Keyword research for youtube videos (in detail)

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Why your channel does not grow as per your demand? Maybe something is missing. Where quality content, context, and displaying the videos are important, there is one separate but critical thing to remind. That is keyword research for youtube videos. You will be far behind in your niche for not considering this. Let’s know why? … Read more

how much does SEO cost in India (In-depth)

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How much does SEO cost in India? The budget is crucial for your business. At the same time, it is essential to get quality management. The same cases are fit for your internet marketing. This marketing needs SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for visibility on the internet. Here you get the budget requirement for getting SEO … Read more

35+ types of SERP features with optimization

What are 35 plus types of SERP features

It is common to know among marketers about organic results, traffic, ranking, etc. After spending a little time people come to know about a few types of SERP features. Many ways this term is discovered. Sometimes marketers are curious to rank for SERP snippets, in some cases, it is ranking on “people also ask”  or … Read more

Which SEO techniques should be avoided

SEO is essential for your website growth but black SEO techniques are not! Best practices of SEO are essential for ranking but invalid practices are dangerous! These are highly affected by the recent Google updates. Therefore besides SEO strategy, it is also vital to know which SEO techniques should be avoided. Here you get a … Read more