generally, people have related demands along the niche. If they find a few solutions from your channel, typically they will view many videos from your channel. Besides, they will search your channel organically. These all things combined help to send a strong signal of the usefulness of the website. Hence, the ranking will improve. Finally, you will end up with a huge engagement.

But wait! These are possible only through the right strategy. Among them, keyword research is the priority. Let’s know how to do keyword research for youtube videos now.

How to do keyword research for youtube videos

There are multiple ways to know about the keywords that fit you. Here popular types are covered. Go through it carefully. You should not miss what gonna best for you. I mean all strategies are best but let’s find your favorites. Youtube autocomplete suggestion comes first always.

1) Youtube Autocomplete suggestion:

Did you notice the below suggestions when searching for anything on Youtube? Look at the below.

Youtube autocomplete example

Here keyword research is written. It continues to provide suggestions during typing of “keyword”, “Keyword research” and “keyword research for”. There is not any doubt these are the most popular keywords people are looking for. Otherwise, youtube will not show them. Look for its diversity. You can choose which one is the best fit for you. If you are a blogger, then you can choose with the “blog post” suffix. Similar can be done for SEO, amazon products, fiver gig, etc. And yes, As you are one among the YouTubers, here “keyword research for youtube” may fit best. You have many more to discover. Look at the below.

2) Competitor’s video analysis:

Here you can divide your goal into two types. The first one is analyzing large channels with the same niche. It helps you to play for the long term. Another one is analyzing the channels which are similar or a little large than your channel. It helps you play for the short term.

Go to the channels accordingly. Enter the video section. Look into what are the most popular videos.

Finding popular videos from channel

Then check titles, meta descriptions, related tags, etc to get keywords which will be discussed later.

The other way to look into a topic that is much more popular. For that, you can go to the playlist of your competitor. Analyze by taking a little time. After that set your goal for a few months.

3) Finding keywords from titles, and meta descriptions:

During content research from youtube videos, you will come across many contents. You should be smart enough to find keywords from their videos. Here are some actions for that –

a) Finding keyword from the title:

Look at the focused word in the title. Because you are related to the same niche, you can understand it. Now use youtube autocomplete to identify the exact keyword. You can do it more easily through different youtube keyword tools which will be discussed later. Just by putting the main phrase in tools, you can discover all related keywords.

b) Finding keywords from Meta descriptions:

You can find it generally beginning of the meta description. Look at the below example for one youtube video from Brain Dean.

Keyword finding from title and meta description

There is an amazing technique to get keywords directly.

You know where are your related tags. Youtube will not show you other creators’ videos. But there is an easy way to find it.

Play the video on the desktop/laptop for which you want to know the keywords. Do right-click in any space. Select “view page source”.

After that, simply apply the keyword shortcut, namely, Ctrl+F. You can also do it by clicking on the triple dot and selecting find. Write “keywords” there and click enter. You will find all the related tags in the video. That’s amazing, right?

Related tags finding from youtube videos

The above strategies are essential to know for tracking any video. Although, you need not work that hard always. Thanks to many free tools which make your life really easy. There are many tools (which can be used for free) dedicated to keyword research for youtube videos. Let’s dive into it.

Best free youtube keyword research tool in 2023

Here you are going to look at many important tools for youtube keyword research. Look at the first popular one.

1) can provide a handful of keywords using the youtube autocomplete function. Just go to this page. Enter your keyword. Select your targeted country or global. Select the targeted language and click on the search icon. Your result will be ready.

Keyword analysis at

For the free version, you can look details for only searched words. You have the option to use it smartly. You are seeing the many keywords available to you. Just copy them and search again to know the details.

Come to the next easy tool for free.

2) Ahrefs youtube keyword tool:

Did you have the next question? How to check youtube keywords search volume for free? Here is the answer. Go to the Ahrefs youtube keyword tool window. Write your keyword. Select the targeted country and click on “find keywords”. You will get all related youtube keyword search volume in one place. Look at the below result for SEO.

Keyword volume check in Ahrefs

You are now “phrase match” option. To get more keywords, shift to the “question” option. This way you can choose the keywords that fit best to you.

Now, the amazing next tool.

3) VidIQ:

VidIQ is recommended by most professional YouTubers. Here you will get even more than the analytics. You will discover it later. For now, the question is how to do keyword research for youtube videos using VidIQ.

First of all, go to the VidIQ home page. Sign up here, it’s free. After that choose the basic version to use for free. Then you find many types of analytics. Click on keywords among the top menus. Search your keyword on the box and press enter. You will find an analysis of the keyword. Look at the below.

Keyword research for youtube in VidIQ

You will get search volume, difficulty level, and overall score to think it is worth targeting or not. You will also get the data for related keywords, questions, etc.

4) TubeRanker:

This tool is used for knowing the volume of the keyword. To use it go to the TubeRanker youtube keyword tool page. write your keyword and click on “find keywords”. You will get the volume of the keyword.

Youtube volume check in tuberanker

5) H-Supertools:

It can be a super useful tool for you. You will get many related keywords based on your seed words.

Go to the H-Supertools free youtube keyword tool page. Enter a keyword or seed word and click on “Search”.

Youtube keywords bunch from H-supertools

You will get search volume and difficulty level here for free. Here 20 results are shown even without signing in. You can choose this tool to not run out of ideas.

6) Keyword tool dominator:

You can directly choose the keywords here based on popularity. Go to the youtube keyword tool page. Enter your keyword. Select your targeted country and language. Finally, click on the Search icon and look at your result.

Keyword tool dminator for Youtube keyword

Here score indicates the popularity score. It ranges from 0 to 100. More score refers to more popularity of the keyword.

That is about free youtube keyword research tools. Use these tools to select your keyword with the desired volume. Create your content accordingly and get more views and subscribers.

Wrap up Keyword research for youtube videos

You got a great tour on this topic. First of all, you knew why keyword research for youtube videos is important. After that, you get amazing discovery of how to do keyword research for youtube. Then you knew some best free tools to do keyword research with volume, difficulty, etc. Finally, it ends with some popular FAQs. Still, have a question? Put it into the mailbox. Did you find it helpful? Tap on the share button to encourage my blogs.

What is the best free youtube keyword research tool?

If you want to get detail about youtube keywords for free then VidIQ and H-Supertools are best. For knowing the volume only you can use Ahrefs youtube keyword tool, TubeRanker, etc.

How does the youtube keyword work?

User searches for a particular term on Youtube. Search engine starts to find relevant videos for that. Titles, Meta descriptions, related tags, etc are the area by which search engines try to detect relevancy. After that, based on engagement rate and other factors youtube suggested videos related to the user terms.

where to put keywords in the youtube video?

There are many places you can put your keywords. Some must-have areas are including keywords during renaming the video file, title, 2-3 times in meta description, 1-4 keywords in related tags, etc.

how many keywords can you use on youtube?

You can include every related word in the meta description with maintaining best practices. However, the popular practice is to optimize for a primary keyword properly in the title and meta description. Apart from that, 2-3 more keywords can be added in related tags.

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