Personal blog meaning plus definitive guide

Do you need to clarify about personal blog meaning? Do you have hidden wishes like influencing people? You may also have some earning wishes without hampering your personal plan. Well, then you are at the right place.

In fact, you will get all the background coverage which is essential. For example personal blog meaning, types, opportunity, successful examples, and many more. Therefore, stay tuned till the end.

Personal blog meaning

A personal blog is like your personal digital diary to express your thoughts, opinions, solutions, tips, etc which are completely controlled and published by you unlike following binding rules for the partnership, company, organization, and corporation.

To clarify, let’s break it down. For example,

Forbes has now around 11,000 employees, has many strict regulations, and also publishes a lot of blogs on news, technology, etc. So, blogs published by them are not personal blogs.

On the other hand,

James Clear shares his opinions and tips to improve habits, decision-making, etc. Not to mention, this is a hugely popular website. Although, clearly It is an example of a personal blog.

To put it differently, in a personal blog personal attitude gets more priority. If you thought will add value to the people you can grow. For example –

Good parents often teach parenting to people through their personal blogs.

A lot of mom teaches how to make delicious food with their personal styles.

Many people provide suggestions to improve a better lifestyle.

These all can be under the personal blog area.

Not to worry, you will be ready to create your personal blog at the end. So stay tuned and look at the next point.

What you can write in a personal blog

Here are some dimensions you can include in the personal blog.

1) Personal opinions

If you are a famous person then people will like to hear your opinion. On the other hand, If you can form an opinion with proper logic, fact, and figure still people appreciate you.

For example – how to increase joy in your life?

2) Guide or coach

Are you an expert in any field? Then, the internet will welcome you to share your expertise.

For example, you are a “Yoga coach” for 8 years. Then, you can properly write and guide about yoga.

Another side, you can represent your logic and guide that benefits people. In this way, your authority will increase day by day.

3) Providing solutions

Here you can consider two ways.

Firstly, people may directly ask questions and you provide the solution.

Secondly, you can collect questions asked by people through research and answer them.

If your unique solutions benefit people, you can influence people more and more.

4) Entertaining people

A lot of personal blogs form in this way. You can generate stories, friction, innovations, etc to entertain people. If your audience accepts then you can grow.

Now, these are some hints. You can do these types of things in your favorite niche.

Niche is a blogging term that refers to broad topics. For example, Technology, fitness, news, etc.

You can also find detail in trending blog niches or 501+ micro niche blog ideas.

personal blogs benefits

undoubtedly, it has numerous advantages. However, some major benefits are discussed below.

1) Part of a big community

Source – Pixabay

For example, you are started to write for a health blog. Then, you will connect with the audience as well as many experts in this field. All in all, you will engage with the large community with increasing experiences.

2) Learning new things constantly

Not to mention, you have to adapt to the internet with the upgrading trending knowledge. So these ways, you can learn new things constantly.

3) Improving your communication skills

Having the knowledge is not enough to run a personal blog. In contrast, you have to improve the readability of your blog. So it will bond the strong relationship between you and your reader.

4) Having a better idea of emotional feelings

People invest more time when they feel emotional. For example, someone benefited from your writing. So, he/she may share your content.

Similarly, direct help, by providing a solution, regular tip in the newsletter, etc help to increase the bond.

5) Having a famous person or brand

The Internet is now an open market. So you can be famous by showing your unique skills. Another side, by dominating the market you can slowly make your brand famous.

6) Having many earning opportunities

When you have enough audience, you can even monetize your blog. For example, you reviewed a laptop. Then, an affiliate link is attached. So if someone bought then you will gain some commissions.

In contrast, a personal blog meaning to run a blog with some limitations.

Personal blog meaning to have some limitations

These are some limitations you can aware of in a personal blog.

1) Audience-based popularity

Your popularity solely depends upon the audience. Basically, A personal blog is less compromised for the audience, unlike commercial blogs. Therefore, you may be suitable for your audience or may not.

2) Options for success and failure both

A lot of bloggers find their passion accepted by the audience. In contrast, many have struggled to influence their area. All in all, gaining a huge audience in less time is a challenge you have to tackle.

3) Policies limitation

You can share any type of language on the internet. For example, You cannot share too much bold words, crime-related things, etc. So, you have to make sure adhering the policy.

4) Tough to compete with big giants

Which topic you are writing about? Probably, it is already there on the internet. Moreover, they are already maintaining best practices. So you have to be unique to influence the internet.

5) Extra work to gain traffic

Initial days getting traffic is tough. Therefore, you need to do some extra work to gain traffic.

6) Market-compatible knowledge for handsome earning

Lastly, you have to learn many other things once you want to earn. So you can start to gain market-compatible knowledge accordingly.

Now, look at the popular types of personal blogs.

Types of personal bogs

There are thousands of types of blogs you can start. Although, here are 20 trending topics you can consider in priority.

1) Health: Weight loss, homemade remedies, disease cure advice, healthy diet, etc, included here.

2) Finance: Saving money, passive income, making money online, etc included here.

3) Food: If you love to spread knowledge about Vegan food, breakfast ideas, food recipes, etc, then this is for you.

4) Education: You can share your expertise in a particular area.

5) Spiritual: Helping people by spreading awareness about the way to get ultimate pleasure.

6) Fashion: Influencing through unique fashion ideas.

7) Marketing: Digital marketing, business, etc areas.

8) Parenting: Overall child growth.

9) Tutorial: Guiding to any particular area.

10) Sports: Cricket, Football, etc.

11) Travel: Make easy travel by sharing useful guides.

12) Lifestyle: Improving the present lifestyle.

13) Fitness: Yoga, exercise, etc.

14) DIY (Do It Yourself): Different types of art and craft ideas.

15) Political: Global or county-wise political activity.

16) News: Current and trending news

17) Automobile: Bike, car, insurance, etc.

18) Entertainment: Comedy, pranks, movies, etc.

19) Gaming: Streaming, news, reviews, etc.

20) Pet: Dog, cat, care, etc included here.

As shown above, these are trending topics. However, you can write any remaining topic which is your hobby or you are interested in.

Thereafter, quickly know some advanced tips for influencing people.

How can you influence people in a short time?

Here are some effective strategies to influence people in a short time.

1) Improving SEO for better reach

At first, you need an audience. By doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you can increase your reach on the internet. Basically, this makes it easy to connect you and your audience. You can know about On-page and Off-page SEO here.

2) Increase social presence

Source – Pixabay

If you want to gain an audience then share your blog on social media. You can create your account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Thereafter, engage with other audiences to influence people. Then people will come to your blog.

3) Proofread your content

Not to mention, you cannot leave out your blog with spelling or grammatical errors. So proofread your content to make it error-free. You can use the most popular tool Grammarly for it.

4) Improve readability

Readability means how easy or tough to read your blog. You can use small paragraphs, more active voices, headings, major points, etc for that.

5) Know about your audience

You can note down who your audience is. What do they like? When they may find interest in you?

These will help you match the blog and possible outcome.

Now, look at some successful website examples.

Successful website example for personal blog

There are thousands of successful websites you can find on the internet. However, 10 examples are shown here as a sample. You can also visit them wherever you want to scan these websites. So look at the below.

Sl No. – Website – Founder – Niche

1) – James Clear – Habits, Decision-making, etc.

2) – Leo Babauta – Fearless life

3) – Dana Shultz – Gluten-Free, Vegan, Recipes, etc.

4) – Steve Chou – Make money online

5) – Gala Darling – Beauty, money, etc.

6) – Peter Adeney – Finance

7) – Thea James – Book reviews, Fiction, etc.

8) – Chris Guillebeau – life, work, and travel

9) – David Lebovitz – Recipies

10) – – Leadership, Risk management, etc.

Now, look at some monetizing methods to generate income.

Monetizing methods to generate income from your personal blogs

Generally, a personal blog meaning sharing passion. Although I found, most of the personal blogs also desire to create some income. So, here are some ways you can monetize your blog.

1) Ad Networks

Once you have some traffic, you can apply for placing ads within your blog site. For example, you can apply for famous ad networks like –

1) Google AdSense

2) Adsterra

3) Ezoic

2) Affiliate Marketing

Here you can promote other products. For example, you are passionate about music. So, you can include your favorite Guitar affiliate link from Amazon. If anyone buys it, then you will get some commission. Therefore, you can consider creating affiliate links on some popular sites. For example –

1) Amazon associates

2) CJ affiliates

3) Individual relevant website.

3) Sponsorship

It refers tie up with others for both side benefit. For example, you got a piece of free jewelry to promote the jewelry industry. On the other hand, you may reward some money to promote a video game.

4) Selling products and services

If you are an expert in any field then you can sell the courses. Another side, you can also sell your product. For example, your own craft or painting.

Thereafter, on which platform you can start your personal blog.

Famous platforms to start your personal blog

In a personal blog, you can start blogging on various platforms. For example, look at some major platforms.

1) is the best platform for Blogging. Here you will find full control of your website. Although, it is for paid only. You have to spend approximately $40-$50 on hosting and domain for the first year.

You can go with a complete guide for creating a WordPress account.

2) Blogger is a very popular blog platform that is free. You can create your account in Blogger with this detailed guide.

You can also know the detailed comparison of WordPress vs Blogger to choose the best platform for you.

3) is also a very popular platform for blogging. You can start with the free version or you can select the premium version.

4) Medium

When it comes to a personal blog medium dominates. You can start your first try here. Although, if you are looking for money too then another platform may come in priority.

5) wix

Wix is another popular platform for blogging. So you can also start your personal blog here.

These are major platforms where you can start your blog. Now, some basic things about how you can start your personal blog.

How to start your personal blog?

You already knew many things about personal blogs. However, you can see the summary for starting a personal blog. Look at the below steps.

1) Firstly, choose the niche you have known from above. For example, Food, Travel, etc.

2) Secondly, You have to select your website name. However personal blog means your opinion is important. Therefore, you can keep your name as a website name. For example,

3) Thirdly, if you start your blog with free hosting like blogger then you can buy a domain. For that check this detailed guide about how to connect GoDaddy Custom Domain to Blogger.

You can also choose paid hosting like WordPress. Here you will get a free domain for 1 year.

4) After that know how to write a good post. Then, improve the writing after learning more.

5) Then, connect your blog site with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. It helps you index posts as well as track your audience.

6) In the next know about SEO properly.

7) Finally, keep learning and improving yourself.

How can it help you convert or open a new business easily?

Most of the time, a personal blog also covers business later. Therefore, nothing to harm to get a glimpse of it.

Firstly, you have to learn deeply about blog writing for business purposes. When you dive into earning money a huge competition will come.

Not to mention, to compete in this you need to give proper effort, time, and money.

Secondly, you have to come in paid hosting WordPress. Its customization flexibility makes your work easy.

Thirdly, you should have a proper plan to launch your product or services. On the other hand, you can also start earning through Ad networks, affiliates, etc.

Then, some essential things you have to remind. You can look at the below points for that. It is also true for personal blogs when you explore your reach at the peak level.

Moreover, if you are planning for business then must visit how to turn your blog into a business.

Other essential things you can remind

As mentioned, these are essential too if you want to grow fast.

1) Keyword research

keyword refers to when you search words on the internet to know something. for example, “personal blog meaning” is the keyword here. Therefore, the search engine will match it and show the relevant user who will search for it.

However, a lot of things to know here. Therefore, know the detailed guide about keyword research here.

For quick ranking also know about the long tail keywords and how to find them.

2) Keyword Optimization

It refers to placing your keyword in different places with proper keyword density. For example, here “personal blog meaning” is placed in the Title, introduction, headings, body, etc. You can know about the perfect keyword optimization master plan here.

3) Authority building

Authority refers to how your website gained trust on the internet. Basically, how many different website links to your website.

For the detail visit what are Domain Authority and Page Authority.

4) Analyzing the audience

It is very important to know for growing yourself. Analyze your audience from different data. For example, data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, etc.

Thereafter, plan your strategy accordingly.

5) Analyzing the competitor

This one is also a crucial factor.

List your competitor in excel and research them. For example, how they get audiences, how they write posts, what else things they follow, etc.

For example, by looking at competitors, you can collect a lot of ideas to post. Additionally, you can get help acquiring backlinks and many more.

Now, wrap up the thing.

Wrap up for Personal blog meaning

You got plenty of things here. Firstly you knew the personal blog meaning. Then, what you can write in your personal blog.

After that, it’s benefits and limitations. Then, types of personal blogs as well as some personal blog website examples.

Thereafter, some strategies to influence people. Then some monetizing methods. You also knew some major platforms to start your personal blog.

After that, you knew some basic steps to start your personal blog as well as convert it into a business.

Finally, you knew some essential things to grow your personal blog fast. You can also keep an eye on FAQs.

So, start the process of your personal blog today. You can also share the content to help others. Thank you for investing your time here.


Do personal blogs make money?

Yes. But you have to be market compatible for that. Generally, a personal blog meaning expressing self-opinions and experiences.
So you have to be accepted by audiences. A lot of successful examples you can find for it. For example – – habits – Food Recipes – Beauty

How to get more traffic to my personal blog?

Here are some major points you can consider.
1) Invest time in social media and increase engagement.
2) Do keyword research and create posts in the long tail keyword.
3) Do on-page SEO like page speed optimization, quality post, etc.
4) Do link building and increase the Domain Authority (DA) of your website.
5) Analyze your competitor to understand the market better.
6) Tack the audience’s behaviors and plan accordingly.

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