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A blogging statistic says “More than 70% of keywords among available keywords online are long tail keywords”. It’s huge!

If you don’t know what are the long tail keywords and the effective strategy to target them, you are far behind. Especially, if your site is new, then understanding the long tile keywords should be a priority. Do not worry. Here you will get a complete guide about long tail keywords. You can look at broad points –

without delay, let’s know What are long tail keywords.

What are long-tail keywords?

Long tail keywords generally consist of more than 2 words which is the subtopic of the head keyword, relatively less competition, less search volume, and are easy to rank for.

Keywords are those words that people search on the internet to look for any information, purchase, etc. For example, You may search “What are long tail keywords” and get this result. So it is the keyword here.

Keywords are mainly three types. These are –

Short tail keywords consisting of 1-2 headwords. For example, SEO, Digital marketing, etc.

Medium tail keywords consist of 2-3 keywords which is the extension of headwords. For example – SEO tools, Digital marketing strategy, etc.

Long tail keywords consist of more than 3 words which are the further extension of headwords. For example, Free SEO tools, Digital marketing strategist google salaries in India, etc. These are more specific.

You have an idea of long-tail keywords. Now it is vital to know about its two popular views.

You often come to hear about long-tail keywords. What does it mean? Are 3-4 words mean it is a long tail keyword and easy to rank for them? Well, before knowing it looks at the terms related to any keywords. These are –

1) Volume – How many times a keyword is searched over the internet on a specific time (Generally, in a month).

2) Keyword Difficulty – How much competition exists for this keyword? 0 means easy to compete and 100 means toughest to compete.

3) PPC (Pay per click) – If an audience clicks on your ad of this keyword’s post then the estimated revenue for one click.

Now Let’s know the two popular views –

1) Based on the word extension or specification:

Let’s take the example of “Content idea generator free” as a keyword. The content idea generator is the extension of the content idea. content idea generator free is a further extension of it. It is very specific. It indicates how to get ideas for free through generator tools. As it is super detailed, it should be termed as long tail keywords. Now, look at another popular view.

2) Based on the ranking difficulty:

Here word extension has not any priority or it is denied. In content marketing or blogging cases, this view is the most popular. Why it is like that?

In the very beginning, specific keywords are easy to rank because of very less competition. Nowadays, a lot of specific keywords are targeted by millions of websites. Therefore, this view gets more popular to find an easy rank. Can the long-tail keyword have very high difficulty? Look at this example –

“Why are long tail keywords important for SEO” has a hard difficulty status in Ubersuggest. It is 73 which is high enough. You can surprise by looking at the search volume which is 10 only. You can look for more examples in the below picture. Here SD indicates SEO difficulty. It is another expression of the same keyword difficulty.

how to rank for long tail keyword difficulty showing

Why does this happen? These cases happen mainly for three reasons –

i) These specific keywords are optimized in the short tail keywords. Therefore the difficulty is the same as that of short-tail keywords.

ii) In these competitive markets very less keywords are untouched. As time goes on, the difficulty for most of the keywords increases.

iii) Initially it has less difficulty. The query gets popularity over time. It is essential to make a post on those keywords. Bloggers or businesses write for their audience. Therefore these types of keywords get their pick with the trend.

Is there any example of a short-tail keyword that has less difficulty? Definitely. There are lots of words in the world that have to be noticed yet. For example –

drumlin keyword result in ahrefs

Drumlin is a short-tail keyword and has easy difficulty. You can also find esker and drumlin is so easy to rank.

Now let’s take the example from different niches for long tail keywords. The “United States” is chosen as a sample country.

What are long tail keywords examples?

Let’s take the example from 10 popular niches. Here data from Ahrefs is put.

Technology – What are the cost and benefits of technology, KD – 4, Volume – 150

Finance – What are the four steps in preparing a budget, KD -9, Volume – 40

News – How to write news headlines, KD -24, Volume -60

Education – Why is higher education important, KD -20, Volume -300

Marketing – both the b2b and b2c processes begin with, KD -6, Volume -100

Business – how would the airline industry use business intelligence, KD -1, Volume -350

Food – what is the healthiest fruit on earth, KD – N/A (Not analyzed – generally falls under less difficulty), Volume – 0 -10

Health – ayurvedic weight loss diet chart, KD – 5, Volume – 60

Spiritual – how to get moksha in kaliyuga, KD – N/A, volume – 1-10

Pet – what is a cool name for a boy dog, KD – N/A, Volume 1-10

Blockchain – blockchain nodes list, KD – N/A, Volume – 20

Now, let’s know what is the benefit of long-tail keywords.

Long tail keywords benefits

Sit back! You are going to know a lot of the benefits of long-tail keywords. Here is the first one.

1) Have less competition:

Do you fear competition from the big giant? You can give thanks to the long tail keyword for solving it. The long tail is also ignored often by big giants. This is the thing where competition significantly dropped. That is the opportunity you can grab it.

2) Vast of opportunities to create fresh content:

“There are more than 70% of keywords are long tail keywords available on the internet”. You are open to a vast amount of topics for exploring your content here. You do not need to worry about fresh content too. It can be produced with less effort.

3) Higher conversion rate:

There are three types of funnel. These are the –

i) TOFU (Top Of The Funnel) – conversion rate is very low.

ii) MOFU (Middle Of The Funnel) – conversion rate is medium.

iii) BOFU (Bottom Of The Funnel) – highest conversion rate.

The long tail keyword falls under BOFU. can you guess why?

i) It is more specific. This content has only proper associated information. The “budget for hiring a good developer” can be a good example of it.

ii) People have already intended to buy. It may be they have an urgent too. For example – The best laptop for graphic design is under $800.

iii) People may already know about it. You have to place the proper information which helps them best. For example, how to add GoDaddy domain to blogger.

4) Make a bond with readers:

By focusing on a specific topic people may feel emotional. For example, “what is the computer” has millions of information available but what if you solved correctly any specific issue in the computer? For example – “How to fix wifi not showing in windows 10”. Once it is solved by the reader generally they remind of your brand. Commonly, readers will give priority to your brand for solving the next issue.

5) Making a result-worthy SEO plan:

Short tail keywords have uncertainty. It does not necessarily fit with your plan. In another case, the result of the long-tail keyword is the reflection of your SEO plan. If you have

i) Unique high-quality post,

ii) Proper keyword optimization,

iii) A few backlinks,

etc then you have a high chance to place your mark on the internet for the specific keyword.

6) Must have a strategy for a new website for quick ranking:

Is your website new? If yes, never underestimate the long-tail keyword. It is your best friend who supports you in ranking on the first page in a minimum time. These days, most new websites have this strategy. If something exceptional then may have

i) Insufficient knowledge of keyword research (this is from practical experience),

ii) Major traffic from social media,

iii) Have any other strong goal to prioritize over ranking,

iv) Have a very long-term goal, etc.

However, if you read this article there are more chances to quick ranking matters. Therefore it is best to use this effective solution as a strategy.

7) Ranking opportunity without notable backlink:

Let’s be straightforward. Blogger guide pro directly interacts with the problem of different websites. The new website is one of the tops. The backlink building is quite slow or even null in the beginning processes. Therefore, both the Domain Authority and Page Authority are low in the beginning. Let’s look at the proof of how you can compete in the market with fewer backlinks or lower Domain Authority. A picture is presented below for the “blogger description template” in India. It is an exceptionally easy keyword as it has good CPC in respect of difficulty. The visit (170) is also good.

2nd rank with 12 da

You can find a page ranked 2nd just from Domain Authority 12. Now your time to discover more fun during keyword research. If the difficulty is very less, then the rank is possible even without domain authority or backlink. In the meantime know how to manage backlinks for free. The viable method is posting on free guest posting sites to build domain authority.

8) Possible value Increasing for trend:

You already knew that long-tail keywords can be defined as less competitive keywords. Generally, it has less volume too. It does not mean this volume will be less forever. It is not surprising that online presence is dominant in this era. As people enter the information will be consumed more. In other words, the volume can be increased. To know about it you can track the keyword in Google trends. For a sample, let’s take “AI”.

AI keyword analysis with google trend

Initially, it has less volume than most keywords. You can look at how the volume grows over time. As “AI” volume increases their surrounding topics will be noticed.

9) Personalised user for targeting:

There is an opportunity for personalized content for your users. You can solve specific problems to get their attention. For example –

i) What can be the thumbnail size for your blog in Blogger?

ii) How to create an Adsense account in blogger, etc.

That is an opportunity to be get shared when they feel joyful for solving the issue.

10) Getting discovered by voice search:

The Voice Search function makes long-tail keywords insanely popular. People can express their complete need for it. If you optimize it in your content that result will be shown.

11) Easy to run a paid campaign:

It is cost enough to run a paid campaign for short tail keywords. The long tail keyword is the solution here. It costs less. That is often utilized for brand awareness or sometimes to get a few backlinks. You can find infinite suggest tool in the last sections of this post which I know because of their paid campaign.

The long tail keyword has huge benefits. Isn’t it? Now it’s time to discuss how to find this cool thing.

How to find long tail keywords for free (12 effective ways)

There are multiple ways to find your long tail keywords. However, only the practical way how to find long tail keywords will be discussed here. Let’s dive into it.

1) From the Google search bar’s autocomplete suggestions

It is the first and foremost technique discovered ever. The process is also too simple. Just go to google and write a seed word and put any alphabet beside it. For example – Digital marketing h

digital marketing h autocomplete suggestion

Here two long-tail keyword is found. “Digital marketing highest salary in India” and “Digital marketing helps to improve”. You can make a direct post on it. It is always better to know about these keywords on keyword research tools. It helps you further explore these long tail keywords of different variations with flexible keyword difficulty.

2) Google’s question box:

It is a cool opportunity to find keywords. First, enter any seed word in Google. Let’s say I searched technology. After a few result pages, you will find people also ask option. It consists of many popular question people looked for.

people also ask result for technology in google

You get some ideas like technology and its importance. It is just starting. Now click on the down arrow of the technology importance question. When you click, immediately a few more questions are added which is even more specific. It can be done multiple times. After clicking a few questions the result is below.

Long tail keyword finding from google ask area

Here you can get an idea about positive and negative effects, effects on lives, society, human behavior, etc.

These people also ask what is known as the SERP feature. Here is how you can optimize for 35+ types of SERP features.

Now, it’s time to explore. Let’s know the next technique.

3) Ubersuggest keyword ideas

When it comes to free, Ubersuggest provides comprehensive information about keywords. A long tail keyword is also not an exception. est. You can do the following processes to find it in Ubersugg

1) Open the Ubersuggest keyword ideas tool.

2) Now you have to fill in the details. Put your keyword. Here I put the “blogger job”. Select the language (English). Finally, select your targeted country and tap on the search option.

blogger job keyword search in ubersuggest

3) You get the results of different keyword difficulties.

blogger job keyword result in ubersuggest

Now look on the SEO difficulty tab. Apply the filter here by selecting 0-35 (easy) difficulty level. Now you can find less difficult words.

easy keyword filter apply in ubersuggest

As the main goal is to find less competitive keywords we always use long tail keywords with less difficulty level of the keyword. Here “blogger template” and “blogger job theme” can be targeted for easy ranking. You will not find only easy keywords by this filter all time. However, It is the best way to fetch the easy keyword. Now, look at another free tool.

5) Ahrefs free keyword generator

It gives unlimited search for free. It has some restrictions but we can extract our essential things from the free version. Again follow these three steps –

1) Go to Ahrefs free keyword generator.

domain authority keyword search in ubersuggest

2) Fill in derail. First, keep selected Google as it is. Then put your word (domain authority). After that select your country (India) and tap on find keywords.

You will find many results with keyword difficulty and search volume. By default, you get “phrase march”. You can click on “questions” to get more keywords. The result of the “questions” is shown below.

domain authority keyword result in ahrefs questions

Here keyword difficulty indicates as follows _

0-10 refers to easy

11-30 refers to the medium

31-70 refers to hard and

71-100 refers to super hard.

In this result, you found 3 combinations. What if you don’t get an easy keyword from there? The process is simple. Scroll down the result. Look for more specific keywords. After that search again to know about its difficulty. There is a high chance you will find many easy keywords along with which you have searched. For instance, I searched and get results for “domain authority and page authority”.

easy keyword finding in ahrefs

For Ahrefs free version instinct also plays an important role. Through practice, you can get it. Overall it’s free. With passing time you can also develop your unique way of searching. Some example is – “Domain authority and”, “blog or”, “blog vs”. These gives excellent results. Look at below for the result of “blog vs”, etc.

Unique keyword tactics in ahrefs by using blog vs

Now, it’s your time to try. If you have any doubts then you can check the same keyword in Ubersuggest. Now come to the next.

5) Wordstream free keyword tool

This is an awesome free tool where you can find a lot of long-tail keywords in one place. For example, I go to the wordsteram homepage and search “car insurance” here. You can see the below result.

wordstreams free keyword result

There are 500 results. All can be taken into excel. Here you will find the search volume, bid cost, and difficulty level. You can choose your choice of long tail keywords from this vast amount of results.

6) Answer the public

Answer the public combines all the questions people are searching for. Grab this opportunity and make a post in your comfortable area. Let’s take a look at it.

1) Go to Answer the public page.

pgotography word search in answer the public

2) Put any seed word. For example “photography”. Select your targeted country and languages. Finally, tap on the search option. Boom!

photography result in visualization format

3) You get lots of results. Here only the first picture of 76 results is shown. Here you will find all types of combinations that people are asking for.

4) You are familiar with visualize option. You can see it in a tabular format too. Click on the data option just beside visualize and your huge amount of data is ready.

answer the public data result

You can find which question is worthy enough to make a new post. In those cases, you are always free to search it in Ubersuggest again for better clarity. Now one more about the question.

7) Question DB

Using this tool is a little bit tricky. However, it can be more useful by correct use. It will show you lots of questions about where you can make posts. Is it worth it? Yes, without any doubt. The main problem associated with long-tail keywords is not getting an idea about new topics. It will make the path easy for it.

To use it wisely, go to the Question DB page. Type a word that has broad coverage. For example pet.

pet word search in question db

After that click on generate. See the results below.

question db questions result

Here you can see big titles which are worth it. Apart from that, you can know about keywords here. look at the question beside the filter option. Choose keywords now. The keywords associated with them will be displayed. You can get many long-tail keywords here.

question db keyword result

Next, a different flavor.

8) Keyword tool dominator

Now, it’s time to get plenty of keywords in your excel sheet. This option is given in this tool. To use it do the following.

First, go to the keyword tool dominator page. Here you will get Google, Amazon, and youtube keyword. If you want to search for the blog in Google then click on search for google keywords.

keyword tool dominator page

Second, Put your keyword (here Yoga). After that select the targeted country and language.

keyword tool dominator set up

Now click on the search icon and get a result. The result is shown below.

keyword tool dominator results for yoga

You can use the filter option as you wish. As we are going to search long tail keywords, I set a filter for minimum words 3. It gives relevant keywords along with a popularity score. The popularity score is used to identify the most searched Keywords. It can be 0-100.

Third, Click on download selected keywords to get all the keywords in your excel. You can use it further.

Now the next one.

9) Investigate your internal search query

It is one of the most relevant techniques. It is very common to have a search box on any website. People use it to search other blogs. Sometimes they search for a blog which is not been made yet on your website. You can track these. Your users are searching for it. Is it not the most relevant? You can consider making a post for them.

Now, a strong idea.

10) Moz free keyword gap analysis tool

Keyword gap analysis is used to know how your keyword overperformed or underperformed from your competitors. Here you will get a lot of keywords that you need to post. It is somehow easy and effective. To analyze it you can do the following.

1) Go to Moz’s free keyword gap analysis page.

moz keyword gap analysis page

2) Fill in your domain and 3 competitors’ domains. Then click on “compare domains”. You have to validate a captcha. After that click on search there to get results.

moz keyword gap analysis result

Here you can find many keywords of your competitor directly. Here “money making online for beginners”, “most subscribers on youtube”, and “search engines other than google”, etc can be considered. It is a wise step to do these tasks and pick up what is useful for you.

There is more to know about some tricky approaches.

11) Quora, Reddit, and forum

Generally, people try to search on the internet first. If that is not found they tend to ask on Quora, Reddit, and forums. Here one example is taken from the Google publisher help center. The image is below.

google public center help page question

“1 empty section” is a common issue while setting up Google news. Hardly anyone put correct answers and quality posts on it. You can grab it and can create a strong bond by posting about it. Keep an eye on those things and you will get many new ideas.

The last but most important one is in the “how to find long tail keywords for free” series.

12) Infinite suggest

The “Infinite suggest” is a wonderful tool that gives lots of advantages for free. You can analyze your keyword from Semrush here. Moreover, you can keep this result until your next search. Even it will add more keywords along with the previous one when you search for a new term. That way you can make a library from it.

To use it go to the infinite suggest page.

infinite suggest tool page

Put your words (here vegan). After that select the language and search engine type. Finally, click on “Get this party started”. The results of this keyword are shown below.

infinite suggest keyword result

Here 350 results are shown. All are accessible for free. Probably it is the only tool that gives you all the necessary things for free. Here you get lots of long-tail keywords. But we need more detail. Therefore you can use Semrush via this tool. Click on “find the keyword” for any long tail keyword you have chosen. You will find results from Semrush. For example, I click on “find the keyword” for “vegan white chocolate chips” and the result is below.

semrush keyword analysis

It has easy keyword difficulty (21%) along with a 1.3K search volume in the United States. You can go into more detail on it like related keywords, keyword variation, total search results, trends, global volume, and lots more. Therefore grab this opportunity and enhance your keyword research at the complete level.

Apart from that, you can look at some paid tools for advanced and quick research.

7 paid tools to find long tail keywords

Here only popular tools are mentioned that you can consider for purchase. Here are the best 7 lists You can consider them by using their free trial.

1) Longtail pro

2) Semrush

3) Ubersuggest

4) Ahrefs

5) SECockpit

6) HitTail

7) Keyword Spy

Wrap up for this blog

We learned a lot of things. At the very first what long tail keywords are explained? here some important term is also considered. To remind current trends two popular views are discussed. Some examples of long tail keywords from different niches are given. In the very next, we knew the huge benefits of long tail keywords. After that, we ran a diversified how-to-find series to get a notable amount of long tail keywords for free. Some paid tools are also mentioned to make it complete and now you are about to end.

These techniques are great to find long-tail keywords. some will be easy to use and give instant results as you want. Another side, you have to spend a little time on a few techniques to get the most out of it. It is not because of the complexity of the tool but for the first time, everything is new. Let’s start your keyword journey and find the ranking of keywords soon. You are always welcome to share if it looks useful.

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