501+ Micro niche blog ideas and guide

Are you looking for micro niche blog ideas which have relatively less competition?

Congrats! here you will get a 501+ list for that. Not only that but also here you can get all the basic understandings related to your Micro niche blog. Therefore, you can decide whether a micro niche is for you or not.

Not to mention you can jump over the section through the table of contents. So let’s start.

What is a micro niche?

Basically, a micro niche is a subtopic of a niche. For example, “Running” can be a subtopic of the “FItness niche”.

Additionally, a niche that targets a very specialized audience with relatively less competition can be termed a “micro-niche”.

You can also define it under SEO points of view.

A niche that has opportunities for targeting specific long trail keywords for easy ranking in less time is a micro niche.

For example, “Runner click” is a website targeting only related to “running” areas. You can look also at their post variation in the below image.

Running word in every posts of runnerclick.com
Screenshot from Runner Click on 28 February 2023

As shown above, it contains a wide variety of “Running” posts. Therefore, your basic is ready to understand it further.

To clarify your doubt about success, look at some successful mice niche websites.

Successful examples of Micro niche websites

Miche niche blogging – Website

Running – runnerclick.com

Baby – babygearlab.com

Top tech products reviews – 10beasts.com

Hardware reviews – tomshardware.com

Athlete – theathleticbuild.com

Home decoration – thespruce.com

Career building – learnhowtobecome.org

Law – layeredu.org

Labrador (dog) – labradortraninghq.com

You can also include your micro-niche name in the domain name to get favored by users and search engines.

Now, how you can earn from a micro niche?

How to monetize your micro niche

Well, you have multiple options to monetize. However, some popular ways are below.

1) Affiliate links

For the Micro niche, it is the most popular method. It is because your audiences are highly specific. Therefore, you are an authoritative person for them. So they can easily trust and can buy the recommended product.

Moreover, Some website directly reviews the product. Then audiences are buying according to priority.

Blog sample – Top 10 budget-friendly Keyboard to know before buying it.

2) Ad networks

Firstly, some micro niche has not had enough opportunities for affiliate links. For example, Upcoming government schemes, exam guides, etc. Therefore, Ad networks are the best solution here.

Secondly, Many websites prefer to run ads and affiliate simultaneously.

Some famous Ad networks you can consider are Google AdSense, Adsterra, Ezoic, etc.

3) Selling products and services

It is another good way to profit from the micro niche. For example, Graphics t-shirts with your own products.

Another example is selling your services. For example, an online course on Pinterest for earning money through Pinterest.

4) Sponsorship

You can agree to promote a particular brand through ads or linking a product. For example, collaboration with a toy brand with a variety of toys for “kids toys” micro-niche.

5) Donation

You can consider this for good social work. For example, an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

So, you knew affiliate links are major ways to earn money in micro niche blogging. Although, other ways are also important based on the types of micro niches.

After that, it is important to know about its pros and cons.

Advantages of Micro niche blogging

You should have proper ideas before choosing your Micro niche. Firstly, look at the major advantages of micro niche blogging.

1) Highly targeted visitors

Here you will find highly targeted visitors. Let’s say a query is “What is a computer”. Here people with any background can visit it. Although, it does not mean they are interested to buy a computer.

Another side, a query is “the Best branded laptop under $500”. Generally, people visit here to buy it.

That is the reason why you can easily plan to earn with highly targeted visitors.

2) Income in less traffic

Here you can start income in relatively less traffic because of two reasons.

Firstly, you can start income with affiliate marketing.

Secondly, You can rank in relatively less time to get a little traffic.

3) Visibility in a search engine in less time

Again, here you can get quick visibility in search engines because of two reasons.

Firstly, You will target long-tail keywords in most cases. Therefore, It has relatively less competition already. Moreover, your smart work will pay off more.

Secondly, Your domain name may be related to the micro niche. it will send a strong signal to users as well as search engines. Moreover, your effort in specific areas makes you more authoritative to rank.

4) Very high conversion rates

Your visitors are highly specific. Therefore, you can manage a very high conversion rate. It can be converting affiliate links or selling products and services.

5) Less competition

You do not need to struggle in a highly competitive niche. Although, over time it is increasing.

6) Relatively less authority

You can also rank with relatively less authority in comparison to niche sites.

In contrast, it has many disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Micro niche blogging

Your knowledge will not be fulfilled until you know the disadvantages. Therefore take a look at the major points.

1) Relatively less traffic

In micro niche traffic opportunities are limited.

Although, it is not true for all cases. It is because some micro niche has also thousands of traffic. But these are exceptions.

Generally, you get less traffic for most of the micro niches. Even micro niches satisfy its meaning because of this less traffic. In other words, it is because of less competition.

2) Limited earning opportunities

Similarly, earning has limited opportunities like traffic.

Experts said, generally the highest limitation of earning can be $1000 per month. Although, it is also very rare.

In contrast, a lot of successful niche sites are earning this amount.

3) Difficulty in Authority building

Micro niche sites also have to struggle for building authority. For example –

Firstly, similar sites are not available easily.

Secondly, sites do not want to provide links because of the movement of highly targeted traffic.

4) Need more efforts to get fresh content ideas

Generally, a lot of times you will be stuck to finding content. It is because you have to balance getting ideas, audience matching, volume, keyword difficulty, affiliate opportunities, etc.

Therefore, you have to invest time in it.

5) Limited opportunities to expand

It is also difficult to expand whenever you need it. For example –

Firstly, your domain name may not justify other areas.

Secondly, your highly targeted audience comes from a particular area. So they can divert by looking at your shift.

6) Increasing competition over time

Not to mention, micro niches are not easy as it is 10 years ago. Over time, all niches have increasing competition. Even it will increase further.

Look at one more important aspect.

What is the earning range for Micro niche blogging

Three ways it can be seen. For example,

1) Some successful micro niche site has earned $10000 in a month. For example, runnerclick.com has a running niche. However, it has an estimated organic traffic of 23.4K and the estimated traffic value is $10.1K (in Ahrefs).

Although these examples are very rare. It is also not a wise step by considering them.

2) It looks so simple that you start a micro niche and started to get traffic. But here is a thing.

You can rank easily if you include the micro niche in the domain, have knowledge of keyword research, and keyword optimization, understand audience demand, create depth content, etc.

These take enough time in the beginning and those who hold up get more rewards later.

3) Now, the actual range. Averagely, a micro niche can earn $50-$200 per month. It can also be $500 per month based on niches and quality.

Therefore, Micro niche bloggers prefer to run 5-15 sites parallelly. It creates the opportunity to earn $1000 per month.

Lastly, don’t forget about the domain and hosting charges. Once you start income this cost is negligible. But before that, you need to invest in each website. It is approximately $3 or $3.5 per month for hosting and $1-$1.5 per month for each domain.

In conclusion, the average earning of a micro niche website is $50-$500. In some exceptional cases, it can touch $1000.

By looking at all the discussions decide one thing firmly. Do you want to go with the micro niche or not?

Initially, whether you choose a niche or micro niche it needs more effort. Once you learn things become easy.

Finally, if you want to go with the micro niche then here are the starting steps you can consider.

How to start a Micro niche blog

You will know the necessary steps to build your micro niche blog. Not to mention, here a lot of things have to learn. Therefore, do not hesitate to click on internal links for further knowledge. Let’s start.

1) Choose your domain name

You have to be careful when you choose your domain name for a micro niche.

The first thing to consider choose a domain name related to your micro niche.

For example, theathleticbuild.com for athletes, laradortraining.com for labrador (dog), etc.

There are more things to consider while choosing your domain name. For example,

Firstly, make it Simple, and short. It will not be like “cookingtablesuggestedbyfirstandlastname.com”. Instead, keep”bestcookingtable.com”.

Secondly, try to include the main keyword related to your micro niche.

Thirdly, make sure it is unique. It also helps you open accounts with the same name available on different social media.

Lastly, try to select Top Level Domain (TLD) like .com, .in, .org, etc.

You can also look at the Best practices suggested by Google.

Domain name best practices
Screenshot from “Google Domains Help” page on 1st March 2023

2) Set up your website

After selecting a unique website name, you need to set up your website.

It is recommended to set up your website in WordPress. Therefore, you can go to this detailed guide for setting up your website in WordPress.

If you are just learning, then you can start it in Blogger for free. So check out here for creating a free blogger account and familiar with the options.

For more clarity, you can know in detail in Blogger vs WordPress post.

3) Install themes and essential plugins

After creating a WordPress account, you need to add themes and plugins.


You can consider the best theme “NewsPaper“. Although it is a paid-only theme.

Before you purchase it, you can also use free versions of the Generatepress theme.

To add a theme, you can go to the WordPress menu > Appearance > Themes > Add NEW > “Generatepress” in “Search themes…” box > Generatepress install > Activate.


Firstly, try to install only essential plugins. It is because many plugins can negatively affect your website speed. Although, it depends upon the configuration of the plugins.

Therefore, you can consider the below essential plugins.

1) Yoast SEO

It is the most popular plugin for SEO optimization in WordPress.

Therefore, to add this go to WordPress menu > plugins > add new > search “Yoast SEO” > Install Yoast SEO > Activate.

Yoast SEO set up in WordPress

On the other hand, All in one SEO is also a popular plugin for SEO optimization.

2) LiteSpeed cache

The “LiteSpeed cache” is a super helpful plugin for free. It is because of many functions to improve website speed. For example, Deferring JavaScript, Lazy load images, etc.

In contrast, you can consider the best plugin “WP Rocket” for paid. Although, it is also a paid-only plugin.

3) Wordfence Security

Keeping your website secure is one of the most important factors. So install “Wordfence Security” for that.

4) Site Kit

Site Kit helps you track all the google data in one place.

For another thing, you can find alternatives for plugins. For example, How to add a table of contents in WordPress without a plugin.

4) Know about writing a quality post

Not to mention, you have to write high-quality posts for ranking your content. For that, you have to remind a few things. For example.

Firstly, look at the first page results on Google in depth. After that, note down their strength and weakness.

Secondly, keep a mindset of creating better content than existing one. Basically, you have to create at least quality posts equivalent to the first page.

Thirdly, Create a great title that can attract audiences easily.

Fourthly, Create an engaging introduction, depth content in the body, a proper conclusion, etc.

Although, you need to know about it in detail. Therefore, you can know about How to write a high-quality post in detail.

5) Start doing proper keyword research

Additionally, you must need to know about keyword research.

For example, take a quick guide in Ahrefs.

First of all, visit Ahrefs free keyword generator page.

Keyword research in Ahrefs
Screenshot from Ahrefs page on 1st March 2023

After that, choose Google or Amazon which is more relevant to you. Then, put your keyword. For example, “micro niche blog ideas”. After that, choose your country. Finally, click on “Find keywords”. Then, look at the result.

Results for micro niche blog ideas
Screenshot from Ahrefs page on 1st March 2023

As shown above, it has three main parts.

Firstly, you will find the exact keyword people are searching for.

Secondly, KD means Keyword Difficulty. In other words, how much it is difficult to rank. For example, In Ahrefs 0-10 refers easy, 11-30 refers medium, 31-70 refers hard, and 71-100 refers super hard.

Therefore, this keyword is relatively easy to rank.

Thirdly, volume refers to the average search number generated in a month.

Although, it was just a glimpse. For depth understanding also visit how to do keyword research for SEO.

Additionally, for micro niches check specifically how to find long tail keywords.

6) Do keyword optimization and image optimization

Thereafter, you have to do proper keyword optimization.

Basically, keyword optimization refers to placing the keywords in specific places with proper keyword density.

For example, you have to place it in the title, meta description, slugs, Introduction, bold and strong tags, headings, body, alt text, image URL, conclusions, etc.

Similarly, for image optimization, you have to place keywords. For example, rename your images in search friendly way like “micro-niche-blog-ideas-thumbnail”.

Similarly, you have to put your keyword in the alt text.

For depth of understanding also visit How to do perfect keyword optimization for SEO.

7) Look at every aspect of on-page SEO and off-page SEO

To grow fast, you also have to keep in mind every aspect of SEO. For example, On-page SEO includes keyword optimization, speed optimization, writing quality posts, etc.

On the other hand, Off-page SEO includes Link building, brand awareness, etc.

To know about it in detail visit different aspects of on-page and off-page SEO.

8) Keep improving yourself until your website rank

Lastly, you have to remind this step. If you want to dominate then you need to improve.

For example, now you write a post. It also looks like a high-quality post.

Although, this thinking may be changed after a few months. It is because you improved yourself. Then revisit and edit the previous post to make it more competitive.

On the other hand, you may find something is lacking. So, you can consider authority building to compete hard.

Therefore, keep improving and stand out your result in Google.

Additionally, you can know do’s and don’ts for a micro niche blog.

Do’s for micro niche blog

You can consider some do’s which can help in your journey. For example –

1) Maintain the list of affiliates in Excel

Initially, you have fewer affiliate links. Then over time, it will increase. Therefore, it is better to keep all the links in one place. Moreover, you can add their commission rate to the excel bucket.

For example, your excel sheet may contain the affiliate name, commission rate, link, etc.

On the other hand, every affiliate has different terms and conditions. Therefore, make sure you are complying with it.

2) Maintain the keywords in your excel bucket

Not to mention, finding keywords is a continuous phenomenon. Therefore, you can maintain it in your excel bucket. For example, look at this image.

Keyword list maintained in Google sheet

Similarly, you can include other factors including Serial numbers, platform name, keyword, country, Keyword Difficulty, Volume, CPC, Priority (1-5), current status, etc.

It is because you can get the most out of it no matter when you worked on keyword research.

3) Do a regular analysis of your competitor

It is one of the most important factors in micro niches.

Basically, you have to keep an eye on how your competitor gets an audience, which keyword they target, how you can beat them in ranking, their backlink analysis, etc.

Straightaway, it helps you to grow fast.

4) Do not divert because of initial less traffic

Generally, you will find very less traffic on starting days. It is because of fewer number posts, less authority, learning phases, etc.

So do not divert from your topic suddenly. It is because again you lose consistency to build trust among the audience.

5) Keep patience

Generally, blogging is a long-term game. Therefore, keep improving until you win your first micro niche blog.

Don’ts for micro niche blog

In the same way, you have to remind some don’ts. For example –

1) Don’t select a micro niche without value

Generally, it is a common mistake. It is because people often think a micro niche is only the subtopic of a niche. Although, the correct one is micro niche is the subtopic of a niche that has a market value.

Therefore, you can choose your micro niche accordingly.

2) First focus to provide value than sales

Generally, it is tempting to focus on sales only. Although blogging is not just like an offline shop.

In the first case, you have to provide enough value. For example, your audience was able to get clear ideas about a gadget from your blog.

Then, you can put an affiliate link for the easiness of your audience. So it can boost trust as well as sales.

3) Avoid wrong means

It is also tempting to fall into the wrong means. But it will not help you in the long term. For example, you can build spammy links. However, after a few months, your website can get a severe negative effect.

For detailed consideration, you can visit which SEO techniques should be avoided for your optimum growth.

4) Do not wait for a miracle

Basically, you have to remind, nothing is secret in blogging. The more you learn and apply, the more you can earn.

On the other hand, waiting for a miracle is waste of time. Therefore, look at your weaknesses and improve yourself. So you can find your success soon with the best practices.

Finally, look at the 501+ micro niche list.

501+ Micro niche list to pick your favorites

Surprisingly, here you will get a lot of micro niche ideas. Thereafter, you have to choose your favorite. Then, you can start your processes by choosing the domain name as shown in the how to start section. So let’s scan it.

1) Micro niche blog ideas: Smartphone

  1. Smartphone repairing
  2. Smartphone covers
  3. Smartphone chargers
  4. USB cables
  5. Smartphone heating reasons
  6. Warranty
  7. Specific brand reviews
  8. Mobile photography
  9. Smartphone camera lenses
  10. Second-hand Smartphones

2) blog ideas for repairing technology

  1. Wireless charge repairing
  2. Gaming console repairing
  3. Earphone repairing
  4. Vr box repairing
  5. Monitor repairing
  6. Laptop SSD
  7. CPU repairing
  8. Smartphone displays
  9. Smartphone charging port
  10. Keyboard repairing

3) Micro niche blog ideas: Home Decoration

  1. Bedroom Decoration
  2. Bathroom decoration
  3. Floor designs
  4. Door designs
  5. Wall decoration
  6. House cleaning
  7. House safety
  8. House backyard

4) Indoor cooking blog ideas

  1. Gas stoves
  2. Bruch ideas
  3. Microwave dishes
  4. Best spatulas
  5. Eat at night
  6. Food without oil
  7. Cooking tables
  8. Eat at night

5) Micro niche blog ideas: Jewelry

  1. Gold jewelry design
  2. Silver jewelry designs
  3. Diamond jewelry designs
  4. Platinum jewelry designs
  5. Wedding Jewelry
  6. Hand-made Jewelry
  7. Artificial Jewelry
  8. DIY ideas
  9. Jewelry care tips
  10. Men’s Jewelry

6) Woman-centric blog ideas

  1. Makeup tips
  2. Winter creams
  3. Gifts
  4. Taking care of toddlers
  5. Night dresses
  6. Shopping Tips
  7. Shampoos
  8. Nail cart
  9. Manicure and pedicure

7) Micro niche blog ideas: Lawn caring

  1. Lawn grasses
  2. Lawn designs
  3. Lawn pools
  4. Lawn mowers
  5. lawn fertilizers
  6. Lawn flowers
  7. Lawn sprinklers
  8. Lawn tools
  9. Leaf blowers
  10. Gloves

8) Home workout ideas

  1. Easy exercise for weight loss
  2. Work out in a small space
  3. Muscle-building tips for no supplement
  4. Pre-workout meals
  5. No-oil food
  6. DIY workout equipment
  7. Cheapest workout accessories
  8. Home gym equipment
  9. Yoga mats
  10. Cheat meal ideas

9) Micro niche blog ideas: Kids

  1. How to make kids happy
  2. Educational toys
  3. Soft toys
  4. Teether toys
  5. Rides for kids
  6. First day of school
  7. Breakfast for school kids
  8. What kids can eat?

10) Home renovation blog ideas

  1. Kitchen designs
  2. Kids rooms
  3. Stair designs
  4. Bathroom titles
  5. Door and windows designs
  6. Flooring patterns
  7. Wall cor designs and ideas
  8. Led lights
  9. Neon lights
  10. P.O.P Designs

11) Micro niche blog ideas: Gift

  1. Best gift for teenagers
  2. Gift packing ideas
  3. Chrismas gifts
  4. Wedding gift ideas
  5. Black Friday sale offers
  6. Birthday gift ideas for kids
  7. Anniversary gifts
  8. Clothing gift options
  9. Gift ideas for a couple
  10. Best gifts to give a female

12) Smart devices site ideas

  1. Smart AC
  2. Smart air purifiers
  3. Smart cleaner
  4. Smart fridges
  5. Smart kitchen equipment
  6. Universal remote
  7. Doorbells
  8. Led lights
  9. Routers
  10. Cookwares

13) Micro niche blog ideas: Book

  1. Classic literature
  2. Romance novels
  3. Science fiction
  4. Mystery novels
  5. Thriller and Horror novels
  6. Biographies
  7. Recipe books
  8. Historical fiction
  9. Graphic novels
  10. Children books

14) Entertainment blog ideas

  1. Stand-up comedy
  2. Streaming services
  3. Magic and illusions
  4. Pop cultures
  5. Podcasts
  6. Game design
  7. Animation films
  8. Horror movies
  9. Movie soundtracks
  10. Virtual reality experiences
  11. Memes
  12. Web stories
  13. Celebrities

15) Micro niche blog ideas: Drone

  1. Drone budget
  2. Drone flying guide
  3. Drone batteries
  4. 4K drones
  5. Drone renting
  6. Best drone brands
  7. Drone flying permissions
  8. Movie making drones
  9. Drone video editing
  10. Drone batteries

16) Camping blog ideas

  1. Mattress for campers
  2. Trap tents
  3. Teenager camping tips
  4. Recipes for campers
  5. Camping tips for couples
  6. Solo camping tips
  7. Camping on RV
  8. camp with kids

17) Micro niche blog ideas: Social media

  1. Social minimalism
  2. Advertising on social media
  3. Marketing with social media influencers
  4. Starting a business on social media
  5. what to do and what not to do on social media
  6. Content creation strategies
  7. Marketing of a particular social media
  8. Hashtags
  9. Earn money through Pinterest
  10. Social media management

18) Tea blog idea

  1. Tea brands
  2. Tea leaves information
  3. Tea flavors
  4. Teacups
  5. Tea recipes
  6. Tea cutlery
  7. Tea cultivation tips
  8. Tea cultivation tips
  9. Best things to eat with tea
  10. Open a tea shop

19) Micro niche blog ideas: Music

  1. Music studio setup at home
  2. EDM Music Production
  3. Tips for Music video production
  4. Music production career
  5. Music production courses
  6. Guitar Blog
  7. Studio quality mics
  8. Speakers for Music Production
  9. Music production software
  10. Earn money through music production

20) Monsoon blog ideas

  1. Travel place during monsoon
  2. Monsoon clothes ideas
  3. Waterproof shoes
  4. Waterproof bags
  5. Tea tips
  6. Umbrellas
  7. Raincoats
  8. Backup power
  9. Snacks to ear during rain
  10. Clothes care tips

21) Micro niche blog ideas: NFT

  1. NFT art ideas
  2. NFT artist bio
  3. NFT facts
  4. NFT design tips
  5. NFT bidding tips
  6. NFT marketplace guides
  7. Become an NFT artist
  8. Uses of NFT
  9. NFT art-making software

22) Personal development

  1. Time management
  2. Routine work
  3. Reducing tension
  4. Mindfulness
  5. Journaling
  6. Productivity
  7. Creativity
  8. Goal setting

23) Micro niche blog ideas: Cosmetic

  1. Simple makeup
  2. Less spending on beauty
  3. Ecologically sound cosmetics
  4. Animal-free cosmetics
  5. Travel-friendly makeup
  6. Cosmetics in the drugstores
  7. Homemade cosmetic
  8. How to look beautiful with less makeup

24) Parenting blog ideas

  1. Parenting for working parents
  2. A single mom lifestyle blogs
  3. Kids are not eating
  4. A friendly relationship with kids
  5. Make children happy
  6. Kid’s school wearing
  7. Kid’s co-circular activities
  8. Kid’s education expenses
  9. Kid’s future funds
  10. Dad’s guide for kids
  11. Homeschooling
  12. Eco-conscious families
  13. Adoptions

25) Micro niche blog ideas: Gaming

  1. Gaming productivity
  2. Gaming keyboards
  3. Gaming chairs
  4. Gaming accessories
  5. Gaming PC and laptop
  6. Gaming consoles
  7. Best gaming controllers
  8. E-sports tournaments
  9. VR gaming gadgets

26) Cooking outdoors blog ideas

  1. Cooking recipes for outdoor
  2. Cooking stoves
  3. Knives for outdoors
  4. Cooking table
  5. Outdoor water purifiers
  6. Firestarters
  7. Cooking in RV
  8. Outdoors MRE (meal ready to eat)

27) Micro niche blog ideas: Crafts

  1. Beginners guide for calligraphy
  2. Knitting
  3. Paper crafts
  4. Creating handmade shop
  5. Scrapbooking
  6. Wooden designs
  7. Polymer clay tutorials
  8. Candle Making
  9. Card Making
  10. Embroidery for kids
  11. Hand-lettering
  12. Watercolor painting

28) Amazon associates micro-niche ideas

  1. Automotive accessories
  2. Baby products
  3. Kitchen Gadgets
  4. Beauty products
  5. Tech gadgets
  6. Gardening equipment
  7. Sports equipment
  8. Travel accessories
  9. Electronic accessories
  10. Health supplements
  11. Power tools
  12. Toys

29) Micro niche blog ideas: Golfing

  1. Golf facts
  2. Golf balls
  3. Golf clubs
  4. Golf practice aids
  5. Golf wedges
  6. Golfing for women
  7. Golfing tips for kids
  8. Best irons
  9. Golfing fun

30) Electrical vehicle blog ideas

  1. Replacing EV batteries
  2. EV chargers for home
  3. Fixing EV chargers
  4. EVs tires
  5. EV bike washing
  6. EV cars washing
  7. EV range increasing guides
  8. Charging maintenance
  9. Open an EV rental store
  10. EV internet connections

31) Micro niche blog ideas: Homebrewing

  1. Business tips for homebrewers
  2. Legal advice for brewing
  3. Kegging equipment
  4. Brewing equipment
  5. Brewing finance
  6. Wine-making tips
  7. Beer making recipes

32) Winter home appliance ideas

  1. Air purifiers
  2. Humidifiers
  3. Slow cookers
  4. Ovens
  5. Room heaters
  6. Water heaters
  7. Compact dyers
  8. Electric blankets
  9. Coffee maker
  10. Hearting pad

33) Micro niche blog ideas: Baking

  1. Baking recipes
  2. Backing courses
  3. Quick tips
  4. Home baking tips
  5. Baking tips without oven
  6. Bakery products
  7. Open a bakery shop
  8. Wedding cakes
  9. Cake for kids

34) Healthy blog ideas

  1. Oil-free diet ideas
  2. Steamed foods
  3. Cook food using water
  4. No oil cooking equipment
  5. Pregnancy meal planning
  6. Foods to eat during fastings
  7. Air fryers guide
  8. Leight dinner ideas for family
  9. Herbal remedies
  10. Detoxification diet
  11. Healthy teeth
  12. Healthy Mindset
  13. healthy sleep
  14. Nutritional foods
  15. Kitchen as a medicine
  16. Therapy blog

35) Fitness blog ideas

  1. Weight loss exercise for beginner
  2. Weight-gaining food items
  3. Low-calory diet
  4. Food contents list
  5. Cardio for Fitness
  6. Virtual Coaching
  7. Fitness shoes
  8. Virtual Coaching
  9. Diet plans
  10. Keto diet
  11. Workout clothes
  12. Natural supplements

36) Education blog ideas

  1. Exam guides
  2. Back to the school blog
  3. Career Guidance
  4. Specific subjects like physics, History, etc.
  5. Study hacks and tricks
  6. College reviews and admission procedure
  7. Books for exams
  8. Ph.D. guide
  9. Finding jobs after higher education
  10. Solving question papers

37) Travel blog ideas

  1. Travel clothes
  2. Solo travel
  3. Family travel
  4. Finding travel companions
  5. Before travel documents
  6. Best time for visiting any country
  7. Hotel secres
  8. Travel coupon hacks
  9. Cheapest food to eat
  10. Beach hacks
  11. Travel in airline guides
  12. Travel in (a particular place

38) Food blog ideas

  1. One pot meals
  2. Veggie recipes
  3. Wheat-free baking
  4. 10 minutes cooking ideas
  5. Easy cooking through the pressure cooker
  6. Fewer oil foods
  7. light dinner meal
  8. Every day new breakfast ideas

39) Fashion blog ideas

  1. Summer wear
  2. Winter wear
  3. Travel clothes
  4. Occasion dresses
  5. Wedding cloths variety
  6. Men’s casual dresses
  7. Cloth color combinations
  8. Cloth dyeing
  9. Graphic t-shirts
  10. Ideas for using old cloths

40) Finance blog ideas

  1. Preparing for the retirement
  2. Building a small budget
  3. Mellenieries financeal plan
  4. FIRE movement (Financial Independence/Retire early)
  5. How to spend less
  6. Earning little income with less effort
  7. Earning apps
  8. Credit cards
  9. Insurance

41) Technology blog ideas

  1. 3D printers
  2. Digital camera
  3. Drones
  4. Gadgets
  5. Phone covers
  6. Online software
  7. Any branded phone like (Redmi, Samsung, etc)
  8. Cyber security
  9. Cloud computing
  10. Mobile app development
  11. 5G technology
  12. Processor and RAM
  13. Fixing desktop windows issues
  14. Artificial intelligence for finance

42) Sports blog ideas

  1. Indoor sports
  2. E-sports
  3. Winter sports
  4. WWE facts
  5. Soccer facts
  6. Cricket sports gear
  7. Baseball sports gear
  8. Best sports for toddlers
  9. Sports that can lose weight
  10. Gymnastics
  11. Rock climbing
  12. Adventure
  13. Tennis

43) Content creator blog ideas

  1. Gears for content creators
  2. LIghts for content creators
  3. Content creation planning tips
  4. Content creators’ monetization tips
  5. Content ideas
  6. Starting a youtube channel
  7. Content creators’ SEO tips
  8. Instagram SEO tips
  9. Youtube SEO tips
  10. Facebook ads tips

44) Business blog ideas

  1. Small business
  2. Food delivery
  3. B2B social media marketing
  4. Artificial intelligence for customer service
  5. Remote team leading
  6. Corporate wellness program
  7. Employee training
  8. Chatbot for business
  9. Green technology solutions
  10. Sustainable office

45) Shoe blog ideas

  1. Running shoes
  2. Outdoor shoes
  3. Party wears shoes
  4. Shoes at the gym
  5. Specific brand shoes
  6. Shoes for toddlers
  7. Sneaker buying tips
  8. Brand shoes
  9. Budget shoes
  10. Industrial shoes

46) Cricket blog ideas

  1. Cricket legends
  2. Cricket apps
  3. Cricket facts
  4. Best cricket academy
  5. Upcoming cricket matches
  6. Beginners guide for cricket lovers
  7. Gear for cricketers
  8. Upcoming cricket matches
  9. Winning ideas for online crickets

47) Bike blog ideas

  1. Bike repairing guides
  2. Bike color guides
  3. Bike repairing tools
  4. Bike tires
  5. Bike exhausts
  6. Bike fancy accessories
  7. Superbike care products
  8. Fuel-saving guides
  9. Custom bike designs
  10. Second-hand bikes

48) DIY workout ideas

  1. Cheapest workout accessories
  2. DIY workout equipment
  3. Muscle-building tips without supplement
  4. No-oil food
  5. Pre-workout meals
  6. Weight loss easy exercise
  7. Cheat meal ideas
  8. Work out in a small space
  9. Home gym equipment
  10. Yoga mats

49) Beverages blog ideas

  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Trending alternatives to tea
  4. Fresh juice
  5. Healthy mixing beverages
  6. soft drinks

50) Photography blog ideas

  1. Photography for beginner
  2. DSLR camera and lens
  3. Smartphone photography
  4. Photography equipment

51) Environment-friendly blog ideas

  1. Solar products
  2. Benefits of using enviro-friendly products
  3. Cheap products
  4. Environment-friendly living

51) Multi-niche blog ideas: Others

  1. Modern home gardening
  2. Specific cryptocurrency
  3. Loans
  4. Upcoming government exams
  5. Holiday creativity
  6. Foodie travel
  7. Workout for busy moms
  8. Author interviews
  9. Resume Ideas
  10. Freelancing sites
  11. How to avoid scams in freelance

Ending sessions

You got a lot of ideas. Firstly, you knew what is a micro niche. Then you got some micro niche website examples.

Thereafter, you found some ideas to monetize your micro niche blog. Then advantages and disadvantages of the micro niche are explained. In the very next you got ideas of the earning range. Then you knew how to start your micro niche.

After that, you got some do’s and don’ts for your micro niche. Lastly, a 501+ micro niche list is presented so you can choose you can easily choose one or a few among them. Moreover, you can also look at some FAQs in the last section.

Still, you have a question regarding the micro niche. Then keep your thought in the comment box. You can also consider sharing this on your social feed. Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find affiliates?

Firstly, you can register with some large affiliate networks. For example –
1. Amazon associates
2. CJ Affiliate
3. Click Bank
4. Rakuten Advertising
Thereafter, you can find ideas for affiliate networks during keyword research. You can also find them by looking at your competitors.

How much commission can I get through affiliate marketing?

Generally, the normal range is 3% to 30% based on terms and conditions. Although, in some cases, it can be up to 60%.
To clarify, you can understand it by example.
If you link a product with a price of $100 with a 4% commission then you will get $4 for every successful sale helped by your unique tracking code.
Basically, a unique tracking code helps to track for which reason or link, the sale is successful.

How much commission is offered by Amazon?

Amazon has different variations in commissions. Basically, it varies from 0% to 10%. To clarify, look at some variations.
Wine – 0%
Game consoles -1%
Computer components -2.5%
Amazon tables – 4%
Musical instruments – 6%
Cloths – 7%
Furniture – 8%
Amazon fashion items – 10%
Although, you will find a 4% commission for most of the amazon affiliates.

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