Single niche vs multi niche blog: in-depth coach

A general question regularly comes to Blogger guide pro. Which one to choose among single niche vs multi niche blog.

Honestly speaking, most people have multiple niches in mind. Is it not you? There is not any harm in choosing a single niche or multiple niches with a logical mind. The actual gap you are facing is proper information.

I will not encourage you to tilt any sides. Rather, you will get a detailed comparison of single niche vs multi niche blog. It means detailed in reality. Invest your time here and take a clear and logical decision to work with a free mind.

People give love to “Blogger vs WordPress comparison blog“. It motivates me to make this post.

First of all, you will get a tour of all the important points for the best comparison. Then some vital points to make you strong from all directions. Make sure you go through all the points to get a clear idea. Therefore, without delay, look at your table of contents.

What is a niche?

In a word, the niche is the topic on which you will write your content. For example, my niche is blogging guides. Because here you will find all the content-related guides to advanced blogging.

In other words, the niche is your broad topic. It may be technology, news, spirituality, health, etc.

Generally, a beginner is confused between niche and category. Let me clear that up first so you can relate it later.

A category is the sub-topic of your niche. For example, SEO, WordPress, and content marketing are three categories of the “blogging guide” niche.

Similarly, “World” and “India” can be two news categories for the “News” niche. I hope it is clear now.

The category helps people to find sorted content according to their interests. For example, you may be interested in World news so you can find all of them in one place.

Now, let’s know what are single-niche and multiple-niche.

What are single-niche and multiple-niche?

I often found blogger has difficulty understanding it properly. If you are clear on it then also nothing harms getting a clear idea.

What is a single niche?

A single niche refers to a website that sticks to one particular topic. It can be finance, technology, health, car, pet, etc.

For more clarity, “” is dedicated to car topics. For example, New cars, reviews, brands, etc category.” is dedicated to bike topics. For instance, Bikes, Reviews, Features, How-to guides, etc.

It is good to make your website with proper categories. It helps the search engine, you, and users to track the information easily.

Now, come to the multi-niche blog.

Which is a multi-niche blog?

A multi-niche blog refers to a website where you can find two or many different types of broad topics.

For example, “” has content marketing, content writing, and design topic.

Similarly, “” blogs about health, parenting, photography, gadgets, entertainment, fashion, and many more.

Now, you can easily understand the importance of the category. Because above mentioned things like health, parenting, etc are categories for these websites.

In a word, a single niche website has sub-topics as a category whereas a multi-niche website can have broad topics as a category.

Therefore, a single topic means a single-niche website and more than one broad topic refers to multi-niche websites.

Now, you are ready to compare both of them from different perspectives. Let’s go.

Single niche vs multi niche blog: a one-stop comparison

As the name suggests we are going to compare all the important aspects. Therefore, go through it and build your strong logic.

Let’s dive into the first parameter.

1) Availability of content

Content aviailability in niche types

Undoubtedly, on the internet tons of information are available.

Although, a true fact is finding them needs some knowledge and expertise. For example, a pet expert can easily find hundreds of information about pets. But a finance expert will find it difficult to find them.

Similarly, in the beginning, all bloggers find it difficult to find content. After spending time they come to free content idea generator tools and many strategies to gather content.

It is the overall matter. But what about single niche vs multi niche blog in this regard.

Basically, a single niche blogger has to stuck multiple times to come up with new ideas.

On another side, multi-niche make it easy. After all, you can apply a single piece of knowledge to find content for all niches.

Let’s say, you knew how to find long tail keywords. So you can easily apply it to all your niches. Another side, a single niche needs new skills every time to find more content.

Generally, people shift to multi niches for this prominent reason. It is common to stuck for getting new ideas in the beginning. So multi-niche helps you run the website easily.

However, It is not a good idea. Because you have to be skilled to build your authority whether it is a single niche or multi niche blog.

Conclusion: Finding lots of content is always easy on multi niche blog than on a single niche blog.

Now, look at the next vital criterion.

2) Depth experience in content

People love the experience and you do too.

For instance, people prefer an experienced surgical doctor over a fresh doctor for any operation. Similar things happen on the blog.

People want a pro solution to their problems. So you should be an experienced adviser for them.

Let’s understand it again by example.

There are two doctors and you have a skin disease. The first doctor says I am providing solutions for skin, eyes, heart, joints, etc for 5 years. The second one says, I am a skin specialist and providing solutions for 5 years. Which one you may prefer?

Although it depends upon the success rate. However, in a general case, your thought may shift to the 2nd doctor.

Generally, people are more experienced when working in a single field with dedication.

For a single niche blog, you have many difficulties in the path and it makes you a pro blogger for this niche.

Another side, multiple niches distributes your experience. I am not saying about your experience before diving into blogging. Blogging is not that easy it looks like. You will gain many experiences on this journey.

The more you gather experience, the more your content can attract people. Because you can understand their need and provide depth solutions for them. These depth solutions come with experience, dedication, and effort.

Another side, a multi-niche blog haves many niches. You have to give some effort for all your niches separately like a single niche.

As a reminder, blogging has a long-term journey. Therefore, making or only making depth content can overflow money to you.

Conclusion: A single-niche blog can easily produce a depth content after a certain period of time. Whereas, a multi-niche blog has to give the same effort separately for every single niche.

3) Operating cost

Operating cost in single vs multi niche

After all, cost matters a lot. Some have enough money to invest. Whereas some have very less. Depending upon that what can be your strategy regarding single niche vs multi niche blog?

Firstly, excluding the cost of hosting and domain. Because in both cases the cost is the same for a website.

Now, a single niche can be run by a self-employed blogger. There are thousands of examples of it. In fact, people who want to work independently start a blog. In another word, by giving a proper effort you can manage your blog.

Although, spending money is always a better idea to grow fast.

Another side, multiple niches need a lot of content. You have to publish content for every niche to grow properly.

For these tasks you have to hire a content writer to write high-quality content, a Specialist for on-page and off-page SEO, an expert editor, etc. For that, you will need a good budget.

As an example, In the world, On average, the cost can be $500 to $30,000. In southeast countries like India, SEO can cost $400 to $6000 a month.

Finally, you can go yourself but it takes a little more time than a single niche. Because google like expertise content. This will naturally come after giving a certain effort into the niche. So what can be the conclusion?

Conclusion: Single-niche has minimum operation cost whereas multi-niche blog needs higher operating cost to achieve the same height in a niche.

4) Maintaining SEO

SEO is easy in single niche

After writing quality content the very next thing is SEO. What is the status of SEO in single niche vs multi niche blog?

Straightway, Single niche means single-time SEO and multi-niche means SEO for multiple times. Let’s understand it through an example.

Firstly, come to one of the easiest on-page SEO. It is internal linking.

Internal linking refers to linking a page of your website to another page of the same website. It helps easy navigation for your users. Search engine loves it.

For that, you need enough content for your every niche. Because the linking from pet niche to the crypto niche cannot be a good idea. So multi niche needs multi efforts for proper interlinking of the content.

Similarly, brand building, link building, etc will take more effort for multiple niches. You will know about it in detail later.

In a word, SEO is one of the major reasons why people converted their blogs from multi-niche to single niche. It hurts to delete the massive post later. That’s why building a strong logic behind your opinion is most important.

Now, draw a conclusion.

Conclusion: SEO is easy enough for a single niche blog whereas it is complex when comes to a multi-niche blog.

5) Monetization of blogs

Monetization refers to the earning method. Here some points are explained regarding it.


It is true that many bloggers have the first target to get Google AdSense. Generally, Google AdSense is the best ad network for monetization from beginner to advanced levels. A massive number of bloggers create AdSense accounts in blogger and get monetized. How it is easy or tough for niche types.

Straightaway, a single niche can easily be monetized. Why? Because if a website has 40 posts then all belong to a single niche. Therefore, the particular niche has enough content.

Another side multiple niches have many categories. For example, a general website has 8 niches. Now Every category needs enough content to monetize. Therefore more than 40 posts are needed to monetize it.

Affiliate links:

In the general case, affiliate links have no direct effect on affiliate links. You can earn easily by placing affiliate links for both cases.


Here the main difference is found. Basically, people will not love to give sponsorships to multi-niche websites. Because the targeted customer may not have enough attachment like a single niche.

Therefore, multi-niche has to struggle enough in terms of sponsorships.

Selling products and services:

It is a business matter. If you have more products then you can choose a single or multi niche in that way. Here the difference is not prominent like sponsorship.

So what can be the conclusion?

Conclusion: Single niche is always better for monetization but multi-niche sites have to struggle more for some specific cases.

6) Organic traffic

It is somehow a controversial topic. Therefore, I will provide some real matters so you can decide things easily.

One mass believes that a single niche always dominates over multiple niches. Take it differently. Can you say multiple niches always dominate over a single niche for a post? Probably not!

So single niche is either similar or better. I know it hurts. Because most people have multiple niches in mind including me.

Anyway, I believe that both are similar. It depends upon the quality content. Do you need examples?

A prominent example is Forbes ranking with multiple niches simultaneously.

Another side, a lot of single niche website does not find enough traffic because of insufficient strategies.

Moreover, single niche websites are dedicated to working with a single topic. Therefore, a large number of ranking you can find in single niche sites.

Finally, you need the expertise to provide useful content for ranking and getting huge traffic.

It is different when comes to the beginning. Basically, the search engine takes time to identify general niche websites. Therefore, initial days take more time to get traffic for the multi-niche blog.

So come to the conclusion.

Conclusion: Initial days take more time to get traffic for multi-niche blogs. Rest depends upon your expertise. If you have strong authority you can get good traffic for both.

7) Social dominance

It depends upon your strategy. As you are covering more topics, the more social area is for yours.

I have shown some people well managing their audience because of multiple niches. Take an example.

You love a celebrity and buy the product recommended by them. The big advertising industry dominates in this way.

Take one more example. You know honest people in the finance blogs. Now he or she makes an honest review of the Dell laptop. Will you not prefer to buy it?

So once you build authority, you can dominate social media.

On the other hand, a single niche also has to struggle. You have to build expertise to grow. You have also not the option of overlapping.

However, the single niche has many advantages. You can easily grow with advertisements, easy analysis of depth analytics, and free reach to the exact targetted audience by social media itself.

In this opportunity take a quick look at the social media you should have an account on.

Facebook page: Hub of the targetted audience through posts, stories, reels, etc.

Twitter: Easy engagement and even getting backlinks for free.

Instagram: Easy engagement and learning opportunities with fellow bloggers through carousels, posts, reels, etc.

Linkedin: A hub of the professional to shine your personality.

Pinterest: Pin or create an idea for maximizing the conversion.

Tumblr: Easy dominating for rich images and graphics.

These can provide a strong social signal to your website.

Lastly, multiple niches need a unique strategy to grow but with a single niche, you can grow over time with common learning.

Conclusion: Multiple niches have an option of overlapping the audience but need a uniquely effective strategy. In comparison, a single niche can grow with common learning and organic reach provided by social media.

8) Uncertainty of the future

Risk intensity with the niche types

Yes, this is an area where multiple niches dominate. Your single niche blogger drops its popularity for many reasons. Take some examples.

1) Spam Updates

With the spam update, much niche traffic comes to zero status. This revival takes enough time.

On the other side, multiple niches have a relatively better opportunity to revive and grow.

Similarly, any specific update can affect any niche severely. People try to gain social media traffic to protect themselves from this uncertainty.

You can take one more example.

2) Corona effect on travel bloggers

During the Corona period travel bloggers’ income reached the minimum level. Even their affiliate links have also not had enough revenue.

During this time multi niche bloggers revive them by sharing health, news, food, etc. blog.

Therefore a specific niche can effect by an event. For example, now WordPress is dominant. Who knows someday it will obsolete. So a lot of blogs on WordPress can have less use.

Although, uncertainty is common in the digital age of business. You have to adapt fast to the update. Moreover, if you have an influence then you can modify or start a new blog or business with your experience, fans, and followers.

Therefore, it’s time to draw a conclusion.

Conclusion: Single niche has always uncertainty based on updates and events whereas multiple niches dominate with backup niches, and followers.

9) Profitability

Single niche vs multi niche profitability

Profitability has an interesting discussion regarding single niche vs multi niche blog.

Understand this from two sets of examples.

Among the top 10 bloggers

Both single-niche and multi-niche come in this section. Although, multi-niche is dominating here. For instance, the top 5 blog websites have multiple niches and 4 website belongs under the top 10.

Only multiple niche sites are in the top 5 blog sites

Website – Niche – approximate annual revenue – News, Politics, Entertainment, etc.- $50-$75 million – Startups, Crypto, etc. – $37 million – Reviews, Gaming, Entertainment, etc. – $22 million – Social good, tech, culture, etc. – $16 million – Food, Tech, Health, etc. – $14.5 million – Technology, Science, and Internet clulture$2-$5 million

4 single niche blog sites are under the top 10

Website – niche – approximate annual revenue – News- $5.8 million – design – $5.4 million – Content Marketing – $5.1 million – Make money blogging – $1-$5 million

You can know in detail how much bloggers earn if you have an interest.

Average success rate

Although the above example clarified the multi-niche opportunity, the reality is a little different. A multi-niche websites need effective strategy and investment to grow.

Once you have the expertise you can add many niches later. People also do it generally.

However, without proper planning, people face many difficulties in terms of SEO, authority, traffic, etc.

Moreover, multi-niche sites have generally budget to invest and grow.

Now, come to the conclusion.

Conclusion: At on average, If you have experience, resources, and proper strategy then earning possibility is more in multi niches. In contrast, it is easy to manage a single niche to generate enough profit.

10) Authority

Here authority will take on two perspectives, i.e, link building and people belief.

Link building through backlinks

If you have a single niche then link-building is super easy. Just link any of your pages and it will be under your domain authority.

In contrast, multi-niche blog faces difficulty on it. You have to work properly for a different niche. For instance – a food link will not help in the crypto niche.

What general people believe

We cannot deny most people like specialization. It is another matter if you have specialization in multiple areas. You have known about its in-depth content points.

So, if you are in specialization it is easy to spread your brand. I mean people can trust you easily for that specific topic. That is the authority from the people’s side.

Conclusion: Single niche has simple authority-building options whereas multiple niches have complexity to build authority both from the link-building and general people view sides.

11) Google algorithm

Google algorithm majorly works with Expertise, authority, and trust.

In another word, your content quality, and acceptability are very much important.

Generally, it takes a little more time to understand the multi-niche website in Google.

If you have patience then nothing to worry about. But I noticed people feel disappointed by not showing notable traffic for a long time. In contrast, bloggers feel energetic by finding quick responses from search engines for a single niche site.

Conclusion: Multi-niche websites take a little more time to detect by search engines. On the other hand, single niche websites find a relatively quick welcome in the traffic section.

12) Beginner friendliness

Here both have pros and cons in single niche vs multi-niche blogs. Take it through bold points.

Multiple niches pros for beginner

1) Can find content easily for writing a blog.

2) Can enter social media with their random blog.

3) Can manage backlinks from many websites.

4) Can understand their choice and can further work accordingly.

Multiple niches cons for beginners

1) Publishing constant quality content for every niche.

2) Giving proper time to every niche in social media etc.

3) Monetization is complicated and needs a clear idea for it.

4) Need to keep patience for a long time to generate enough traffic.

Single niche pros for beginners

1) Fast and focussed learning

2) Can create depth content in less time

3) Easy monetization

4) Eazy backlink building

5) Quick response from search engines

6) Easy to manage even by a single blogger.

Single niche cons for beginners

1) Have to learn for better content

2) Have to be an expert in this field

3) Fear about getting out of the crowd

By looking at all of these conclude things.

Conclusion: Both have pros and cons. However single niche is very common for starting without complication. On another side, multiple niches initially look easy but need effective strategies and resources to earn final money.

13) Managing your subscriber

Let’s say you want to learn a blog. So you can easily subscribe to a quality blog guide.

But what if subscribe to the blog guide and you mail give a technical design like python related blog. It may be interesting. Most of cases it is boring.

Therefore, you need to manage properly to your subscribers.

Another side, single niche subscriptions are straightforward.

Conclusion: You can manage your subscribers in a very easy way for a single niche blog. In contrast, multiple strategies are needed to manage your blog subscriber for multiple niche blogs.

14) Analyzing user behavior

You need to understand it clearly.

Firstly, you start to analyze your user behavior in a multi-niche blog. Then you find 50 % direct traffic, 30% social traffic, and 20 % organic traffic. How you can know which user enters which niche.

Another side, in a single niche the above data is a complete picture. For example, you understand that you need to do more work for social shares as well as organic ranking.

Conclusion: Once you have the expertise, you can track the data even at the complicated level. But in the beginning, it is complex to track analytics for multiple niche blogs.

15) Running advertisement

Advertisement somehow favors a single niche blog. Look at different examples.

Advertise products of other websites

Let’s say you have a health product. You know a website has 5000 traffic per month.

You knew that it is a multi-niche website. Can you make a final deal without a second thought?

Another side, you know a website has 4000 traffic per month and it is only in the health niche.

In general, which one you may prefer? That’s why the 2nd one finds favors for running advertisements. Although for the hugely popular site, these examples would not work.

Advertise for the growth of your website

In some cases, it is the same for both, and in some cases, it again favors the single niche. To clarify, look at the example.

You want to reach organically on Facebook through advertisement. Do you not think that Facebook has to face difficulty to show the post to a targeted audience.

In this high-technology era, these improve constantly. However, a single niche can easily outperform in this regard.

Apart from that, a single niche can be well understood by analyzing its audience, data, behaviors, etc. Another side, multiple niches make it more complicated.

Not to mention, these can be solved with expertise. But these are important as these are common problems in the blogging areas.

So can we draw a conclusion?

Conclusion: In a single niche you can easily get and run advertisements whereas in a multi-niche you need more efficient skills to get the result.

16) What do average bloggers say

Note one thing. Those who have patience and a learning attitude will succeed in blogging. It is equally true for single and multi niches. But some contrast is given for your complete knowledge.

Contrast number 1

Single niche bloggers look easy for a single niche. Similarly, multi-niche bloggers find it easy in multi-niche? Why?

Because they invest more time in their strategy. Both have a different strategy. Who gives more time to a particular strategy makes it easy.

Again, here the actual matter is not hard or easy. Rather than invest more time for a particular niche type that’s why things are easy.

One more harsh reality is there. Once people choose and work for either a single niche or multiple niches, find more attachment to that. So what can be the solution?

Solution: look at all the points above and make a firm decision.

Contrast number 2

Some people shifted from a single niche to a multi-niche and the reverse is also true. So the option will form accordingly.

Contract number 3

Many successful bloggers directly reject the drawback of multi-niche. They have also authority over it. But a large number of bloggers say the single niche is best to start.

To clarify, if you search the term on the internet a massive number of people will suggest a single niche. Now you are wise enough to know why people prefer a single niche.

Because generally, people prefer results in less time. So it is easy to go with a single niche.

So the conclusion of this point.

Conclusion: Successful multi-niche bloggers reject drawbacks on it whereas a large number of people prefer to go with a single niche blog initially.

17) My final opinion

As a reminder, it is my opinion. You can take care of it or not.

A single niche is perfect to start for those who do have not a proper plan. Blogging is not as easy (not that tough also) as it looks. You will face many difficulties and gain experience in them.

Basically, you have to tackle fewer difficulties in a single niche with a single-language blog.

I solved a lot of queries from different countries. A simple problem looks very large in the beginning. Later you will be laughed at those problems.

People including me find it hopeless when no post is indexed for the first time. Then, many common problems like setting up a canonical tag, technical problems, like robots.txt set for blogger platform, AdSense issues, etc keep annoying in the beginning.

Therefore, it is best to make it as simple as possible. Once you are experienced no one can stop you. You can add a category later or even can create a new website.

Again, if you are an expert, under proper guidance, or have a proper plan nothing to worry about. You can go with your choice.

So make the final conclusion.

Single niche vs multi niche strategies

Conclusion: If you are under a guide, or expert or have a proper plan then go for any case. Another side, if you are a beginner with a tight budget go with the single niche where you are most comfortable.

Do you need revision? You can go through this simple table made for you.

Single niche vs multi niche blog comparison table

TopicMulti nicheSingle niche
1) Content availabilitya lotLimited
2) Depth of content experiencedistribute over nichesEasily gain over time
3) Operating costhighLow
4) Maintaining SEOComplexEasy
5) Blog monetizationModerateEasy
6) Organic trafficInitial delay then the sameinitial quick response
7) Social dominanceoverlapping facility but needs a uniquely effective strategyfree organic-rich with a general strategy
8) Uncertain futurevery lowhigh based on specific events or time
9) ProfitabilitySameSame
10) Authority buildingcomplexSimple
11) Google algorithmTakes time to acceptQuick welcome
12) Beginner friendlinesshave complications runRelatively easy
13) Managing subscribersMore strategiesA single strategy is enough
14) Analyzing user behaviorRelatively more expertise neededSimple to analyze
15) Running advertisementRelatively complicatedEasy applicability
16) Average opinionLess favor to startMore favor for starting
17) Final opinionGo if has a proper guide, expertise, or proper planning.If you want to advance without complication on a tight budget

Note: for any confusion look at the explanation on the above points.

You got a detailed overview of single niche vs multi niche blog.

Now, look at some successful websites for both cases. So it can help you grow in a bias-free way.

Some successful single niche websites

There are lakhs of successful single niche websites. For your easy understanding here organic traffic and traffic value are also included.


These data change over time. All the data is written on 9th February 2023. Here estimated organic traffic taken from Ahrefs website traffic checker. You can also check the data on the website here.

Estimated organic traffic means estimated monthly organic traffic. Here social traffic etc is excluded. Similarly, the Estimated traffic value is included only for organic traffic. Here other sources are excluded. Therefore final revenue will differ accordingly.

Website name – niche – estimated organic traffic – estimated organic value

1) – Health – 3.4M – $1M

2) – Finance – 21.6M – $92.1M

3) – Food – 5.7M – $4.1M

4) – Education – 252.5k – $244.4k

5) – Technology – 8.8M – $5.5M

6) – Spiritual – 120.3k – $57.7K

7) – Fashion – 7,7M – $2.9M

8) – News – 351.3k – $441.3k

9) – Design – 737.7k – $476.4k

10) – Content Marketing – 65.5k – 31.6k

11) – pet – 2M – $1.7M

12) – Marketing – 1.7M – $7.8M

13) – Personal blog – 792.7k – $359.5k

14) – sports – 533.2k – $188.7k

15) – lifestyle – 189.7k – $95.9K

16) – Crafts (DIY) – 2.7M – $1M

17) – review – 546.8k – $625.1k

18) – 3.4M – $3.7M

19) – Crypto – 5.2M – $2.9M

20) – Game – 6.2M – $1.2M

Some successful multi niche websites

Just like single niche lakhs of successful multi-niche blogsite are available on the internet. Look at a few of them.

Website name – niche – estimated organic traffic – estimated organic value

1) – News, Politics, Entertainment, etc.- 5.6M – $1.5M

2) – Startups, Crypto, etc. – 13.1M – $2.3M

3) – Reviews, Gaming, Entertainment, etc. – 5,6M – $1.9M

4) – Social good, tech, culture, etc. – 11.6M – $2.5M

5) – Food, Tech, Health, etc. – 1.2M – $639.7k

6) – Technology, Science, and Internet culture – 2.3M – $514.7k

7) – Money, Science, car, etc – 27.8M – 21.2M

8) – business, culture, security, etc – 10.6M – $6M

9) – Tech, science, entertainment, etc – 19.8M – $4.8M

10) – Food, Home, Wellness, etc – 920.7k – $609.3k

11) – Design, Food, Relationships, etc. – 121.1k – $48.9k

12) – Food, Gatherings, Design, etc – 399.3k – $278.7k

13) – News, Sports, etc. – 18.6M – $13.9M

14) – News, Opinion, Culture, etc – 86.5M – $48M

15) – Reviews, Music, etc – 4.6M – 681,6k

16) – Film, Lifestyle, Business – 9.9M – $2M

17) – Games, Entertainment – 12M – $1.7M

18) – Parenting, Relationship, Entrepreneur, etc – 3.2M – $1.7M

19) – Technical, Entrepreneur, etc – 417.5k – $177k

20) – Entertainment, Technology, etc. – 6.4M – $135.1k

Now, what can be the effective strategy for both? Look at it.

People often ask for a better way to choose a blog name for multi-niche. So you can take help from the below points.

Multi niche blog name ideas

Naming a multi-niche blog is tricky. Although, some common things always you have to remind. For example –

Firstly, it can represent your brand in long term. For example – techydominance

Secondly, the name should unique, short, simple, clear, and memorable. For example – HubSpot

Then, you can use the following way to choose a blog name for a multi-niche.

1) Use your name as a domain

Many people like it and many bloggers do not. But for the multi-niche, it is one of the good ideas. For example –

2) Use an Acronym

The acronym means taking the first alphabet for every word. For example – TMZ for Thirty Mile Zone (a term in the film industry). is also used for the New York times.

3) Use the SEO keyword you are targeting

You may have the main SEO keyword in mind. It may be “game”, “news”, “tech”, etc. You can also use it. For example – TechCrunch is a multi-niche top blog site.

4) Use Alliteration

Alliteration refers when words starting with the same alphabet. For example, Bada Business, Bestbuy, Lifelock, Paypal, etc.

5) Totally unique name

Here you can introduce one or two words with a totally unique name. It can take time but must try it. Then, you do not need to worry about domain availability, name availability on social media, etc.

For example, Ahrefs, Semrush, AV Club, etc.

6) Use blog name generators to overflow with the ideas

You can type your words and a number of ideas will be displayed on these tools. Some famous tools you can try are below.

Result from Blog Name Generator
Screenshot from BNG page on 10th February 2023

i) Blog Name Generator (BNG)

ii) Masterpiece Name Generator

iii) The Best Blog Name Generator (Nameboy)

iv) Wix Blog Name Generator

v) Wordoid

7) Invest time to stand out

Just invest a little more time or day for your name until you find a good match. All unique names are derived in this way. You can use the above strategies, different name generator tools, learn from competitor names, etc. Once you find a unique name you can be proud of it later.

So, it is time to summarize whether you are going for a single niche or multi-niche for your blogs.

Summary of single niche strategy

Here is the way you can grow fast with your single niche strategies.

1) Solely focus on a single niche

Yes, you need to properly focus on developing fast. Therefore, forget about multi-niche. There is no need to waste time by dividing your mind into two parts.

2) Stick with a disciplined routine until you succeed

Secondly, if you have a budget then diversify the work profile. If you are a self blogger then strict your work time. In self-employment, no one maintains you under pressure. Therefore, you should be strict in a disciplined routine until you succeed. It can be 11 A.M to 5 P.M or the time favors you daily.

3) Keep a learning attitude and improve daily

The initial days are the learning days. The more you learn, the faster you can earn.

Every time you learn also keeps you wondering by looking at your old content. That will look like less valuable content. No need to worry! It is a good sign. Keep editing your content and it will make you more efficient.

4) Always try to make better or equal quality content than the first SERP page

You will rock on the internet if you have a better quality of content than existing content. Therefore, make a lion strategy than waiting for luck.

5) Take things lightly when you face a problem

Initially, you hardly get traffic but face a lot of problems. But every serious person comes out of it. You need to take it lightly. But for solving the problem you have to invest time to solve the problem.

You get this signal so you can take it lightly after experiencing third problems.

6) Go with the market trend

Keep opening your eyes and adapt to the market trend. For example, you can include social traffic in your strategy later. Also, you can work on backlinks depending on the market trend.

For now, spammy backlinks can ruin your blog and can turn your traffic towards 0.

These are the basic things to go ahead with. Apart from that, the blogging experience differs from person to person. Believe in your improvement, keep patience, and one day you will succeed.

Summary of multi niche strategy

If you choose a multi-niche then a strategy can be different. Some major points you can look at here.

Think you have separate websites for every niche

Multi-niche means you have different niches.

Straightway, you have to compete in each niche to stand out.

So, keep a strong mindset to dominate all the niches separately.

It will reduce your unnecessary imagination and help you to work in the best way.

Some people prefer to make many websites for each niche. You can just think likely and work with the same force for each niche separately.

You have found many successful multi-niche websites. It is because they provide proper effort for these niches.

2) Use your budget to run all the niches

Let’s say I subscribed to your blog to know about technology news. I like to get regular updates right?

So you need to maintain all the categories as everything matters to you.

To manage all the things you can distribute your budget over the category.

In some cases, owners focus more on one particular niche. Then, you can follow the single niche strategy for that particular niche.

Actually, you are running multiple niches. That means you have to grasp a single niche strategy as well as something more.

Finally, if you work for a multi-niche then try to do more work for covering all the niches.

Keep tracking analytics and work accordingly

Always keep an eye on the performance. Which type of content do people like on your website?

Which type of keywords are you finding easy to rank?

This tracking helps you to grow repeatedly. In fact, this tracking makes the difference in being a successful blogger.

Keep patience and play for the long term

That is important. You may get the result quickly. You may not get the result fast enough.

In fact, the blog is a long-term matter. It perfectly matches the multi-niche.

But once you dominate the market money will come automatically. Therefore, keep working and one day you will succeed.

Now, it’s time to wrap up.

Wrap up for single niche vs multi niche blog

In this all-in-one information, you knew from start to finish. Firstly, what are a niche, single niche, and multi-niche?

Then you got a detailed comparison of a single niche vs multi niche blog. A table is also represented for easy revision. Then some website examples are given for both niches to boost your confidence. Also, some tips for multi-niche name ideas are shared.

After that, a single niche strategy and multi niche strategy are shared. So it may help you to grow on the right path. Lastly, improving quality and keeping patience is the key. You have to remind it until you are favored by search engines.

Finally, you can share the content to help others. You can also share your opinion of single niche vs multi niche blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi niche means multi websites or single website?

Multi-niche clearly refers to many niches on a single website. For example, you have a “” website with technology, news, finance, etc niches.
Although, sometimes, experienced bloggers run many websites. These individual websites also can have a single niche or multi niches.

When to choose a single niche and when to go for a multi-niche?

If you have experience, budget, coach, a proper plan, and patience then you can choose the multi niche. Another side, if you want to start without complication under a tight budget then go for multi-niche.

I am a self blogger? which type is best for me?

Basically, self blogger has a limited budget. Additionally, many issues are part of the blogging journey.
Therefore, it is better to make things less complicated. So single niche can be the better option.
Once you are experienced, you can easily add another niche if you want.

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